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Original title: Twinkle when rainbow encounter moon bright and clear, will present what kind of picture scroll Urban rainbow is multicolored, be full of contemporary breath; Rustic moon is like plain gully running water, diffusing the scent of clay. Twinkle when rainbow encounter moon bright and clear, what kind of picture scroll will present? Rise from March 12 everyday 12: 40, pure and fresh and rural drama ” warm flavour ” in CCTV-8 4 collect are sowed repeatedly. ” warm flavour ” direct by Li Yunliang, playwrite of Gu Kai, bang, jing Lei holds the post of producer, authority of Jin Dong, Li Naiwen, Mao Xiaohui, Wu Yue, Gao Lou, king catalpa present as leading role to act the leading role. This drama was told about with relaxed and humorous means be stationed in a village Sun Guangming of the first secretary (Jin Dong is acted the role of) the story that villager of village of channel of the stone after be being guided after go to the countryside moves toward good life together, appear with pure and fresh and rural art, wake up wide audience to be opposite rural hope for and look forward to, give the people in struggling with warmth and force.

20220312121052 622c8dcc6246a

Finish new era to take off assignment of goal of deficient assault fortified positions as scheduled as our country, the subject matter of teleplay of realistic country subject matter locates from before the assault fortified positions that take off deficient promotes change to countryside. This kind of change is reflected not only go up in the theme, and should go up in concept and content with when all is entered, inside and outside has both, work along both lines, present the work that come out finally to just can the balance feels. ” warm flavour ” as poor as times zero hour, with rustication 0 distances, each story is warm cure, all characters in drama are this altogether is the same as a target and take an active part in around good life arrive in of all kinds incident. Although this kind of flexible Thespian and contradictory conflict lacks nervous and intense clue, however most the condition that life of reality of audience of press close to and feeling are the same as experience. This drama is taken well held dramatic with the measure between authenticity, let present the impressions that go out finally proper. In actual life, person of a lot of cities is yearning rustic rurality, and the horizon that the farmer also widened him in the city and experience, resemble rural cable business popularize the rapid development that should rely on a city and technical support, undertake at the same time farming the retrorse output of by-product and labour force. Teleplay ” warm flavour ” issue period setting new change and appearance to be blended in ably, the warm story that produces on body of content of characters in a play is changed to appear by art. In drama hind the epitome that stone channel village is modern country, also be urban and rural life blend the ground. This drama guides wide audience to will be opposite conciously the acknowledge of thematic country drama is broken away from from inside the story of barren land and affliction come out, and be modelled in narrative angle, character, the respect such as style form undertook elaborate literary composition is built, make this drama becomes to have innovation, have the difference, work of art that has a breakthrough. ” warm flavour ” the expressive way that returns do one’s best to cast off traditional and homiletic type, blended in cate element, light of master a surname is having multiple identity set in drama, the casuse and effect that the hero searchs incident in cate and settle way, the psychology that the audience increased while clever ground is strengthening impressions blends in degree. To shape character part, the teacher of the professional chef that the play staff invited Beijing and local chef institute undertakes professional guidance. ” warm flavour ” showing means to go up to also seek a breakthrough, in the life expression that is full of smoke internal heat, avoided mud to wrap the solid materiality of full garment of trouser legs, dirt to resemble, drew lessons from the ruralize character form that is accepted more easily by young audience. Field farmer wears boot, oversleeve, the farmer in the life is clean, relaxed, this also is the actual figure of more and more modern farmers. Accelerate as what the society develops a process, more and more villages allow village appearance to had turned rich distinctive into rural landscape. The village that transforms in drama draws near according to hill water, greenery sets off one another, the compose of the building is built reach style element diversity, give the visual perception with rich audience to suffer. The countryside of rural mood is green water green hill show, also be one of bases that make theatrical work of movie and TV of subject matter of diversification style country. “Result of meal of earth of spic of one individual plant, one , feed, generation ” , yuan Longping academician once had said: “The person resembles a seed, want to make a good seed. ” good when each seed can exposed to the sun and unripe, chase light and go, agrestic over be sure to appear give a brilliant picture scroll. Every continuously meal of every trail is the sweet, bright smile that is permeated with on every pieces of face, agrestic go up of blossomming every paddy flower, rainbow and moon every time reflect, it is the warmest flavour in our life… (Zhao Yu Zhoulin reports)

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