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Original title: Dew of Yang Yang Zhao is thought of together he and floret Dilireba is what relation Speak of Yang Yang to believe authority is not new, 17 annual expenditure, appearance is brilliant, person morale is very high. So, does dew think of Yang Yang and Zhao to have a meal together in New Year how to see the parent is to return a responsibility? Is dew of Yang Yang Zhao thought of be together? He and floret what relation is Dilireba? Do not want tall brilliant any crystalline substance at road? Next, everybody is mixed small make up look together.

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What are Yang Yang and Dilireba when the relation is 28 years old, yang Yang and when red floret Dilireba cooperated idol play ” the honor that you are me ” , in drama his personate male advocate at road, hot cling to personate daughter advocate tall brilliant. After this drama is sowed, yang Yang is mixed it seems that hot cling to cannot take off a relation, calm affection is kissed in drama especially, let a lot of people value two people geminate.

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Dew of Yang Yang Zhao is thought of together insider discloses, in teleplay ” and try the world ” in, zhao Lou is thought of and Yang Yang is very hot eye, behavior of the two people in the process that take sport is very affectionate, compare and heat up cling to ” the honor that you are me ” close degree more very, estimation poplar ocean and Zhao dew think of true having to expect. In addition, the netizen discovers in Yang Yang 30 years old of birthday when, he basks in a cake photograph on small gain, and Zhao Lou is thought of also bask in a cake to license a blessing likewise. Notable is, have on woman cake ” sheep ” graph, have in her heart apparently ” sheep ” .

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Nevertheless, like to ” honorable couple ” for the person, such a message as good as collapse at the Cp of own knock room. Understand this issue to do, small make up search the message of for a long time, but also did not see what real hammer into shape finally, so the decision watchs that news again later, one after looking, discover this message is recorded to chat mostly before mixing paragraph the message such as the birthday cake of time is combined and become. Exchange a word for, this looks be like is ” big melon ” message, look like and do not have too much conviction. To this, how to know everybody looks? You value Yang Yang and Zhao Lou to think of, be still Yang Yang and Dilireba?

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