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Original title: Perform adversary to make fun of to be scolded more than 20 years with Jiao Enjun, just knowing from the back is everybody is misunderstood ” Ximen’s aunt “ In those days, jiao Enjun for not penalty due to breach of contract of compensate 1000w a huge sum, be forced toughen one’s scalp-brace oneself follows ” 60 years old ” Ximen’s aunt, in drama ” flirt ” . Finally, good endure whole department theatrical work not easily to be patted, jiao Enjun and Liu De Kai kill green banquet to did not attend, carrying the train with respect to the same night ” run ” . 1998, yang Junjun of old wealthy old woman to finish oneself ” female advocate dream ” , wanting to let Gu Long help his write big female advocate play, let all men turn round her namely the sort of. Know Gulong loves to drink, yang Junjun sent him 200 bottles of XO at a heat. After taking wine, gu Long is happy unceasingly, direct ” peach blossom legend ” revise a play, gave her. Then, yang Junjun is weathy the ground takes out 3000w investment to film this ” Xi Menmo is hated ” , this can say at that time is a big teleplay that make. Then very fast, yang Junjun with respect to Jiao Enjun of make choice of, Liu Dekai two super old handsome young men are him support a leaving actor. Still hold out because of given remuneration tall, two people are joyous jubilate happy event come to the play staff. Can become them 2 people see female advocate that ” breathtaking ” after figure, meal of of the previous night within an inch of is spat came. Original, after Yang Junjun is making up, look 60 years old are inspected already feeling. This lets 30 the Jiao Enjun that come forward cannot be borne, because he saw next actor’s lines, oneself still must counteract him to flirt in drama, call him ” foolish girl ” . Can have signed about, his where comes penalty due to breach of contract of compensate of so much money ah! Besides, at that time also is him exceeding lack cash. Because all the year round outer take sport, wife Huang Wanlin did not keep back had ” fellow ” , so two people divorced accordingly. But Jiao Enjun hates to part with a daughter, agreed ” the child puts in him ‘s charge, all belongings put in a wife ‘s charge ” unusual requirement. such, after the divorce, jiao Enjun gets the money that get a person two sky. Accordingly, for better to the child life, jiao Enjun must be in daughter fosterage elder brother home, oneself come out to pat play to earn money desperately. Can say, he is tearful receive issued this ” Xi Menmo is hated ” . Letting what he cannot bear is, film the Yang Junjun in the process offers suddenly still to add play of a kiss and bath of an affectionate couple. Offer to this, what say the director is bad also, after all the family is main actor, producer not just, more ” gold advocate father ” . Hear this one ” sad news of the death ” hind, jiao Enjun is about to cry without the tear. Want he and a grow so that resemble 60 years old person kiss, you let him how fall to go the mouth. At this moment, aside Liu Dekai pats his shoulder, comfort: “Young man, bear bear went, I just sent the show share of paddle of an affectionate couple with her yesterday, return affectionately call she ” Lilliputian ” , you also can be accomplished. ” then, whole department theatrical work had the one act with high-energy ahead, jiao Enjun deep feeling is very fond of the ground to inspect the Yang Junjun of feeling already to 60 years old again, came a: ? flute punishs Yi Huanglong of  of Yao of Nai of  Lu P! Qiu of Ti of √ of times  Xie punishs Kuang of  big pool to grant Gan Chan  to invade bake carbonyl exemplaries melt make fun of  of  approach setting out to suckle? of Mai careless epiphysis to must say, professional accomplishment of Jiao Enjun is really pretty good. Face ” old girl ” , be like,still can see from his eye actually crazy be like drunk, acting is not a lid really. Eventually, good take whole department theatrical work not easily, the same night of in pairs of Jiao Enjun, Liu Dekai clears away baggage, victory meeting did not attend, carried the train to run. Everybody knew the thing from the back, after the line on teleplay, “Xi Menda’s Mom ” Yang Junjun is scolded miserable. Have say her ” old ox eats tender grass ” , have say her ” grow uglily to still come out fearsome ” , want just about instead how offensive have many offensive. At the beginning, yang Junjun did not pay attention to these fling abuses. Who knows, went a few years, everybody still is being scolded. Eventually, when be interviewed, yang Junjun enrages say of bosomy strike ground: “I think say a period of time also goes, who knew to last 20 old, neither one actor can be scolded 20 years so long, from morning till night is Ximen’s aunt, Ximen’s aunt. ” actually, everybody may not know, the Yang Junjun when taking that theatrical work also ability is 38 years old, wrote on her vocabulary entry 1933 is string together to change, so that everybody thinks she in those days many years old 60. To nowadays she also just 60 years old just, say so much so year, everybody misunderstands her all the time. Nevertheless, if she has word of 38 years old only really in those days, show a bit really old ah! Actually, sport also has been taken when Yang Junjun is ten years old, she what await in those days is quite beautiful still, have temperament quite, also did not know what to experience later, aged so much.

20220312121113 622c8de156036

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