Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: Gao Yuan reflects exposure nearly field: Wear the ceremonial robe or dress that be the same as color with female compere, enrage an a standard-sized sheet, grind completely pressure On March 10, tall round circle attends business to perform an activity, the netizen puts unripe figure to the net. The tall round circle that had made mom dresses up according to old fashionable sex appeal, a ceremonial robe or dress that show a shoulder was worn when attending an activity, fruity humeral head is bare and outer. The figure is coquettish, although do not have the compere on the side slender, but the condition of whole person is very good still.

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Tall round circle is the goddess in the dream in heart of a lot of netizens all the time, her figure management all the time very strict, even if just did mom, the figure that also can let oneself restores inside the shortest time, class she has many to her requirement strict. And she changes without what almost before present condition and she is parturient. Stand by the compere of formal attire of same dress white, gas field is ground completely pressure, compared with on the side thin the compere to portfolio bone, the tall garden garden that has little put on weight more show kiss and, tender.

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Since Gao Yuan after the circle had a daughter, she puts more focus on her small home, just begin to encircle li of activity in recreation again till recently, show the tall round circle nowadays to encircle an activity in recreation not only, still oneself ran a company. There was a netizen to translate the photograph that she attends a meeting in the company before, gao Yuan dresses up in the company field is recreational very, but see, tall garden garden is very intentional still to running a company, speaking of word interest head is to.

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Tall garden garden it may be said was to become life to win the home alive now, domestic happiness, the career has, gave oneself alive. After garden of hope tall garden can again good many work, come out to do business more.

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