Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: With a bang explode the person that expect steals collection chaos to cut Cao Ge to be carried formally accuse calumniatory

20220312121135 622c8df7db641

7 days of evening are in Cao Ge the lake inside Taipei city some dining-room explodes an incident of drunken out of control. Case of Cao of king of golden music song exploded recently makings is malty inside dining-room of Ou Mou of the lake inside Taipei city make trouble, break the article inside inn to return hurricane English bad language not only, the spot psychs out everybody after film exposure. After the event goes to case specification toward police station before Cao Ge, express to wish to bear consequence, everything gives police and legal processing, also appeal explode the person that expect can appear personally reductive truth, do not eliminate to carry otherwise accuse. 11 days of evening, broker company of Cao Ge also sends statement to respond to this case. Cao Ge inside lake some dining-room and other visitor erupt conflict film outflow, disturbance lasts spread, cao Ge is in company group platform appeal, explode the person that expect must appear personally, open and aboveboard appear personally do note, “Otherwise I can use up my ability to look for you, carry accuse! ” after 11 days of late Cao Ge and broker company and lawyer had discussed, hair statement expresses, reconciled with accident inn-keeper that day, but explode the person that expect breaks the law however steal film of collection, arbitrary editing and rearrangement, PO gets online promiscuous seeing and hearing, damage actor fame, they will take further legal action. Reiterate to did not drink to already reconciled with inn-keeper in addition, cao case agent is additional also explain, point out Cao Ge to having title ” reject an apology ” , ” do not apologize absolutely ” or ” insist to not be excuse of behavior of out of control ” etc language, a lot of garble or the caption that proper motion head fills, again li is clear, what Cao Ge is aimed at is to explode the behavior of the person that expect he apologizes impossibly, and cause inn-keeper and relevant personnel worry to his individual behavior, he is expression feels apology is willing to assume all responsibility. Cao case agent also makes it clear that Cao Ge did not drink that day once more, be not conflict of drunk of people of talent, reached with inn-keeper and employee that day reconcile, “That evening with respect to close a case ” . Ask about whether to have with the instantly of that desk guest that has altercation do any apologies, reconciliatory processing? Agent states instantly and inn-keeper respect reconcile, also convey kindness to want to pay the other side to become dinner cost and go again the next time the charge of have dinner.

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Company of Cao division manager issues statement, divulge the accident had reached employee to come to an agreement to be obtained to inn-keeper by company delegate that day reconcile, inn-keeper also to police close a case.

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Cao Ge explodes foreword is taken off to make dining room greatly after wine, but his after the event is clear explode material inconsistent with the facts, oneself are done not have malty, cry accuse explode makings person

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