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Original title: ” ace is right ace ” : Knight-errant theme, zhao Wenzhuo and ” 7 small good fortune ” Yuan Bin surprise appears ” ace is right ace ” the 7th season has broadcasted two period, ace is familial still be everybody’s familiar person as before, all returns to Shen Teng, Gu Ling, Hua Chenyu, Guan Xiaotong, the theme of this first phase is ” knight-errant ” .

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“Of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct big person, it is for the country civilian, of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct small person, it is adjacent for friend ” ” ace is familial ” wear ancient costume, deduce ” wind and cloud? Hero bully the world ” medium classical part, especially the Nie Feng of Shen Teng personate, without a bit heroic spirit, feel to be done a bit instead laugh. Should encounter true Nie wind Zhao Wenzhuo, the performance that Shenyang rises faker of this Nie wind did not make everybody disappointed, one is Mai Jiaxiu, one is Mai Jiaxiu. “Ace is familial ” the ancient costume modelling of every time, netizens never feel disappointed to pass, looked come to an agreement or understanding, anyway I am to feel general, do it is OK to laugh.

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The aperture of Gu Ling personate mothers, the Bu Jingyun of Hua Chenyu personate, the hero that Sha Yi performs originally bully, a sand bully lets a person sound thinking is foolish, song Yaxuan is to listen into Xiong Da more. When playing game, everybody is to make a many joke more, it is not clear that Shen Teng divides even Zhang Moji and Zhang Sanfeng divides even Zhang Moji and Zhang Sanfeng, bright teach hierarch Zhang Moji, fierce is become palm door Zhang Sanfeng; When compere asks where small Long Nv lives? Pace Jing flower is spoken ” absolutely ” , gu Kongci is spoken ” affection ” , and Shen Teng is spoken however ” city ” , this is obviously absolutely affection cereal ah, how to become absolutely affection city? “Wushu is directive ” yuan Bin appears, tell about him to filmed in the past the experience of the film everybody may be not familiar to Yuan Bin, he but ” 7 small good fortune ” a medium, with into dragon, Hong Jinbao, Yuan Biao, yuan China waiting for a person is younger brother of senior fellow apprentice, just he is in behind the curtain, the wushu that does all the time is directive, although look good as result of recieving praise performs a role, not be iron pink also does not admit. “7 small good fortune ” not be mere 7 people, have 14 people in all, besides wait for everybody into dragon, Hong Jinbao familiar to the ear can of detailed, still have Yuan Jun, yuan peaceful, yuan fierce, yuan brace up, a shoe-shaped gold or silver ingot used as money in feudal China, they a few disappear from the scene basically in 80 time initial stage, now and then in a few films dew issues a face.

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In 80 time, when younger brother of other the son of one’s master mixes the unboiled water that get wind to rise, yuan Bin is very few with Hong Jinbao, cooperate into the younger brother of senior fellow apprentice such as dragon, without loiter their heat. Nevertheless, what Yuan Bin He Yuanhua cooperates is most, have 45 work. Yuan Bin compares arrogant wushu another times to coach Cheng Xiaodong door falls in Hong Kong, became Cheng Xiaodong’s assistant together with Ma Yucheng, auxiliary Cheng Xiaodong is ” inn of new dragon a hanger-on of an aristocrat ” , ” east is indefectible ” waited for swordsman film to design a lot of classical action spectacle, and ” inn of new dragon a hanger-on of an aristocrat ” win award of Jin Ma of the 29th Taipei optimal movement design. Because mix collaboration of director Xu gram is more, yuan Bin is known as Xu to overcome the wushu of the for use of an emperor in the film to coach, ” hill of tiger of power of take by strategy ” , ” Long Menfei armour ” waiting is the wushu movement that he designs entirely! Later, yuan Bin also can undertake in teleplay wushu coachs, for instance CCTV edition ” laugh be proud all corners of the country ” , ” mythological ” etc. Regrettablly is, some closer year of work is gradually little, a the closest work was 2021 behavioral knight-errant film ” Fang Shiyu of bone of cupreous skin iron ” . This first phase had Zhao Wenzhuo to come only, jiang of He Rundong of pace Jing cloud, the 2nd dream did not come frequently frequently, nostalgic mood is done not have so powerful ah, a bit regretful! ” ace is right ace ” the 7th season, also a lot of netizens spit groove, advertisement is too much, not so good-looking before. Does everybody feel of this first phase ” is ace right ace ” how?

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