Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: Wang Xiaofei dispatch blesses Xu Xiyuan to remarry to be opposite happily what Zhang Ying glume suffers is calumniatory sorry

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Late on March 12, wang Xiaofei dispatch blesses Xu Xiyuan to remarry happy, right what Zhang Ying glume sufferred for no reason is calumniatory sorry. He writes: “Had not made a response all the time, it is to because oneself private affairs takes up,do not think mostly public natural resources. Receive the phone of friend of a lot of media and short message continuously recently, the normal life that has affected me. Unite a reply, we are peace divorce and anybody did not concern, everybody began new life, also bless Xu Xiyuan happiness. Let Zhang Ying glume also be sufferred so long of for no reason calumniatory, really feel sorry. The thing comes to an end, thank everybody’s care. Thank everybody’s care..

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