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Original title: Hot drama blames you beyond the mark beauty, qin Lan deduces iron blood agent, thorough recreation encircles backside feel sad If speak of to disclose what recreation encircles realistically drama is not ” blame you beyond the mark beauty ” not belong to, in drama female advocate the audience that Mo Xiang seeks theatrical work late she is affectionately appellation late evening child, she is broker of a gold, also be strange the broker chief inspector of beautiful company, do not watch Mo Xiang evening all the day complete makeup come on the stage, resembled hitting gallinaceous blood everyday, and see whole department play in fact the is not normal person at all life that I feel these agent pass, explain the star pats play to stay up late painstaking, and these agent are more than for company stays up late, handle a few issues that let poll ache everyday even

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Nevertheless medium Lin Xiang also considers drama pitiful, her of one mind is loving a male actor that makes Luo Feng, they meet when Yu Wei, lin Xiang first fire, the fire after Luo Feng, person red dispute is much, of Lin Xiang in guessing suspicion, luo Feng is forced He Linxiang said to part company suffocatively, can part company it which have is so easy that which have, lin Xiang makes a scene roll about, spelling make friends to make fun of to also want to perform Cp with Luo Feng, act on the way the leg still got hurt, in still displeasing drama without cerebral Lin Xiang female 2, female 2 should give Lin Xiang intentionally good-looking, have an affair with with collect wind generation then, the do sth without authorization that add drama kissed Luo Feng

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Between the process that watchs a movie, I am choked countless times to within an inch of by gas, say Lin Xiang make friends makes fun of for example obviously she does not agree, but the boss says that he must be signed however, lin Xiang also says that he must be signed, she meets face of person smile obsequiously, right-and-left deal with, deal with did not go down to be controlled again begin an apology, the result films gave an issue, responsibility returns be her finally, it is beyond the mark that I feel this drama should not make blame you beautiful, and should cry ” blame you capability is too strong ” can carry boiler on the back too, the clue of this kind of anxious still has a lot of, by Gao Yixiang of personate male advocate Mo Bei in the before half part of this drama I think he is to be enraged dead almost female advocate person

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Although Mo Beishuai enrages tenderness, but the counsel for the defence that future regards as farther-in-law 10 years ago, he gives a group of people of same interest of the other side evidence, bring about late evening child father is imprisoned 10 years, the result meets is to help other company give an idea first embarrassed evening is late child, it is to help after late evening child the actor of at hand and her end an agreement, this lawyer is aimed at sensory Mo Bei only Mo Xiang evening is same, lofty nevertheless power fierce Mobei and the clue that Mo Xiang loves each other to be killed late have a hotspot quite however, mo Bei encircles old man to give counsel for all recreation, and mix every time late evening child make pair of homes, the Mo Bei in pardonable also drama does not have an object 10 years, love her to send lawyer letter to her, say 360, give Number One Scholar all right all right

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The thing scarcely that in buckish city we want to go after truly can forget, anyhow, this ” blame you beyond the mark beauty ” let a person look not by be immersed in think, it is a classic an excellent work undoubtedly!

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