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Original title: ” just do not talk about love with the boss ” had broadcasted, huang Zitao holds the position of hero, female advocate also be actual strength clique Go up in industry of annual movie and TV Dou Yongyuan won’t be little small sweet the form of drama, of course complete also this year won’t exceptional, resembling is before paragraph of the occurrence of time ” accompany you to have a meal well together ” namely particularly outstanding small sweet drama, and can see through the name the element that a few cate still appeared in drama, this also is to make the quality that drama makes becomes better, after all cate kind subject matter also is more popular now. Although had appeared now very much small sweet drama, but what the most gut in these work still uses is former set, this also lets everybody produce new move hard when seeing work.

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But this ” just do not talk about love with the boss ” invite an audience through brief gut however people felt different new move, just spread out to be shown in the story gave a fetching and thoughtful topic, if life can all along you can choose how to be done. Although the fundamental structural frame of this drama is sweet as before,bestow favor on the mode of drama, but appear however among them gave very actual duty field element, and the write up that lives to campus, the most important is drama medium rhythm is exceedingly fast also, accord with present audience completely people be fond of, and leaving piece in 3 part the plot of a play, finished what live to campus from duty field part to transfer.

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Although the relation between the part in this drama story appears a little complex, but won’t throw work completely to cause what effect to the audience, because this present comment basically is fine review in the area. And can see on the story content that has given out from this work, the character that basically presents in drama is Qian Wei, when her shortly will reach 30 years old of ages, still be a young assistant that does not have how many salary as before, because this feels very dissatisfactory only to present life money, then she can let life with respect to special hope from start over. And the wage that after Qian Weizhi was working a few years so, still keeps original as before, because her lawyer card fails to take an examination of all the time,basically be defeated come down.

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And this also is mixed her father in those days die unfortunately have very big concern, when because be in at the outset,money will study lawyer evidence only, the father that got oneself however produced accident information, then Qian Wei abandoned having medium examination, because such making,also be Qian Wei takes an exam to be able to remember his father every time, make then oneself fail to use all the time have lawyer card, be in nevertheless common when of Qian Wei or the knowledge that often learn a lawyer to go up, because this also has very strong academic experience. And in the company that is in in Qian Wei, ranking Liu Xun is first-rate also to her, the evidence in a case that accepts as a result of company place nevertheless was taken away.

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Make Qian Wei was forced to choose to leave this company, and because Qian Wei’s boy friend is the match that company place accepts a case,this is, because the boy friend of this Qian Wei is exclusive a person that takes away this evidence likely, and this bit of Qian Wei is very clear also, so Qian Wei to the boy friend also had clear acknowledge, then Qian Wei and her boy friend also chose to part company, also be to because Qian Wei did not take care to fall into Xiaoshui to,be in this day really, make when oneself returned oneself to just entered a college. And be in later it is plain sailing condition, gave up ahead of schedule not only broken bits male the illusion to oneself, and still saw heart heart misses the old father that miss again.

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This work can get an audience successfully people reputably, because the set of the story has strange feeling quite,be not only, and gut is exceedingly comical, and still be in with two leading role in drama wonderful appear have very big concern. Actual strength sends actor Song Zuer to give the role that perform in work is Qian Wei, she appears not only in giving early days the plot of a play do not get annals figure, and still show those who gave the girl below campus times the sort of Qing Chun is lively, also make the part becomes more plump. Serve as of course hold the position of hero the Huang Zitao of one duty is not differred completely also, his likewise ideal explanation gave the figure characteristic of the part, and still yield the promotion that we saw his acting go up. Before this work is worth very much, be watched as a whole.

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