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Original title: ” meaning is unforgettable ” graceful of the tragiccest part, first love is a cousin, fall in love with personal enemy again child, marry the home is cruel male Still remember ” is meaning unforgettable ” ? This drama gets the better of the story when natural span of life is light to begin from hero king, the encourage of son king day that pats him grows up greatly, knot legitimate child, sowed several years fully. In the 2nd generation, aid with Wang Tian, the factitious leading role such as Wang Yuting, Yang Jianzhi, Cai Zhiying, the dispute of kind and enmity of the generation on follow, love the enemy that hate feeling, among them, the tragiccest part should belong to graceful.

20220312160217 622cc409e2bf3

Graceful graceful on one person, the assemble is staking, deceit, abort, go mad, break recall, cruel, triangle loves the home, the horror such as incurable disease, as if displeased playwrite general, ending also is sadness very. One graceful graceful graceful of this renown king jade, it is the daughter of damask silk bilking element and Lin Dazhong, wang Shengzhi’s foster daughter. When graceful graceful is born, everybody thinks she is Wang Shengzhi’s child, the Lin Dazhong giving birth to father of graceful graceful is witting she is her daughter when, come to those who contend for graceful graceful raise advantageous position, damask silk of element be bilkinged buys homicide to die, ling Tingting lost this special the unripe father that is very fond of her.

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The childhood of graceful graceful, ever was kidnapped, saw with one’s own eyes sees foster father king got the better of annals to kill kidnapper. Wang Shengzhi’s words and deeds, ling Tingting misunderstood him to kill Lin Dazhong, from now on, graceful graceful holds a shadow to Wang Shengzhi, live between anguish all the time.

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Graceful graceful boy is rough, 3 paragraphs of feeling after be brought up, also be encountered impersonal. 2 junior when, the day aids graceful graceful and cousin king to study abroad in abroad together, a bamboo stick used as a toy horse of two people green plum, give aid to each other, slow don’t go yet arrived one case.

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Dan Tingting and king day are aided be destined to cannot be together. They are cousin, graceful graceful and the maternal Lai Lizhu that the mother bilks element damask silk and king day to aid are full sister, too close close predestined relationship concerns, make what they cannot get law approbate.

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The mother of graceful graceful and foster father, with Wang Sheng day an enmity is very deep, not only must not graceful graceful and Wang Tian aid contact, won’t agree with them to be together more.

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Junior the feeling when is very real, wang Tian is aided be willing to be whole world of graceful graceful antagonism, even if sin also should marry her, graceful graceful also of one mind safeguards Wang Tian to aid. But the teenager enrages Cheng Di not to cross world situation to be like a knife, two people or by familial broke. 3 after be forced to aid departure with Wang Tian, graceful graceful encountered Yang Jianzhi. Yang Jianzhi original name Cai Zhiming, it is the son that Cai Jin prepares Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan. In those days, cai is sentenced 15 years into prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a panbig gun, yang Jianzhi hates Wang Shengzhi to did not defend for father, the company wait for one’s chance that slips into Wang Shengzhi makes reprisals, fell in love with the female graceful of personal enemy however.

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Graceful graceful and Yang Jianzhi a perfect match between a man and a girl, special ascend right, wang Shengzhi marries graceful graceful Yang Jianzhi, also had done give the career his preparation. Did not think of to be on the wedding of two people, maternal Yang Shuzhen of Yang Jianzhi appears suddenly, expose Yang Jianzhi’s identity.

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At this moment, graceful graceful just knows, admiring the person that love each other is personal enemy actually child, and there had been the child in her abdomen. From now on, two familial be in prevent them to be together. Graceful graceful is sent a hospital by the mother forcibly abort, after losing the child touched.

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Maternal Yang Shuzhen of Yang Jianzhi, to prevent the son is mixed ” madwoman person ” together, the jade of wife plum love that combines Cai Jin to prepare Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan calls the police catch graceful.

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Graceful graceful is mad, a person props up Yang Jianzhi hard. When 4 graceful graceful treats mental disease, a doctor that calls Li Wenhua appeared. His medical skill is masterly, to graceful graceful make much of, make her illness improves, just want not to remove Yang Jianzhi from beginning to end.

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Li Wenhua expression is very good, the close people of graceful graceful is very trustful he, believe he can bring graceful graceful happiness, let he and graceful graceful marry. Did not think of Li Wenhua is not the dawn that graceful graceful lives, come from abyssal devil however.

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Li Wenhua itself is invigorative ill, the to graceful graceful love after marriage is more screwy, he always suspects graceful, fear her meeting and Yang Jianzhi are compound, because this dominates her life strictly, return the home countless times cruel. Li Wenhua did a lot of bad things, homicide is incendiary, within an inch of kills dead graceful. Kind-hearted graceful graceful however the ground excuses him, hope he can mend his ways.

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Final, li Wenhua is determined to commit suicide, yang Jianzhi is found before on one’s deathbed, hope he can return again with graceful graceful old good.

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5 after Li Wenhua is dead, graceful graceful restored memory eventually, there had been other woman beside Dan Yang builds will. When Yang Jianzhi is begged to graceful graceful and be not gotten, a girl that calls Mai Yatang appeared, her ancient clever essence is strange, careless affected Yang Jianzhi, still got the support of Yang Jianzhi’s parents, two people went smoothly one case.

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Graceful graceful came back eventually, can choose to leave only again. Yang Jianzhi and graceful, ever was loves the most greatly lover, but chance of each their compound, be captured by others opportunity the swift-footed arrive first, it is Li Wenhua, it is Mai Yatang.

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Love has been lost, graceful graceful suffers from again went up hematic cancer, to compensate and take care of her, yang Jianzhi decides to marry with graceful graceful, wait for her ” go ” hind be together with Mai Yatang again.

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Right now, those who return is not love, however commiserative. When graceful graceful and Yang Jianzhi dance, background music is ” lachrymal sea ” , “Love is not active already, what still is worth me aching… the night that nobody feels distressed, cheek the tear of two Xian Xian… you the tear that how be willing to part with or use lets me flows to the sea, paid feeling searchs not to come back forever ” .

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Word words and expressions sentence, be just as the aspirations of graceful graceful, but she already cannot be exported besides. 6 original, graceful graceful had found marrow, the body is recovering, because take care of the Mai Yatang of the cold to bring about,be affected however, face death again. Mortal before, graceful graceful sits on wheelchair to treat the lake, yang Jianzhi and Mai Yatang are beside in company, but her eyes is extremely alone, because of the man that once loved most, at the moment cuddle is worn other woman.

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The sadness of graceful graceful in order to die terminative, living Yang Jianzhi perhaps can have regret and self-condemned, but his life is unaltered, there is new lover company beside, old love can become memory only.

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The love between graceful graceful and Yang Jianzhi, only then the plot at Yang Jianzhi, painful ending however by graceful graceful a person bears. The lifetime of 7 graceful graceful, be in ceaselessly lose. Childhood loses Lin Dazhong, the lover is lost ceaselessly when the youth, strange mother and foster father are lost after going mad, when pick up is recollected, lost love again.

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In one’s childhood, a fortune-telling gentleman says, graceful graceful and parents do not have a predestined relationship, affection the road is bumpy, the beauty v/arcs born under an unlucky star. But if encounter the true life the emperor with tough style of a life, the destiny can be changed. If say ” true life the emperor ” , the likelihood has Yang Jianzhi only a person is accorded with, but his make a stand against defeated an opportunity, also defeated oneself alternative, fail to protect graceful from beginning to end.

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” meaning is unforgettable ” a lot of part, have each each be inferior to meaning, but the most miserable is graceful certainly, she just is true ” meaning is unforgettable ” .

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