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Original title: New theatrical work of Huang Jingyu heavy pound is transmitted piece! ” much crane of little one’s mother’s sister ” director hold guide, female advocate actual strength not common Espionage war play serves as the subject matter that with the clue that burn a brain ethical cardinal principles of righteousness two large elements combine, in outback movie and TV the circle suffers all the more bestow favor on, ” the person that pretend ” , ” kite ” , ” cliff ” can says classical. But the high grade espionage war play in these a few years is can be counted on one’s fingers really, it is all sorts of divine drama infestation instead, bring so that espionage war play confuses people times feeling is helpless. Luckily had a Tong Yao and Zhu Yilong to act the leading role 2021 ” traitor ” achieved constrainedly anticipate, in logic clear and coherent premise falls, joined many high-energy clues that are worth deliberate, those who got a lot of audience approbate, on fabaceous valve behead obtained result of 7.7 minutes. Wait for sow what there still is Jin Dong to act the leading role in drama ” very close to each other ” , assemble Wang Zhiwen, Zhang Zhijian bone of play of two great actual strength, battle array respect simply a special skill, jin Dong performs espionage battle again male advocate more fetching expect. Have Sun Gonglei and yellow Lei main actor more ” Jing bowstring ” , two main actors had been to close inspect safeguard, cooperate S to add level to make, it is difficult to want not to explode really. At present has an actual strength again the fight of heavy pound espionage that small unripe Huang Jingyu acts the leading role is big drama ” Gu battle ” , be passed had left pat, raid in the future namely, main actor can says the immortal picks part, ordinary members of theatrical troupe of together with ace, can you become explode greatly paragraph? Ace director is carried make regression newly ” Gu battle ” original name ” lose is in the east longitude 97 degrees memory ” , tell about benefit early days is gotten the better of in war of resistance against aggression, filial piety of Europe of the member that we are organized is installed (Huang Jingyu is acted the role of) escape successfully from inside hostile biochemical institute, during transit insensible be saved by our personnel, but the memory that nearly 4 years are in in the jail was lost however after awaking. Then Ou Xiaoan searchs memory ceaselessly, be investigated secretly and try to expose hostile plot, find place for researching eventually, smashed hostile evil-minded plan, disclose emissary real features, final regression organizes the story of bosom. The story masterstroke of this drama focusing, and before espionage war play has huge to differ, put the view biochemistry to research a field, it is an unexpected winner in finding espionage battle theatrical work. This drama is mixed actually from original name gut story more build, but have some of awkward-sounding again, change ” Gu battle ” it seems that more outstanding also male advocate isolate in finding the way that winds memory the despair that does not have aid is mixed to holding to devotionally. In the meantime, the largest window of gut, not be feeling of unsettled case of bureau be confined to any more, want to highlight more should be cardinal principles of righteousness of a kind of nation, we organize a kind of belief of the member to feel, and hostile very cruel, turn over Fa Mou this of spirit great, have profound reality sense. Just also meet and social heat is proportional, light is this one set had mastered discharge password it seems that, can arouse discussion desire of the netizen easily absolutely. Be worth what carry is, how is but enjoy position,the director of this drama built in professional domain, his masterpiece is tasted ” much crane of little one’s mother’s sister ” it is classical absolutely medium classical, in fabaceous valve grading is as high as 8.3. Besides, how to build still have ” snowflake waves that ” , ” settle down ” , ” great river children ” collect waiting for drama draws near personally, and grandson the big wrist actor such as couple, Zhang Yi, Chen Baoguo, Song Jia has had collaboration, experience is quite rich, want to be able to stabilize play only, an Jianji is achieved again likely classical. Male advocate peace part height agrees, the road is illuminated fully too raise a key point ” Gu battle ” anthology character is real too attentively, male main actor has been Huang Jingyu certainly, he can be in movie and TV the circle exhibits boxing foot greatly these a few years. 2018, huang Jingyu acts the leading role ” the Red Sea acts ” reap 3.65 billion booking office successfully, squeeze into before Chinese shadow Shi Bang 10. After that Huang Jingyu is to go out acted ” the action that break ice ” , ” fall in love with special type arms ” , 2021 year end acts the leading role ” ace army ” also be to be greeted explode greatly. Heat house is tall during heat is sowed no less than, occupy entire network heat by force the first, calculate the period of time after receiving an official, also maintaining considerable temperature, yellow Jing Yu is being depended on erupt the crying with very strength makes fun of to mount hot search frequently, got an audience approbate. And Huang Jingyu still has to need sowed movie ” peace keeping prevents cruel team ” , also was to build up a lot of top flows have a strong lineup, it is to go out perform a soldier, pardonable be called ” the man that takes military service in circle of movie and TV ” . Huang Jingyu is in ” Gu battle ” in the challenge goes out perform subterranean member, the most important is feeling of a kind of belief, accomplish the eyes to have show, ability delivers espionage battle atmosphere come out, this has certain difficulty really to him. Appear a graph to look from the road nevertheless, huang Jingyu wears tool restoring ancient ways, body appearance is forceful also do not leave too fat to move, taking healthy atmosphere all over, see an appearance be mixed actually the part agrees highly, let a person minute minutes enter sport, true can says is immortal choosing horn. And the net passes this to mix of Huang Jingyu partner female advocate it is Xin Zhilei, belong to thick colour department appearance, also compare collocation with Huang Jingyu, and Xin Zhilei also is to go out had acted ” celebrate one’s remaining years ” , ” if exemplary,pass ” wait for big play, the performance is seasoned, actual strength not common, most propbably also can take new part hold appropriate. Altogether, ” Gu battle ” held espionage fight this one big popular theme, had had the requirement that shows itself centrally from a lot of drama, have again how to build this gold to direct assume personal command, quality respect has safeguard, gist conception is enough also and far-reaching lead the star on the meeting to broadcast probably. And Huang Jingyu serves as male advocate in appearing in espionage war play, also be to comparative piece carry, though be to try new field first, but believe he also can take out best condition to come on the stage, reach everybody’s expectation, if be He Xinzhi,bud partner can collide probably new petard, expect this drama can leave as soon as possible sow.

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