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Original title: ” our marriage ” the Jiang Xin that with life simple sense makes fun of in violent wind, disclose broke acting ceiling The line on take turns of all sorts of good theatrical work in these a few months, li Lu hold guide ” between the world ” though had received an official, it is to gave an audience to leave very deep impression however, 100 condition lead real world so that everybody sighs with emotion myriad, exeunt finally with achievement glory of 8.1 minutes. Jin Shijia and Tan Jian of second main actor ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” regard suspense as drama, the look the lock decides industry of imitate picture division, with mystery dark line is perforative complete theatrical work, lift up or let down with a rope became enough audience appetite. All sorts of daedal case frequency go out, around move social heat topic, angst of campus force, appearance waits a problem a moment to be moved to appear on the stage face, the discussion that aroused a netizen is spent, so that this drama heat is direct,violent wind arrived entire network the first. And the life theatrical work that Bai Baihe, Jiang Xin, Tong Dawei acts the leading role ” our marriage ” , also be heat quite tall, focusing reality marriage concerns, in the light of contradiction undertakes be discussinged deep between the couple, have sense of reality extremely, caused the resonance of broad netizen. The Jiang Xin in drama is to contribute tall smooth acting more, establish the role with all sorts of exquisite performances, got a lot of audience approbate, made the one large window of this drama. Drink drink haematemesis, glad of Jiang of female of field of deepness depict duty is in ” our marriage ” in of personate is Dong Saijia a female strong person is on the job, strong the pronoun that had become her. But in on-the-job field, dong Saijia cannot get fair treatment, she always is wanting to want to try hard again, make leave interest the success is all but, do oneself everyday tired out feeling explodes canopy, this caused Dong Saijia to accompany family without energy almost, had decided to go out to play originally, but phone of a job was done not have with respect to what. As the contradictory scrape up of accumulate over a long period, husband and wife two cannot understand the other side more and more, but leave however erupt dot difference faces an one foot. When talking about the pinch on the job, dong Saijia is refuted by the husband, there has been tear to be in in the eye revolve, ground of fix eyes on looks at the other side, want to hear the other side to still can speak the opinion on public affairs of common of be astonished of what Jing world, the anxiety that cannot get understanding is peremptory appear to go up in the face. When Dong Saijia feels he is reasonable, also can can’t restrain mood enlarge sound, because she has been used to the leadership position in the family, but be interrupted by callosity again hind, complexion instant is caky, double eye magnifies slightly, be full of in the eyes not dare believe and questioningly, the movement also has some of deadlocked to live apparently, mood energy accurate ground was delivered come out. In new the plot of a play, dong Saijia is waited for in the late night in the company, sit silently before the window, there is liquor bottle in the hand, and the eyes is a little empty. Memory had the chatting record between the husband and other woman, this copy figure of Buddha is last straw that collapses Dong Saijia reason, the pressure of the life and movement, do she is already suffocatively, place favour does not suffer control ground excessive drinking, come with this drain mood, the condition when wine of Dong Saijia fill, quite low-pressure, the feeling of whole person special funeral, and already some of depression does not live, knitting closely facial sobbing, bring popular feeling to ache all the more. The speak bluntly after a lot of netizen looks says Jiang Xin has such ” immortal acting, she is not red who is red ” , “Look gooseflesh rose ” , must say to use the Jiang Xin that life simple sense makes fun of in violent wind, disclose broke acting ceiling. In be discovered after haematemesis, was sent a hospital at top speed, making condole bottle still is weak, those who did not have makeup look prop up, tired out feeling should spill over simply screen, herself is indifferent manner however, as if already be accustomed to sth. Face the work in the same placing’s care, the first reaction oppugns Dong Saijia namely, resembling is like having overreaction, good because of her outer part, those who be afraid that others discovers him is flimsy, but had answered a god to restore reason again, mood switch freelies. Jiang Xin is in this drama, perform the biggest advantage to depend on the attitude with a kind of exceeding nature, explanation gave the state below different situation of the character, be the same as the feeling of experience to audience feeling. Not quite delicate figure, the biggest distinguishing feature that became Jiang Xin is in actually ” our marriage ” sow initial stage, more audiences the figure that the attention to Jiang Xin is her however, it is Jiang Xin comes on the stage almost the netizen sends barrage to say her grow stout is serious, knead dough ministry is not harmonious. Jiang Xin is in the body form in drama shows too fat to move a bit really, put on professional clothing more show shoulder breadth, not quite comely, but for true to actor, appearance appearance or the figure is next, acting stand or fall just is crucial. In fact, figure problem of Jiang Xin from ” happy eulogy ” , be alluded, in ” little be willing to part with or use ” in also be be said to be by satirize arm big waist is round. Him Dan Jiangxin never has sedulous ground to reduce weight, pay attention to explicit, it is the acting that ceaseless essence enters him instead, because she knows clearly, have acting only, just be serve as an actor the first want justice. Watch a few actors instead, lens begs beautiful beauty only on, will ” half permanent ” makeup look solder is on the face, head get on all sorts of filled up with boasting and exaggerate to deserve to act the role of, perform play extremely awkwardly however, let an audience stop not the dwelling place uses toe gouge big villa. And going up somehow for, the one big characteristic that not quite delicate figure is him Jiang Xin, doing not have necessary everybody is white young thin, healthy aesthetic with self-confident ability a woman needs truly, is not ground of one be ignorant of caters to the individual glamour that lost essence. Altogether, ” our marriage ” this drama whole is enough and true, can show a woman in the life and duty field not easy. And Jiang Xin is in drama is to contribute Gao Guang acting really, deduce each detail so that reach the designated position extremely, get part depict written in a forceful hand. Because this got,she also is of the audience approbate, with personal action proof, an actor goes after the masses overly aesthetic, far did not give a circle to be able to make a person respect more by right of actual strength, can emerge after the hope reveal more to resemble Jiang Xin such good actor.

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