Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: ” love me not to think too much ” the 28th collect comes out again a branch line, still disrelish gut insufficient chaos?

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This drama broadcasts now, heat is firm quietly platoon advanced row, have two not only David is inspected (east is defended inspect and Beijing is defended inspect) add hold, basically be drama anthology content very interesting, many pairs of CP in drama are watched in the love of refresh audience, can saying is to rot again good-looking; Do not cross this drama to there is 3.3 only in fabaceous valve grading, have very big concern with subject matter and drama clue achieve.

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Up to now, rectifying department theatrical work to give an audience the biggest feeling is, the world is very small really, small to everybody the kin friend that is you, a person was separated only at most between every leading role.

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Newest premonitory in, li Hong sea finds the boy friend of small musical instrument, the boy friend of small musical instrument looks from in person is not the person that can give small musical instrument happiness, so Li Hong sea gives him the 300 thousand little sisters that let him leave him. Artful is this amount close with the value conform to of inkstone fitly, this causes a lot of audiences to guess, probably the concern that the boy friend of this inkstone and small musical instrument is having countless ties.

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Still can feel at the beginning ” love me not to think too much ” only cocoa of Li Hong sea, summer, Mo Heng and Yang Liya are met a bit dull, as type of story a flight of stairs spread out, this story suddenly giant rise, invite an audience Ga wants to look again.

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Director Cao Hui is born in interview or force is held out ” love me ” of this drama, his proposal audience people after seeing this play can reappraisal, is final is there an unexpected final result? We or wait and see what happens!

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