Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: ” meet season ” thunder favorable reply becomes big money, happier than Zhou Bingkun, leave half market returns already was a president Thunder favorable reply once felt he is one sleeps in the home the actor that shut-eye can be forgotten by the audience, although up-to-date he still so think, also already not quite care about this the order of nature, but a bit is not cloggy the situation of his bully screen this year. ” between the world ” Zhou Bingkun, ” meet season ” Jian Hongcheng, we also are shaken again by the acting strength of thunder favorable reply.

20220312160523 622cc4c34b185

Many audiences hope he can take prize, to the expectation of the outside, thunder favorable reply is very sober. What he sees now is he say so well without others, also say so badly without others, the judge of speak bluntly others, should not affect his own life, can pass very tiredly in that way otherwise, world of it may be said of this one response regained consciousness. Believe to have so cognitive actor, ability can go more long-termly, can bring more good work for us later.

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” between the world ” this drama I had been installed by others profit is good for many times, it is OK to serve as get through the national drama of each age layer, the audience that weeps for characters in a play is absent a few, a lot of people are perpendicular also to the acting of thunder favorable reply had thumb. ” between the world ” had not received an official, another of thunder favorable reply new theatrical work ” meet season ” met with everybody again, the work of thunder favorable reply formed the force of bully screen.

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” between the world ” the Zhou Bingkun of personate of Li Leijia sound is not parents’ so outstanding child, but he can not be in elder brother, elder sister however when the home, all the time for company mother, frank devoir uses up filial piety beside parents. Although aptitude is commonplace but very true however, resembling is real life is medium we are same, very make moving heart.

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In new theatrical work ” meet season ” in, thunder favorable reply is set in the person in drama disparate however, his tract is large temperament wants scarcely too full-bodied. With the gut inside for, leave namely half collect, returning already was a president. Netizens speak in succession, jian Hongcheng wants happiness than the Zhou Bingkun next door much!

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” meet season ” this drama besides manufacturing just is noonday sunshine outside getting attention fully, cast is likewise powerful. Of thunder favorable reply and Yuan spring cooperate once more, make an audience much one is expected. Jump in order to sing the Zhang Yi that the singer becomes famous is promoted, in drama personate thunder favorable reply is opposite domestic member of the home, two people have many adversary to make fun of, such assorted battle array makes person photograph current wait for. Look ” between the world ” Zhou Bingkun is gotten by cruel miserable miserable, ” meet season ” the Jianhong in rose into Zhi Leng. The strong president of thunder favorable reply, old man temperament is taken firmly held, the entrepreneur of appropriate appropriate! Still be spoken by netizens even if like thunder good news this kind of tract is large temperament.

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He will look for a little brother, had not given the other side to deliver the big bill of 1.5 million into the door, still made an appointment the business of his second half of the year, this kind of maturity is sedate bully total elder brother, let many netizens envy, can you allocate to give us? Thunder favorable reply leaves half collect, returning already was a president, the contrast with the true appearance that business suit change walks on is too big. Consider the role that before falling, performs, of this Jian Hongcheng modelling is new surprise, want happiness than the Zhou Bingkun next door much. Although the temperament of bit of upstart is in on the body, perform what to resemble what nevertheless, thunder favorable reply is a good actor really. How do you look to this? Welcome attention to leave a message!

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