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Original title: ” blame you beyond the mark beauty ” : All the way break through brambles and thorns-hack one’s way through difficulties, female strong person seeks ego to perfect in softhearted decay

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The female can encounter a lot of intractable, brutal even things really in on-the-job field, but just about these ability let a female come true to ego is perfected and weigh model. One, female independence is free, fend be more than seek love, in recent years, female emancipatory problem is more conspicuous, the female is outstanding in the job already was normal. The major successful female in drama has her cause, and flourishing, the it may be said of with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning of female of field of the duty on the body in them is to show undoubted,

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Because Lin Xiang commits suicide with emotional problem intent of Luo Feng, mo Xiang late advise others by using one’s own experience. Really, this time fends be more than seek love, in Hunan of middle forest of whole department theatrical work low-down love is worn Luo Feng, many times within an inch of because of Luo Feng maneuver suffocate suffocate, ended oneself life finally. And Mo Xiang has dropped late pass fall, she understands love is consummate and problem of insoluble real life, seek love to fend first so, you are not powerful, doing not have a person can be your support. The female in real life establishs the times thing that gets discrimination also is some not only. 2, the female seeks ego ceaselessly, break through and perfect ego

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Mo Xiang is in late be issued by Fan Mei’s bang, be on know clearly with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning, marble road, if she not such, her adversary won’t let her. When negotiating with the competitor, the increase is the biggest change, help advance somebody’s career actor is the intention very, but also be to stand in company profit the biggest best project is explored for actor below the premise that change. Competition nowhere is absent, once consider not, can drop other trap, hao Mai is about to dig Xu Ling for the first time, mo Xiang lets Xu Ling in time late renew the contract, the 2nd Mo Xiang is late can exert big unexpected tricky move, explode black makings of hill giving Xu, even if do not stay to also cannot let adversary dig a corner, the competitor Hao Mai that connects her admires her extremely. Going forth is a wall that block up, retreat is abyss after, biting a tooth to go forth only.

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Or lives, or is exited. Mo Xiang regards duty field as female strong person late, she thinks over when trough piece, no matter what do, want to warmth is in, . Face competitor to want an increase already the biggest change, want witting the way of the world again.

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Those people that help her make her complete change, the milk of human kindness also is indispensable in the job. Actually such circumstance in real work also is some, so, the woman still wants her to rise formidably, a powerful inner ability lets your remain invincible. Encounter male friend again, her heart still is in be troubled Yu Huai, to father, she also is escaping. But

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Write in ultimate woman to face different situation in the metropolis in each industries, also can encounter various experience in life, how to face processing, it is a female actually perfect, ego weighs ceaseless ego the process of model. Wish the light that every female becomes her alive, need not admire Lai Yu who.

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