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Original title: ” meet season ” big ending, put in prison of peaceful excuse me, chen Xin be forced thoroughly mad, jian Hongcheng brings heat to discuss One in an instant, heat sows drama ” meet season ” sow already very long period of time, imperceptible in, this drama contracted we all joy seeking theatrical work since Feburary, be about soon thoroughly big ending, many audiences are not abandoned in succession, good-bye of it’s hard to say, and the final final result of this drama, super- the anticipation of all audiences imagines

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One: The Jian Minmin of Luo Haiqiong personate is in two family in dispute of kind and enmity, only Jian Minmin puts no less than hearts to written guarantee with Ning Shu, certainly will should follow dead knock of the other side after all, feel oneself just are the biggest victim, him little imagine doing, for final miserable final result, bury early played an a hint foreshadowing later developments in a story

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Light sees outside word, they 2 people unlike is hellion, an extroversion, an introversion, feeling giving a person is very kind-hearted, but the biggest victim that is whole thing however, what should say above all is Jian Minmin, after hitting Jian Zhiguo to be hurt by Cui grand disclose, go down to make yard normal move, jian Zhiguo nots hesitate the prentice Zhang Lixin that let Jian Minmin marry his

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At that time experience of a bit society does not have Jian Minmin, still going to school, to this Jian Zhiguo forces with dead photograph even, if Jian Minmin does not agree, oneself do not cooperate a doctor to treat, such, jian Minmin can be done only according to father’s requirement, marry after Zhang Lixin, jian Zhiguo not only do not feel distressed daughter, still force she follows Zhang Lixin of the same branch of a family

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Come from this, calculate Jian Minmin to regretted to also have not enough time, block her a way of escape up dead thoroughly, and the harm that Jian Minmin gets him, end arrived on Cui family body, more than come to look for Cui Jiaren to beg view, because of act of Cui Hao, destroyed oneself lifetime

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Jian Minmin’s pursuit is stricken, the wife and daughter that lets Cui Hao must be moved from face water, still changed a name to two children even, also be this moment, the seed of animosity was produced in Ning Shu’s heart, after two people marry, 3 days one small make a noise, 5 days make a noise greatly, from the start is not the person of a world

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Zhang Lixin’s goal is very simple, think the belongings possess oneself of of a brief home namely, because Jian Minmin follows the family member’s contradiction, aeriform in the center, created a lot of advantage to Zhang Lixin, in alien eye, he is not only it is a good husband, return bring back to life the familial industry of brief family, in fact, zhang Lixin has ulterior motives

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After 20 years, zhang Lixin with a bang gave Jian Minmin to establish new company directly, still let her bear the liability of 90 million indescribably at the same time, jian Minmin’s disposition all the time very strong, be informed Ning Shu is backstage culprit hind, not hesitate to pull an animosity again, grow memory to let Ning Shu, looked for a person to kidnap designedly he

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Among the process, still produced intense tussle, ning Shu is hit into serious injury by Jian Minmin, with the one screen that produces in the hospital in those days, exactly like, after the event, jian Minmin entered a prison, intended harm blame adds staking guilt again, next half a lifetime that mean Jian Minmin should be spent in the jail, her lifetime makes a person can’t help sobbing

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Of course, zhang Lixin’s ending also does not have good where, though establish those who believe an edifice to close down,not be him a person brings about, but set to Jian Minmin bureau, hole Jian Hongcheng 90 million be him is incorrect, leave after facing water, how long was arrested too put in prison, affording general satisfaction

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2: The Ning Shuning excuse me that Zhang Yi promotes personate the purpose to achieve oneself, sacrificed a lot of things, original and OK in front of cummer Cai Ling Xiao gets along dependably, but he does not pull down brief home however, stop anything but, after Cai Lingxiao leaves him, ning Shu was in centrally entirely on Cheng Kexin’s body, use her to be able to let brief great plan do false Zhang, realize oneself vengeance thereby target

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But 1000 calculate 10 thousand calculate, be being returned finally is hole oneself, after Jian Minmin walks into a jail, ning Shu did not stop retaliation at this point, considered all sorts of methods, want the crime of aggravating Jian Minmin, after peaceful mother is informed, advise in earnest the ground persuades him to collect a hand as soon as possible, but at that time Ning Shu have one’s mind stuffed with is animosity, pressure the root is inexorable go maternal advice

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Final by oneself most the son while still alive that be very fond of is enraged dead, of the mother die excuse me letting peace is thoroughly mad, use offer a bribe, let Jian Minmin firm base sit wear, but the person is making a day looking, his plot still fails to prevail after all, after be being informed against, with Jian Minmin one before one hind, deplorable put in prison

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3: The Chen Xin of experienced experienced personate be forced thoroughly mad hit Chen Xin oneself buy to the hotel drunk, after be being encroached, began to appear gradually on spirit all sorts of problems, disposition becomes one day compares a day of termagancy, insisting little sweet potato to death to death is one’s own flesh and blood of Jian Hongcheng, and be in newest among the gut of one collect, the audience can is informed, jian Hongcheng is early knew this secret, because little sweet potato is blood type,be AB model

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Leave oneself to do not let Jian Hongcheng, chen Xin those who tormented Jian Hongcheng 7 years is long, in these 7 years, jian Hongcheng is very passive, should care about Chen Xin already experience, want to replace others to be made a scapegoat again, the doing that is thought to be him by accident lets Chen Xin conceived the child

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After Jian Hongcheng speaks out all facts, chen Xin last line of defense in the heart is successful by checkmate, not be to be troubled by should commit suicide, it is minatory Jian Hongcheng, within an inch of returns complicity the little sweet potato of year of young ignorance, chen Xin frantic activity, in the control range that exceeded Jian Hongcheng already, after discussing with old mother, the decision sends her into bughouse to accept treatment

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Although not be the one’s own father of little sweet potato, jianhong is become and can not abandon raising advantageous position, decide a person brings up the ground the adult

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4: The Ning You that the Jian Hongcheng of personate of thunder favorable reply follows Yuan spring personate turned big round one, turned to come back again, because domestic blood feud is hated,Jian Hongcheng follows Ning You, be forced to part, nowadays block up their person disappeared, arrived plus each other middleaged, without better choice, go finally excusable

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Anyhow explodes money theatrical work ” meet season ” big ending can bring a lot of life to comprehend to us, everything is done not have necessary contend for clear, do not have more necessary thing leave no room for manoeuvre, otherwise, hapless finally still is him, the view with different what does the outcome that does not know everybody sees this play have? Welcome to collect, dot assist, transmit, one key 3 even!

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