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Original title: ” blame you beyond the mark beauty ” having lay and astute Yu Jiang, final station was in opposite everybody’s Teleplay ” blame you beyond the mark beauty ” already be over.

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Each final trend of square part in drama, also let a person sob deeply. Some successes are satisfactory, some saying that come loose. Some once extremely red temporarily giant star, chose to ring down the curtain, and another a few nova rise gradually.

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And the Yu Jiang that You Wangyao celebrates personate, namely the Mo Xiang in drama is late before the boss’ ending also is worth ponder very. Having lay and astute Yu Jiang, final station was in opposite everybody’s. He forced with one’s own hands the capable able person of own company: Mo Xiang evening and Zhu Di morning.

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Although land add add lost hill of Lin Xiang, Xu,such top sheds star actor, also send the actual strength such as Song Qian, Ruan Li China star to make a door successfully. It seems that one-time autograph made an appointment with new 5 strong players, but belong to strange beautiful summit summit perhaps goes already.

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Say like him himself, stand in him the identity of private individual, face same thing, perhaps can have disparate choice. But the boss that serves as a company, his choice must be subject to the integral interest of the company.

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He needs to be in charge of for the success or failure of the company. Of course this also give no cause for more criticism, he serves as a boss, he assumed this company’s biggest risk. Be being returned late in Mo Xiang is actor chief inspector when, yu Jiang can the personal and on-the-spot place that experiences Mo Xiang evening and the predicament the actual situation that she faces.

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Be in those who face congratulation so by every means create difficulties for sb and Mo Xiang’s late cogent request when, he can the inter achieves a balance.

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Two people are troubled by thoroughly break, leave his post late with Mo Xiang wind up. Same after Lin Xiang incident happens, zhu Di morning took Mo Xiang’s late old road again. On the Qing Gongyan of his company, he harvested everything it seems that.

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He thinks they still are beside their, but actually these people leave him far already. These people are to choose actively to leave him and go it seems that it seems that, seem with Yu Jiang he himself does not have what correlation. But it is him Yu Jiang actually, give them one by one lost entirely.

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Congratulation is to depend on the river is the hardest, the most crucial hour chooses to taking a son to leave. But what the milk of human kindness does Yu Jiang have again but character? Yu Jiang does not know he is even from what when begin to lose Guan Xian. Astute be like him, also be to have only when after was being lost, ability afterthought not is reached.

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And he can do exclusively now, just take out once old photograph comes out recall.

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