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Original title: Wen of 50 years old of 10 thousand figured woven silk material still beautiful, the Zhen Zidan of affirmatory marriage went The beauty of Wen of 10 thousand figured woven silk material, have a lot of kinds. Every still have memorial person to her, because her some is planted,be beautiful, deep memory kept in brain. This single-edged eyelid, big legginess belle, the beauty that uses her conquered a lot of people. But her life, do not have satisfactory because of her beauty flexibly. In those 10 years of rough amour, the Lv Songxian of first love went, the Zhen Zidan of affirmatory marriage ran.

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Encounter eventually dark the Chen Shisan that loves her 9 years, two people acquaintance shines 7 days marriage. Their encountering, just good. Not early, not late also, resemble fated. The first her work ” driver old man ” , she in drama is the little younger sister of a lovely Qing Chun.

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Like if her instinctive quality goes out,acting, her smile, have very much cure force, go in the heart that can blend in an audience. Because,a lot of people are this part, begin to liked to go up she. Subsequently, wen of 10 thousand figured woven silk material because of distinctive appearance, increase the figure that chooses high, get very quickly inferior inspected put sb in a very important position. Be in this year, film ” cello and dot 38 ” when, she encountered first love Lv Songxian.

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In drama, personate of Wen of 10 thousand figured woven silk material a pure undergraduate, acceded father’s underworld society. Lv Songxian personate the superintend of a justice, what fell in love with this underworld society however is female. Two youths, below the deduction of become enamoured, like if heavy block up is broken through to go in drama,arriving one case, acquaintance also begins to be in love in the life.

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