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Original title: 34 years old perform a girl 16 years old to have one’s moment, be in love 30 years not to marry with male friend, do about 80 years old do century wedding? Last centuries 889 time are the hour with the noblest cause of Hong Kong movie and TV, big wrist of very much at that time star because be in,drama of movie and TV appears mediumly and by masses place hep, as drama of a classical movie and TV ” legend of new white a polite form of address for a young woman ” also hold in both hands red many actors, in those days a few main actors such as Zhao Yazhi, Xie Tong, Chen Meiqi because of this teleplay career was on a new height, although this drama is broken up to pat for many times later, but the legend of white a polite form of address for a young woman of edition of up-to-date Zhao elegant Zhi is classical as before.

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And the Xu Xian that Xie Tong strings together instead in drama is up-to-date it is classical as before, although from the back also somebody strings together Xu Xian instead, but the sort of feeling that how acts to do not have Xie Tong without giving thought to, xie Tong also is string together instead history a god that go up.

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The Chen Meiqi of the person that act that is everybody’s familiar small blueness next again, mix with Zhao Yazhi like also be the same as, small blueness of Chen Meiqi is irreplaceable also, although be in the numerous beauty of last centuries, chen Meiqi is most Jing is colourful, but she gives the small blueness of audience depict one role very thorough however popular feeling. Besides in those days masses of these a few main actors is more familiar, a few when perform minor role in this drama in those days actually also harvested extremely tall person to enrage accordingly, we say today this also because in those days this drama and harvested very high person morale, she is the Xia Guanglian of the person that act of the Li Bilian in drama.

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