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Original title: Another Jin Yong breaks up pat piece, the blush that use a network by group ridicule: These 7 female stars, the United States gets each has his strong point It is reported, was pressed 4 years to was not shown ” associate of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of new look carve ” be about to show this year, without limit gentleman specially watched main actor battle array, good lord, the net blush of all of one suit, the plot of a play is good look not to know, anyway female advocate female match female the face that turn over, I am to did not distinguish Hunan difference where to be…

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See one water clear ” net blush ” , ” the face that build a model ” later, can’t help so that sigh with emotion, the drama of ancient costume knight-errant that still is associate with is wonderful, have dozen of wonderful gut, fluent show not only, beauty also is each has his strong point, make what the person looks dazzling. Be the same as series of the commonplace that it is gold for instance ” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” , also be with ” associate of divine carve a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” same, was broken up to send a lot of version, every version has each different.

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But no matter which version, the Yan Zhi of beautiful people in drama is very fight hit. It is after all in origianl work novel, a few female main actors are peerlessly beautiful beauty, zhao Min is Mongolia the first belle, answer eye to laugh at bend city peerless, it is the small clear that regards servant girl as ministrant Zhang Moji all the time, also be attack by surprise the part belle of appearance, wash camouflage later, get married as holy daughter, also be extremely beautiful beauty. And in all ” lean on Tian Tulong to write down ” in, when with Su Youpeng version most Jing is colourful, beauty of the member that say he is complete, had not been.

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The Zhao Min in Zhao Min drama is acted by Gu Jingwen, when year the summit summit that Gu Jingwen still is in Yan Zhi period, just went out without how long, ” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” it is one of Gu Jingwen’s most important masterpiece. The Zhao Min that acts by Gu Jingwen in drama is Mongolia the first beauty, features is picturesque, a men’s clothing also is tasteful Ti Tang, female outfit heroic bearing ofs material bearing, enchanting and moving, in be different from other theatrical work female advocate thick makeup element is wrapped, zhao Min wears a long skirt merely, the style is simple, also can see body appearance is gentle and graceful, taking on the face weak makeup, the lipstick of naked color, also can see complexion is ruddy, the skin fair-skinneds in vain, all over the face collagen albumen. At the same time Shu Lang of facial features air, the eyes is clever, god looking around flies.

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Affliction of living conditions of early days of small Zhao Xiaozhao, servant girl is done beside Diao Man’s capricious young lady Yang Buhui, all the time since play the part of ugly outfit bow-backed, gimp, admire to its after what get Zhang Moji later is saving, stay beside to take care of with the identity of servant girl, show true look later, it is Jing admired really a big audience, her mother is Persia in drama the first beauty, she acceded the mother is all fine-looking and the students surpasses the teacher, such a graceful girl, although lifetime element garment, unpleasant also attack by surprise its are comely and beautiful. The act person of small clear is Chen Xiuli, person if name, chen Xiuli is well-known actress, compere, perform small clear a dark horse of this Yan Zhi was really do not pull hip.

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The person that Zhou Zhi is like what Zhou Zhi is like to act is tall circle of 18 years old, the Yan Zhi of tall round circle everybody be obvious to all, one be colour cost ceiling really. If Zhou Zhi regards Zhang Moji’s green plum as a bamboo stick used as a toy horse, division be extincted too raise big, chilly of nurturance a suit absolutely the temperament of dirt, however she does not have a mother without father as a child, the master is right she very severe, still proud division elder sister bullies her constantly, so small Zhi is like disposition softer and delicate, do not risk a needle to come forward, at every turn complies with the master’s word, also be such on love, zhang Moji is adored in the heart obviously, be being forced by the master however sent aeon of poisonous oath eternal life to cannot be together with Zhang Moji, her experience can’ts help letting a person be fond of cherish. If the Zhou Zhi of later period is black changed, practice gave claw of famous 9 shade bones of the dead, cruelly kill innocent, it is to let a person love to be hated again again really.

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And besides Jin Yong series, the ancient costume of other series, also be beauty is like the cloud, for instance ancient costume is done laugh at dozen of play ” Diao Man’s princess ” it is among them case. ” sly pretty princess ” the childhood that should be a lot of people is recollected, kind-hearted and lovely Situ is static, the crayfish of be apt to of punish evil raise is the princess that is approbated by everybody. The Yan Zhi of each person in drama is very good-looking, dress prop is very good-looking also, si Tujing appears to be able to change a suit skirt every time almost, change a suit to dress up, the irregular skirt end of quiet princess foreign flavour also is the vogue that surmounts a times, still have shoe of the canister in dew genu of white, connect fawn on of article of villain in drama also very be able to bear or endure look, unlike the villain in drama in other theatrical work, wen Mei more the child that resembles be being mothered, proud and capricious, cruel and evil-minded, innocent chasteness, she is so glad also be lovely, life also is lovely.

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This has bead jade namely advanced with advanced without bead jade distinction, do not carry other set not bad, carry angry, pardonable also ” associate of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of new look carve ” have not show be sung to decline first, masses netizen thinks: Go turning over the commonplace that pat gold with its, still create bit of ancient costume as oneself, present playwrite, besides turn over the commonplace that pat gold, had lost invention? Be being scolded is to deserve simply!

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Say to jump over gas more, look in light of ” sly pretty princess ” pick part mediumly, have how Jing admires! Si Tujing regards this as department theatrical work the first female advocate, yan Zhi very Jing is colourful, beauty weeps, pear flower brings rain, when she is sad, the tear in the eye can glance, cross Yi of the Yi like the Milky Way to be born like the shooting star brightness.

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Come on the stage every time, can bring an audience be experienced differently, the charming of snarl of be laughing and playing is spruce, help the goodness that danger aid strands up, the heroism of be apt to of punish evil raise, of be defeated and flee lovely, get hurt to let person take pity on sadly. Her frown and smile, bearing of words and deeds, dress prop, be this drama explode dot, this drama can fire is so old, the Yan Zhi that cannot leave to perform a Zhang Na to pull is added hold. She is so outstanding, so that err thing just can make a person such life, regretful later. If time can come again, zhang Na pulls a young lady to be able to respect our country, take the affection of the Chinese care to the country seriously, agree with our Chinese culture from the bottom of the heart, perhaps today, zhang Na draws the position that had performed art circle to have his in China.

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Who does not love so beautiful after all little elder sister see quiet princess again, one of quiet absolutely beautiful modelling have skirt of princess of shallow purple of that a suit necessarily, there is shallow purple bowknot on the neck, there is ribbon of shallow purple hair on hair, those who drawing elegant is weak makeup, act like a spoiled child this goodness is lovelily to love clinging small princess very much, who saw the appearance that sticking up mouth do not compromise.

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Wen Mei

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The eye is interior window, if scrutiny article fawn on eye, can discover her from only then coming is the eyes is clear eventually, none cloudy, the mood also is not added conceal, like a person eager like, be fed up with a person extremely be fed up with, so I think she is not an inherent and vicious bad woman, however one is taught bad, did not build the girl that correct dispute watchs. The word says, wen Mei be to grow good-lookingly really, the makeup look that she comes on the stage every time very Jing is colourful

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Will look again ” day dragon 8 ” , 2021 ” Xin Tianlong 8 ” simply can says ” Jin Yong’s disgrace ” , do not carry that farfetched the plot of a play first, pull the acrobatic fighting in Chinese opera or dance of hip, it is an actor only merely this one, sufficient be scolded to rot piece, of course, ” Xin Tianlong 8 ” also be judged really for one of work of the soddenest Jin Yong with one of the soddenest ancient costume. ” Xin Tianlong 8 ” rot greatly, also be ” associate of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of new look carve ” did not show one of main reasons that are called to decline first, after all ” associate of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of new look carve ” choosing horn to go up, with ” Xin Tianlong 8 ” those who having different in approach but equally satisfactory in result is clever, the net blush of all of one suit, female advocate female match female instead common a piece of face, cent letting a person is not clear who is…

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Carry ” Xin Tianlong 8 ” this opposite example, come to those who see the face turn over exemple of strike the table again. Speak of ” day dragon 8 ” photograph comparing is in public mood, most classic work is Huang Rihua version forever ” day dragon 8 ” ? So of moustache army version ” day dragon 8 ” be turn over the case of a front that take! Other do not say, odd Yi Fei saying Liu is in this drama personate king words handsomes, “Jin Yong is classical ” the renown head that turns over the king that take, already be worthy of, more what is more,the rather that still Jiang Xin, Liu Tao, Chen Hao, Zhong Liti, Yang Rui, Peng Dan waits famous belle a moment.

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Edition of Hu Jun of king words beautiful ” day dragon 8 ” in, paragraph praise in flower nursery first time and Wang Yuyan meet, transcendental and free from vulgarity, the small fairy that does not eat terrestrial cooked food had true look, from now on the face that the woman with those bend peerlessly beautiful countries in the novel also is not faintness again, because had such king words beautiful, so the countenance of fairy elder sister becomes clear rise

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If say Liu Yifei is ” immortal descend to the world ” do not have representative, so Jiang Xin’s Mu Wanqing, should very have representative? How, this is empress or imperial concubine of the first rank of China the wife of a prince the Yan Zhi of young moment, pardonable meeting is liked by the emperor. The Yan Zhi of empress or imperial concubine of the first rank, be in not in character!

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Watch Su Youpeng version ” Tu Long leaning on a day is written down ” , start ancient costume theatrical work formerly ” sly pretty princess ” and ” break up take pattern ” Hu Jun edition ” day dragon 8 ” hind, I feel suddenly: ” Xin Tianlong 8 ” be scolded super rot greatly piece it is the thing in reason, have not show ” associate of a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct of new look carve ” did not show, be scolded first, also be the thing in reason. What is the teleplay of ceiling of cost of ancient costume colour in your heart? Above which can these belles move most you?

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