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Original title: 2022 wait for sow drama to know first, love of force of Yang Yang army and voice of Wu Lei ancient costume are loud, who do you value? 1, ” Xing Hancan is sodden ” main actor: Zhao Lou is thought of, this drama adapts Wu Lei from ” know to deny ” the novel with author random care ” Xing Hancan is sodden, be much obliged to ” , it is teleplay of legend of an ancient costume, teleplay official announce is directed by Fei Zhenxiang, wu Lei and Zhao Lou think of a main actor, will broadcast in Tecent video. What basically tell is one is done not have as a child those who be taken seriously by parents is female advocate, after experiencing heavy hot water, learned to conceal an ability, await an opportunity, what become finally to let parents look at with new eyes is big female advocate story.

20220312160946 622cc5ca21e94

Wu Lei acts leading role approach not doubt, he is an appearance in drama brilliant, the aristocratic childe of complete in both respects of civil and military. Go out this act ” Xing Hancan is sodden ” no matter be Yan Zhi or temperament, wu Lei is very accord with such person to set. Zhao Lou is thought of act female a Cheng Shaoshang, it is an encourage annals big female advocate part, believe to be thought of to Zhao Lou for do not have what pressure, two people have many feeling to make fun of in drama, do not know Gao Yan is worth CP to a what kind of scintilla you can brush in drama? 2, ” thank your doctor ” main actor: Yang Mi, Bai Yu

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” thank your doctor ” it is You Zhangrui hold guide, the medical treatment affection that Yang Mi, Bai Yu presents as leading role to act the leading role shows loving care for drama. This drama adapts the novel that leaves from sheng ” ICU48 hour ” , those who tell about is the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes of little hero of tall cold word is met ” Gu beauty ” Xiao Yan, two emergency call Doctor ICU doctors experience second alarmingly dangerous to cure interior brigade deeply again together, create the story of second life miracle. 3, ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” main actor: Dilireba, Ren Jialun, Guo Xiaoting

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This drama is a basis novel ” drive shark is written down ” stage play of adapted ancient costume god, those who tell about is drive clever division long meaning of Ji Yunhe and shark person breaks through the identity to manacle, all previous classics 1000 difficult 10 thousand danger become spouses eventually, defend the old practice of the common people hand in hand. The strongest drive is clever in 10 thousand beautiful cereal standing grain of division discipline cloud, met absolutely beautiful long idea of simple shark person early youth, two people give birth to a sincere feeling to each other from acquaintance, make a sweet heart gradually from natural enemy, but come from with all possible means the obstruct of force makes two favor road rough, must harm each other even, live far apart from each other… they whether span heavy difficulty, is photograph of depend on each other defended? 4, ” I call Liu Jinfeng ” main actor: Li Hongyi, hot order is foreign child, Bai Shu ” I call Liu Jinfeng ” it is You Xuhui health hold guide, plum frowsty, Yang You wait for playwrite like that, hot order is foreign child, Li Hongyi presents as leading role to act the leading role, bai Shu, Yao Qian feather, Wang Dong special a light comedy of love of ancient costume palace that act. Novel of Yang of dagger of this drama basis is adapted, told about civil can the mouth spits fragrance, the village of village of celestial being flower that fierce hotshot captures Zhuang Han spends Liu Jinfeng to enter Gong Wei hind and ” weak chicken ” be between tears and smiles between emperor however the story of love children’s stories that warmth cures.

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Tell the truth, hot order is foreign child when female advocate the comedy of true appropriate appropriate, do not say other can let a person by a piece of face belly laugh. Most begin Li Hongyi and hot item ocean child the partner is not valued by everybody, was used to CP of group of beauty of handsome young man after all, be accepted hard for a short while. Act in a play, of test still be acting after all, cannot say we carries those who grow good-lookingly to act only be opposite? When Yan Zhi is not taken seriously, pay attention to the actor’s acting naturally more. Also be very test work force. 5, ” special Zhan Rongyao ” main actor: Yang Yang, Li Yitong

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This drama told about swallow to defeat high mountain (Yang Yang is acted the role of) highlight from a skill, as antipathetic as collective however ” arms king ” , in harsh environment and formidable task beat under, blend in a group gradually, and gradually with Ai Qianxue (Li Yitong is acted the role of) from look each other not pleasing to the eye, to mutual appreciation, and grow jointly, grow for an outstanding armed police spy the warm blood of battle team member army brigade story.

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