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Original title: ” countryside loves ” ” most fire ” man, two paragraphs of marriage outside play are different ending, career love double bumper harvest ” countryside loves ” ” most fire ” man, two paragraphs of marriage outside play are different ending, career love double bumper harvest ” rustic love 14 ” 2022 beginning of spring as scheduled and to, abrupt substitution becomes the act person of Liu Neng of on one season countless drama are confused people the meaning in the heart is made the same score hard, this Wang Xiaoli’s regression is the biggest hotspot undoubtedly. Wang Xiaoli performs relevant topic of Liu Neng to develop hot search for a time again, this also enough sees everybody loves to his. Actually Wang Xiaoli besides the performance, two paragraphs of his matrimony also get attention fully, especially his currently hold the post ofwife Li Lin to still be in ” countryside loves ” go out in series performed important role. 20220312161007 622cc5df8eb28 ” rustic love 14 ” Liu Neng is returned to, familiar still flavour ” rustic love ” leave from 2006 since sowing, get audience people love, after this with average and annual rhythm is updated continuously. Although there is new old practice to happen ceaselessly in the content of 14 season, also new personality content is joined, but everybody had had very deep feeling to the act person of the main part in drama and part. Especially Liu Neng, Xie Ankun, Zhao Si these a few parts, the masses is spent to the acknowledge of part and actor very tall, discuss spending also is to reside do not fall high. But because Wang Xiaoli has other job to arrange, he is temporarily absent ” countryside loves 13 ” film, this also became the regret in a lot of popular feeling, more dissatisfaction was caused inside certain limits. 20220312161007 622cc5dfe236d Broadcasted 2022 ” countryside loves 14 ” in, often be spoken ” countryside loves most igneous man ” Wang Xiaoli is returned to eventually, and contributed wonderful performance, this also satisfied a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch people demand. Actually ” countryside loves ” series broadcasts since time of 16 years, the audience spreads all over all trades and professions, among them the faithful vermicelli made from bean starch that a lot of star in circle of movie and TV also are this drama. Grand of singer plum flourish not only every season the metropolis is punctual seek theatrical work, still be Liu Neng of this part ” confuse younger brother ” , in be informed Wang Xiaoli to return to ” countryside loves 14 ” later, netizens lie between empty dialog Li Ronghao in succession, hope he sets his mind at to seek theatrical work. Relevant topic developed hot search perch, the enthusiasm of netizens is very rising. 20220312161008 622cc5e03833b Be in new in the gut of one season, liu Neng as before very good thing, very bellicose also, the Battle between he and Xie Ankun, Zhao Sizhi never stops. It is especially after the set that had bonus contention, liu Neng is exert more all over skill wants to take stake. Though ever absent of one season film, but Wang Xiaoli already Liu Neng the characteristic of this part and marrow are taken hold, so his performance is without violate and feel. 20220312161008 622cc5e096e16 In a lot of popular feeling, wang Xiaoli and Liu Neng are to delimit of equal-sign, so he has needed to seek the inspiration that explains a part painfully no longer. Perhaps can say again, wang Xiaoli already piece perform Liu Neng this part regarded as a kind of instinct, so the performance rises natural with facility. Newest of one season ” rustic love ” already be over, according to drama side argument, this drama still can be patted all the time, netizens also are expecting Wang Xiaoli to be able to bring more surprises. 20220312161009 622cc5e1093bd Currently hold the post ofa wife to be in ” countryside loves ” in perform junior, the cent outside the play in audience show is not clear about those who regard this hill as medium ” repertoire ” , ” countryside loves ” series arranged a part to all company actor almost. What Wang Xiaoli is uncle of the first batch of Bai Benshan to be division is prentice, so his nature also begins in anthology of the first drama an opportunity that performs important role was gained when preparing. With Wang Xiaoli from the first comes on the stage, return those who have him to currently hold the post ofwife plum beautiful jade. 20220312161009 622cc5e153cff Li Lin and Wang Xiaoli join this hill medium together, two people from the partner is when arena of a song-and-dance duet popular in the Northeast is performed, had married before joining this hill medium, basically be versed in always together also is when making so. Li Lin is in ” rustic love ” the daughter Xie Lan of Xie Ankun of the personate in series drama, although Xie Lan married elementary school president early Pi Changshan, but still live in ivory hill, with Xie Ankun it is neighbour, thank the home to have any a sign of disturbance or trouble so, xie Lan is met hurried back for a short while in the home. 20220312161009 622cc5e1a595c Xie Lan and Liu Neng also can have be mixed now and then, husband and wife play of two violent wind looks very satisfy a craving. But those who be worth to be carried is, liuneng and Xie Ankun are with age person, and the daughter that Xie Lan is Xie Ankun, so Xie Lan also is Liu Neng’s junior. In fact, although Li Lin and Wang Xiaoli are true husband and wife outside play, but the age between them also has very big difference really. 20220312161009 622cc5e1e84b8 The Li Lin that was born 1980 is smaller than Wang Xiaoli full 11 years old, when two people just married, Li Lin has 20 years old only. Because Li Lin always is,act the age in drama of movie and TV nevertheless actualer than oneself age wants large part, so a lot of people did not see the difference on age of Wang Xiaoli He Lilin. Not only such, wang Xiaoli still has a paragraph of marriage before marrying with Li Lin. 20220312161010 622cc5e2385f7 allow the wife also is a partner, the eldest son is for the actor together among actor of a song-and-dance duet popular in the Northeast, a lot of partners can become husband and wife finally. Small Shenyang and Shen Chunyang’s husband and wife are such, egg of the bifurcation before this and king gold dragon also are such. And partner of Wang Xiaoli that allows the wife is him likewise, her name calls Wen Meiling. Compared with Li Lin, wen Meiling besides age a few bigger besides, want slightly better in Yanzhi and performance experience respect. 20220312161010 622cc5e28147f At first Wang Xiaoli’s fame still is done not have so big, he also is division without Bai Benshan uncle, but the life between he and Wen Meiling is very satisfied however. Two people appearance together struggling days is to busy to be enriched again more, knot legitimate child also is to arrange its natural issue it seems that. Because,do not pass a variety of reasons, this paragraph of marriage was not maintained very long, after they divorce, the child also follows beside Wen Meiling’s. 20220312161010 622cc5e2d5efd It is nevertheless after son Wang Liang of Wang Xiaoli is grown, the pace that still chooses follow father becomes an actor. Wang Liang goes out besides play graduation from which performed many work, also mix such actual strength sends paragraph of Yi Hong actor a violent wind makes fun of. Although Wang Xiaoli fails to accompany Wang Liang to grow all the time, but he is a son however act art the road provided many support. Wang Xiaoli returns Cenghe’s son Wang Liang to go out together had performed work of movie and TV, broadcast the effect still calculates pretty good. 20220312161011 622cc5e30c29e To the Wang Xiaoli nowadays, the feeling of he and wife plum beautiful jade is very stable, the son also upgrades became father, act art the career promotes steadily. Him Wang Xiaoli actor career also because of Liu Neng this part reached certain height, his follow-up also received many play staffs invite, the film contract is ceaseless. Wang Xiaoli is people place the sort of saying person that relies on a part to have one’s moment, but to the actor the countryman that there can be a part to if this is tall,be had in professional career is spent, why is not a kind lucky. Do you like the Liu Neng that Wang Xiaoli performs?

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