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Original title: “The experience is sent ” experienced, ” meet season ” experience duty field bully approach and domestic Emo Chasing after all the time ” meet season ” , a few collect that broadcast recently are simply too above, had arrived basically to want to go up the degree of lung ventilator. This kind of oppressive feeling is not the pleasure that knock drama knock comes out, be risen to blood pressure violent wind by gut gas however, say exactly, it is to be drilled the Chen Xin of personate of the again and again ” suffer many mishaps in one’s life ” firm giving firm is hurt.

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Chen Xin it is a firm person, but the woman that also is an insanity that it is love really, having in the eddy of the life seek to live on strongly desire. That word of former husband Jian Hongcheng is summed up too rightly, he says, in those days oneself are hit hard in Shenzhen when going all out, have Chen Xin only good to him, still steal mark book for him, make him special touch: “I cannot think of, meeting somebody not plan consequence is so right I… ” . But, he does not have expect for certain in those days, after marriage is undone later, chen Xin still can be love ” not plan sequential ” , recently in the gut of a few collect, chen Xin it is at the same time between Jian Hongcheng and Ning You discharge all sorts of bright gun attack by a hidden enemy, move even Mr. Cao mediate even, across continues to be with the son little sweet potato of two people again coerce, step by step press hard on, want Jian Hongcheng and oneself to resume marriage… really ” kill mad ” not plan sequential.

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But, who also never expect, broadcast of more than 30 collect ” meet season ” cast suddenly gave tremendous truth bomb, that concerns the true identity of little sweet potato than in those days: He is not Jian Hongcheng actually is close child, in the gut before this, jian Hongcheng is avowed and off the rails, by Chen Xin the mother connects dozen of belt to scold, chen Xin also was not prevented… invert this, too be indignant letting a person. But, if had read the origianl work novel that A is able to bear or endure, the issue that with respect to meeting understanding this truth backside is ignored all the time — that is marriage medium cold force is opposite another to be harmed deadlily particularly, in origianl work, chen Xin because marriage severed the connection with parents, gu body is defended beside in Jian Hongcheng, but Jian Hongcheng all the time the condition of Emo, scanty from and harmed be in all the time exceeding crazy the Chen Xin that love and relies on him, also had later Chen Xin bar is bought drunk, lead to so sequential vexed fortune. So Chen Xin the heart is hiding fury: “You do not love me in those days, why to want to marry me, why to want court me! ” , and of the Emo to Jian Hongcheng despise with abhor: “You can bear quite ah, I wore green hat to you, you still are opposite so can insipidly me… ” . And to Chen Xin the duty field of experience bully approach, probably can the audience expresses, her duty field encounters, with steal mark book belong to the same organization to have greatest concern in those days, who also no wonder. But to Chen Xin, this also is the cost of the impulse that it is love really, from this, can let a person be experienced more, her pay with results between tremendous unbalance.

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From field of domestic take office, ” meet season ” from many angle analytic with reductive Chen Xin crackers with obdurate, although have the place of hate letting a person, but more, it is to want to let an audience peep the predicament that the female encounters in this two place through this part, find next — be harmed deeply by the cold violent place in marriage, be discriminated against by duty field firm firm is cruel attack — wrong germ comes at where, and how to take off tired.

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This is the woman of heart of a special awl, having half a lifetime to pitch the story of the heart extremely, from this, chase after ” meet season ” , right also Chen Xin personate person experienced practice more look at with new eyes. This is the good actor that an any moment can give a person to bring a surprise, you do not know the range that she is demonstrating the level and depth it seems that, she never sets label to oneself, also be performed by this from have not art circle finalizes the design, a series of parts that enumerate goes already, from ” great river great river ” medium Wei Chungong, ” holy day doorway ” Mai Xiang, ” Yan Xi strategy ” cheerful the wife of a prince, ” just classmate teenager ” Tao Siyong, and sowing in heat ” still feed ” board waits medium Wang Si a moment, can let us feel, she won’t repeat herself.

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The performance of experienced practice, should belong to a model ” the experience is sent ” , namely industry often says ” Bulaixite system ” , she always makes herself deep-set enter a part in, go fathomming detail of all psychology that want personate person and behavior hard, hand-in-hand travel ” appendages ” the reductive emersion of type, also let us be able to experience actor and part to close 2 for the high confluence of one. So, in ” meet season ” medium Chen Xin, also having strong presence to feel from this, what she has herself is cowardly, what also have oneself is doughty, she has the sweetness that imagines hour to love, also promising loves by hook and crook callous, although exceeding jumpy, but be mood and expression not just outside change, however everything is born by the heart, give a role with sense of reality. So, in the process that seek theatrical work, we are to believe from beginning to end, have Chen Xin this character consist in this worldly, so, no matter what kind of story produces on her body, we can seek the rationality that its exist, and won’t go criticizing severely gut to whether have unreasonable dog blood element, this is a fine actor produce a part at ” bring the dying back to life ” .

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So, in ” meet season ” in, experienced experienced Jiang Chenxin this sensitive flimsy, extreme demented woman, explain very reach the designated position, let a person love to be hated again again pity, but more be, the attention to its future destiny and keep thinking about, probably this kind of extremely complex mood, will accompany us to chase after drama to arrive the end hour. Although occasionally, meeting by Chen Xin arrive to gas, but after conversion thinks, can discover, can live strongly like her, the courage of how many to need again? Also be not is us everybody can be done get.

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