Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: New ” on wrong bridal sedan chair is married to man ” big marriage road is appeared commentate piece, leading role temperament is devoid, makeup build not quite row ” on wrong bridal sedan chair is married to man ” it is countless netizens memory medium childhood is classical. ” on wrong bridal sedan chair is married to man ” although volume number is short, but gut is true above, even if be to had looked, still want to look the 2nd times, even the 3rd. Classical had been close to the ceiling, how total somebody wants refurbished version. Recently a group of new edition ” on wrong bridal sedan chair is married to man ” film the icon goes out. Two female advocate wrap around personally at the same time marriage gauze, photograph of a flock of servant girl, lackey is followed beside!

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New ” go up wrong bridal sedan chair is married to man ” big marriage road is appeared commentate piece ” on wrong bridal sedan chair is married to man ” be from the two sisters that have never met before big marriage begins. Rainstorm encounters on the road of marriage of 2 National People’s Congress, enter cloister to take shelter from rain, when after rain stops, two people cover upper cover head, sit bridal sedan chair, go before the direction that differs to two respectively. Go up the person oen is in love with that the two sisters of wrong bridal sedan chair found him accidentally however!

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In original, du Bing wild goose and Jing of Liyu lake success admired everybody. Li Yuhu’s disposition is lively, good dance knife gets a gun, with Qi Jiasan childe is a superexcellent pair, to Qi Jiasan childe brought many joy. Du Bing wild goose is to be learned and courteous, the woman with clever ice and snow, can help a general give counsel on battlefield not only, in the home, also be superexcellent virtuous wife. Of original pick part, also be can weighs a special skill, characters of two part of main actor general are modelled very successfully.

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New ” on wrong beautiful bridge is married to man ” after the road appears an icon to go out, the sound of the netizen that spit groove speaks favorably of too greatly far sound. The netizen spits groovy sound to basically have two sides, it is original on one hand already special and classical, did not need to be patted again newly. With its beautiful big price films, as original high-definition change.

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On the other hand, be come from an actor choose horn and dress prop to change too irreverent job, the shadow building wind of appropriate appropriate. Such filming level, still be inferior to be not being patted. Of the actor makeup build not quite the role with same travel, original and new edition took different taste completely. In original, two female advocate disposition feature is bright, appearance also has distinguishing feature each, one showed lively girl breath; One showed the breath of gentle adn cultivated. When this two people stand together, see the figure of 2 people only, who very easy judgement gives is who.

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Will read new edition again, two female advocate when be the same as casing, bearing, temperament is devoid, if do not show of own personate is which part, reckon nobody can see. The dress of two main actors is disclosing everywhere ” poor and pedantic ” , ” inferior ” , maintain completely do not have appearance. Because there is big yellow on two dresses, so, the netizen speaks, dress color resembles is tomato scrambles egg.

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Two leading role beside the dress of servant girl is more perfunctory. Anyhow is the day that him size elder sister gets married, how can the dress wear green, most at least also is pink yes. Is becoming this hard the director is alluding two young ladies to marry wrong person?

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As a whole, original ” on wrong bridal sedan chair is married to man ” from choose horn to wait for a respect to dress, modelling, should use a heart than new edition much, because present the effect that give this finally, also should compare new edition naturally good-looking and too much. Good! Today’s share come here end, to above content, what what wants to say do you still have? Greeting lower part leaves a message to comment on or spit groove, enjoy the pleasure that seeks theatrical work together!

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