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Original title: Dilireba is new drama be about to go up line! The government basks in a placard that decide archives, hold the post of man-made of Jia Lun shark exposure Dilireba is the accepted goddess inside recreational group, delicate, figure carries facial features high, plus that double Xinjiang belle’s peculiar big eye, your person sees unforgettable, however the one big edge tool that the advantage on the appearance is Dilireba only, what recreation of true fight hard encircles still is her herself act art manner and actual strength, the Dilireba after going out goes out in succession acted ” the predestined relationship surprises in wind ” , ” Gu Jianji Tan ” , ” carat lover ” , ” 3 unripe sansei 10 lis of peach blossom ” wait for the hot market that sow drama, the accord that all wins an audience reputably.

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Also be good inside course of study because of Dilireba public praise, her film contract also is increasing, tetralogy will go up this year line, mythological drama ” just be like old friend to return ” , ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” , ancient costume cruel is loved ” peace and happiness is passed ” and drama of duty field city ” public prosecution elite ” , look from the type of these a few drama, it is the theme that the masses likes very much, the person energy of life of visible Dilireba has many tall!

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Recently, mythological drama ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” the play staff is basked in on its government platform gave propagandist placard, match civil write: “The four seasons of mountains and rivers-land, if spring scenery is made, boundless and indistinct all living creatures, xing Yujun is known. ” it is reported, this god modern drama is adapted be not sweet novel from 9 aigret ” drive shark is written down ” , told about drive spirit long meaning of Shi Jiyun standing grain and shark person is broken through manacle, all previous classics 1000 difficult 10 thousand danger become spouses eventually, defend the old practice of the common people hand in hand.

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Dilireba is in drama personate ” Ji Yunhe of drive clever division ” , and male advocate ” long meaning ” send personate of actor Ren Jialun by actual strength, sheet looks from main actor battle array, this drama is worth to expect very much, generally speaking, want to have the theatrical work of movie and TV that Ren Jialun acts the leading role only, quality is good still. Of course, besides the main actor, the actor of other appear with anther leading player of this drama appears and do not have what fame, if prince is vacated, Hu Yixuan, this sand, Fan Zhen, it is new personality actor largely, do not know the expression in drama to meet how, be worth to expect.

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Bask in from the government can see in the placard that go out, modelling exceeds Dilireba the feeling that has drive clever division, wear a suit brunet ancient costume, head Dai Pei is acted the role of, the eyes that answers eye to laugh is too beautiful really,

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And Ren Jialun wears cyan ancient costume, the face brings a smile, look to distance, awaiting a certain person it seems that, nevertheless regrettablly is, the eyes of two people appears and not was opposite on, if if be opposite,going up, with the government ” Yao with understand without being told ” the theme is met more accord with.

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After the propagandist placard that sees two people, many netizens special also expect this theatrical work broadcast, be in in succession next urgent ” when to broadcast ” , since the government had released newest placard to believe to leave,go up the line should be not far, be in probably March – the line on April, specific be which day of calm archives that is about to view the government.

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Book a number to look from what sow platform to go up alone, have 830 thousand person fully, enough sees this drama has how to make a person expect.

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Before, this drama also released forerunner edition prevue, can see from inside prevue, dilireba of personate ” Ji Yunhe ” the drive clever division that is Gu Zuijiang of 10 thousand flowers, shark person modelling of Ren Jialun also is done very distinctly, as modern drama of a god, specially good effect is indispensable, all sorts of magic arts specially good effect and theurgy specially good effect also can appear in drama, the specially good effect from inside prevue looks, the later period of this drama still is very powerful, not be the specially good effect of 5 wool money in fokelore at least, look from this, the making level of this drama is very high still, be worth to expect very much.

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Of course also the netizen feels the modelling in this drama does not suit Ren Jialun, very difficult protruding shows Ren Jialun’s advantage, nevertheless, there is the gut of a lot of large scales in origianl work, be like captivity, be tortured be tortured, misunderstanding, dummy, men and women advocate cannibalism, these content may be in drama of movie and TV somewhat cutout is decreased, affirmative meeting and origianl work differ somewhat, this believe the audience should be understandable.

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It is at least in prevue, the affirmation kissing play of Ren Jialun and Dilireba is some, the audience that believes to like two people more very much special also expect, to this, how does everybody look? The welcome leaves a message in comment area communication. [avoid duty statement] if involve work content, copyright and other issue, contact with this station inside 30 days please, we will be in delete content for a short while!

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