Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: New edition ” on wrong bridal sedan chair ” the road is appeared, point of view is bizarre pat a meter 5, achieve playwrite formerly which went? New edition ” on wrong bridal sedan chair is married to man ” , in sneaked away circuit is true the battle array of impeach ” flat bread ” later, be exploded suddenly to go out to had switched on the mobile phone the message in filming. The outside and the inside of the member that fabaceous valve page is performed is writing Yuan to put beautiful, Zheng Yecheng, Tian Xiwei on the ice awesomely. But the distance that the net travels shows a picture in, those who wear big gules happy event to take is double female advocate, let a person press a root not to admit to go out to whether agree with cast. Strange shooting angle, let two heroine look to have some by ” press stature ” .

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Because,be probably camera lens the cause from inclined flank high angle shot, double female advocate look to have only it seems that ” a meter 5 ” inspect already feeling. Actually the figure of two actress, the condition should be quite advantageous, and bizarre point of view appears in the graph different. But the person is organic animal, like ” the eye sees for solid ” . See picture of bizarre point of view first, had first ” this one edition looks very strange ” afterwards becomes impression, follow-up likelihood transforms very hard.

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Netizens are commented on to what pursue this piece, also give priority to in order to spit groove. Pour may not to be aimed at an actor right-down, and basically be aimed at ” break up pat ” . The a bitth, what achieve a play formerly is rare be short of a gender.

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Each netizen spits groove in succession: Why to want one and again again and 3 break up pat? Somebody one’s words is sharp comical, ask ” now playwrite does this industry sin ” ? “Why all industries coil inside, besides playwrite ” ?

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In fact, achieve playwrite formerly this problem, had discussed a lot of rounds in the industry. Saying with its is to be short of achieve playwrite formerly, be inferior to saying is to be short of ” the soil that education achieves playwrite formerly ” . A lot of moment, why to aux would rather buy big IP to change ulterly changed condition next? Change besides part name entirely differs, ” close Mom does not admit to go out ” .

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Because big IP is crossed by test and verify, sell easily go out, be approved easy sale, easily. And achieve a story to achieve a play formerly formerly, mean a risk. Of course, if playwrite is Liu Heping elite of such well-known celebrity, industry, nature should be not talked additionally. But to yielding often for the chain of idol play industry of automation line work, “Achieve playwrite formerly ” it is very authority, difficult to have speech very hard really by stake. Come so, form negative loop very easily.

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at 2 o’clock, the outdated of ancient early old practice feels. Turn over the talk feeling drama before patting 229 years, what is the biggest risk? The changes of times idea. A lot of once upon a time idol play or talk feeling the bridge in the novel paragraph, be being put nowadays let a person be accepted hard.

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For instance of Yan Chengxu and big S version ” meteoric garden ” in, have even male advocate after angry misunderstanding, situation is urgent under start work hit female advocate the clue of spank. This is put below the words condition nowadays, simply adv unimaginably: Did not marry with respect to the broken bits with cruel home male, can you still become idol play male advocate? Probably you can say, break up pat can alter, can be adjusted according to the demand nowadays and idea.

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But adapting is an easy get half the result with twice the effort, dirty work that takes pain to not to please. This writes banquet thin silk before the ministry is very old, pat more than 20 years ago red ” on wrong bridal sedan chair is married to man ” , can you let 2022 new an audience people favorite? The answer is current on the knees of the gods. Before this, turn over a series of gold that pat to need drama is made, except however Li Yitong edition ” hero ejaculation vulture is passed ” besides, to turn over of all of it may be said. This ” on wrong bridal sedan chair is married to man ” , can you become ” break up pat new surveyor’s pole ” ? Probably may not is hopeful.

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