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Original title: Venus says frankly: Besides won’t unripe child, I am very virtuous really, outside and in is an ace , li Jing asks Venus: “Why to marry Chinese man in those days? ” Venus has not replied, li Jing came to closely then: “You also can marry foreign man only, I feel China cannot accept you maly. ” the interview program that the Li Jing on Venus directs at that time, this word, aside the staff member was stupefied, estimation did not think of Li Jing dare so ask Venus. Of course Venus also does not have evasive problem, she is laughing at an answer: “Chinese man also can be canned bear. ” Li Jing expresses not to believe however: “Chinese man is very traditional still, I feel they cannot accept you at all, what you live is so comfortable, a powerful and unconstrained style, resemble knowing forever, can change the woman like giving what magic. ” Venus laughs again: “That is much more exciting, much more amused! ” Li Jing or different opinion: “The man marries wife, can not be to search stimulation. ” the capacity that Li Jing and Venus have compere, know compere and honored guest between be spent interactively and program effect. Jump over give tit for tat, have a topic more, the program has the effect more. Face one reentry of Li Jing to attack, sound very not courteous, but she still is laughing at straight side issue, let an audience know her right think of a way, reflected the strength of old woman. She says: Besides won’t unripe child, I am very virtuous really, can brush the ground, give the child patchy clothes, outside and in is an ace. And chase after me without Chinese man namely in those days, if have me,marry him for certain. Section goal is ultimate, she still invites Li Jing to go in the home be a guest. Must say, venus is biting, but not sharp, advance and retreat has according to, affection quotient is very high. After all the itself topic of Venus is spent too tall, he changes, quality, marriage and emotive thing differ with the ordinary person, this ” be overcome ” 3 words, connotation is too wide, average person may think of, what this says is not her disposition, work, however the metamorphic problem that she experiences.

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And in fact, venus arrives as a child big, it is a very special person. She lived 28 years in the man’s world, she becomes aware deriving from personal heart is a woman all the time. Fall in the support of family later, all previous became an operation via the innumerable trials and hardships, became a woman. In that more conservative times, she bore pressure of very big public opinion. But she or the effort that depend on oneself and ability, shine brilliantly on the arena of the world. With her the brilliant photograph on the career is compared, on feeling she also inferiors none color. In her 28 years old before, she has seen mixed men and women, had had marriage, it is to obtain a passport at that time only, formal marriage just. And before she and Hans marry, true amour has 8 paragraphs however. From dark love first love, arrive again other amour, her lover, have a Chinese, american, italian, belgian, french, each acted important role in her life. Venus says: “I arrive as a child prate a lot of men, slept so much man, I every time honest feeling history, in such my hearts not tired. ” perhaps be because of her so magnanimous state of mind, she just encountered that man that she loves most on the world. 2004, male friend of Venus and France already love 4 years, still ordered marriage, agree to want to marry in Kampuchea. This man still can do romance, meet in the middle of the night sneak away Venus from the drop in sleep rise, of big winter run the seaside reads the ocean. They very conjugal love. , venus aboard encountered German, fall in love at first sight to her. This man is Hans, in one’s heart has German rigorous. He knows the experience of Venus, also know she has male friend, but mad still pursuit Venus.

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After French male friend knows, made an appointment with Hans to meet designedly, they talked about half hour. Next French male friend says to Venus, if you want to marry a person to must marry this German, this person is worth to be married. Then male friend of Venus and France became the good friend’s concern, he Hansi went one case. Venus has been the identity of a single mother at that time, adopted two one female, during love, hans treats children true like father is same, always put the child in the heart, the pose that includes to adopt the child was full of father love. Venus feels at that time, be him, he is the child’s father, I want that married man. Hans is really be worth good man of entrust all one’s life, abandoned foreign career for Venus, in China this country settles down establish line of business, guard beside in Venus and child. Children are big nowadays, and Venus and Hans, as before conjugal love if first, very happy.

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