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Original title: Call her in the room in director night, she knows she wants regulation be goinged, she says you however In a day of night, the director calls Deng Jiajia to guesthouse, he says: A part suits you very much now, do not pass demand figure must good, you took off the dress now look to me. Deng Jiajia is graduated from Chinese medium university to perform a department, but after the university graduates, her what enter recreational group, although go out in succession,performed a lot of work, but the career always is not lukewarm however not fire, for this she can run only play staff, seek an opportunity. Lens tries before her, was directed to leave resume, let go back next wait for an announcement, this makes Deng Jiajia very glad, extremely possible meeting gets a part. Arrived in the evening, the director informs she goes suddenly the guesthouse of interview talks, after seeing Deng Jiajia, this wretched director is direct without preamble say: A part suits you very much now, do not pass demand figure must good, you took off the dress now look to me. Hear a director if this is mawkish, deng Jiajia knows she is encountered go. Regular, she is hesitant without a bit, blurt out 4 words: Go your. Subsequently she throws the door and go, deng Jiajia says frankly, after although he is in,speaking those 4 words, can lose a very good chance probably, but oneself won’t regret, because oneself stand fast,lived moral bottom line.

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The Deng Jiajia of after this, by right of scene comedy ” love apartment ” in lovely do not have li head a bit again ” small maternal aunt ” one horn begins Tang You leisurely to have his moment gradually. But although had certain famous degree, it is however in the eye of the audience, deng Jiajia does not have acting namely, apprentice has fine-looking vase. Be opposite to break an audience oneself view, deng Jiajia is seeking change and breakthrough all the time. Be in eventually 2013, she is depended on ” the whole people is witnessed ” the daughter forest bud of middle forest peaceful, as a child coddle since childhood, disposition is traitorous however of extremely rich scheming rich the part of 2 acting undergraduates, become country 80 hind chief golden pheasant 100 spend daughter of of reinforced material to match. Deng Jiajia proved him with real operation is not a joint performance foolish Bai Tian’s vase, however true actor. The Deng Jiajia of after this begins to send force, ” innocent card ” , ” big bright elegance and talent ” , ” famous stand 10 thousand ” wait for work, the standard that Deng Jiajia is apart from actor of clique of an actual strength more and more stand by. And while the career improves, wen Nvxing of this 0 red also is in Deng Jiajia to was mixed 2014 male friendly Yu Yan is low-key outside the circle that is in love 10 years held wedding. Although this paragraph of feeling maintained 5 years finally only, but mention former husband, deng Jiajia always is full of appreciate, never have saying to pass each other is not, can weighs optimal predecessor. Because be Sichuan person, love the Deng Jiajia that has chaffy dish to be in so act in a play, still running oneself chaffy dish store, because service and mouthfeel are good, allow the star forgetting to return such as Guo Fucheng for a time, constant patronage. Deng Jiajia ever expressed, when taking sport, oneself live hard namely, try hard to get along, having oneself happiness and joy, sadness and sad Everyman. She wants to do, not be actor of a discharge, however a bosom is worn the most serious, the acting actual strength of the dinkummest manner is sent. Although the process is difficult and endless, but the principle that she holds to herself from beginning to end however, be in hardheadedly hard.

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It is actually in recreational group, go. Regulation has been a kind of established by usage trade, just be before future and dignity, some people chose a future, some people can choose dignity, sincere be like Deng Jiajia such, I can make the prospect slowly, but dignity cannot be lost. Yang Mi ever exposed to the sun oneself, oneself just were entered when travel, talked about a part, had been decided originally, signed even the contract, but be informed suddenly by the play staff however: You will come tomorrow, you were replaced to change. The Yang Mi that is informed this message the first reaction is ego introspection: Where be I am done badly or err what? She just knows finally, the reason is very actually simple, because replace that her actress, it is the girlfriend of some investor. Qi Wei ever also spoke of publicly, oneself have second be gone out to perform a film by pitch on, but in from into group still have 5 opportunity, be informed however temporarily substitution.

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Those who replace is the actress that investment just recommends, but this actress and piece in the figure of the part is act in a way that defeats one’s purpose, the difference is very big. And play staff to please this actress, not hesitate actually revise a play, original story drop, for this actress the quantity makes a part personally. Should collect also express, just entered in oneself when travel, go Taiwan makes conduct propaganda, an assistant beat his door, raising the ready money of one large bag, tell her: Our boss infer you. Go actually. Regulation is your affection below a lot of circumstances I wish, if want shortcut, nature should pay a few price, no matter be money or dignity. But the existence because of this regulation, also mean can let have talent partly, but do not wish again the person of associate with an evil person loses a chance because of this. How does everybody see recreation encircle the phenomenon with this kind of 3 serious and screwy view?

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