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Original title: He Tianping: Comedy is OK also and deep, the nobody also is a hero

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Up to at the beginning of March, the film ” this killer is not quite sober ” booking office is close already 2.5 billion, rank Spring Festival archives is box-office 2022 the 2nd, be in China the seniority on shadow history the 19th, this achievement is belonged to fact is not easy, regard this as the only comedy inside one schedule for showing motion pictures in a theater especially piece. Once a kind of arbitrary viewpoint thinks comedic an insufficient profundity, rich person laughs, but this kind of understanding has bias apparently. A lot of practitioner and even actor ever had many it is difficult to state creation of comedic subject matter wants than other type, and it is more difficult to can let an audience leave impression. But ” this killer is not quite sober ” accomplished, this comedy that by Xin Li the film produces not only let actor Wei Xiang be at ease more than 20 years ” main actor dream ” , in also making an audience truly can acting enter film, be fond of Bei in all with the part. Faulty nobody has the realest feeling to review ” killer ” gut, you can discover story frame is not complex. The setting set of the film is on isle of center of a sea, without particularly clear times background, display decorates the lasting appeal that has field of film of old age report quite. Piece the actor in the Wei Chenggong of Zhong Weixiang personate and reality is same, it is all the time in all sorts of work walk-on (or personate costar) . The advantage of the structure of this kind of built on stilts is not spending the rigorous sex of fastidious place situation at can inviting an audience, however as camera lens perspective, one second enters sport. Amlposition comedy is deduced under, audience the ceaseless shake out as the package, laughed; After also going all out in work for Wei Chenggong ” successful ” , cried. In the before half part of the film, a few when sinister gang eldest child sees first repeat film, amlposition understanding lets film laugh nod frequency to go out, when people feels full to ministry film fundamental key is such, part of film second half gave everybody a disparate strike. As gut invert ceaselessly, wei Chenggong is in a series of twists and turns, it is eventually in a nonexistent film, piece act oneself ” hero ” .

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Put lead below spotlight to differ dramatically with great majority, ” killer ” medium Wei Chenggong from only then coming is a nobody eventually, there are us on the body the temperament of every Everyman — be in a field by person scoff at, go all out in work secretly below the stage, to the dream especially persistent. The nobody is affected the most easily by not affirmatory incident, it is when him in a strange combination of circumstances by be involved in when a sinister gang struggles, look in spectator this is false fraud, looking in Wei Chenggong is the last chance that implementation dreams to become protagonist. We can fear Wei Chenggong fails, worry about oneself failure like us. We give birth to billows for a nobody heart in the cinema, if we are in,just watch oneself. Look in me, if be to be in only ” under comedic appearance, embedded encourage annals kernel of the nobody ” still can’t maintain an instantly 20 much booking office. The excellent point of film depends on, when trailer Wei Xiang gives birth to the first hero in the person that finish hind, when titbits gives off pair of staff member express one’s thanks to that burst into tears, we just suddenly be enlightened, the film told fiction of a blame actually, also let story kernel have real sense more. Be in piece in, wei Chenggong is Wei Xiang: Enter row 20 old, piece had performed anthology of countless films, drama and even arena essay, but the full name that bright somebody retains him before this, this is the collective experience of actor of a lot of greenery; Below the stage, wei Chenggong also is every Everyman, we may be born firstly eventually is a nobody only, besides the spotlight that belongs to an industry in place. And a day that when Wei Chenggong lets us see the nobody also has implementation to dream. Even if cannot reach culmination, but the harships that goes all the way, will make the mark that grow. Besides be laughing and playing, comedy also can mirror the true to be in go a few years, our judge the stand or fall of a comedic film, the standard is good above all laugh. Sincere be like instantly character of a catchword place, “If a comedy is not done,laugh, that too do laughed. ” but review these comedic work, although we are read piece countless, nowadays still impressive or those are laughing at a dot besides, cause the work of affection resonance truly. The work of Duan Zi load one’s writing with fancy phrases is not only infrequent, exaggerated limbs is performed also can amusing, but the normal watching a movie that has laughed to forget to appear to becoming us.

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Be not advocate comedy to must go after conception, pursuit meaning. Be in however the times of this network information explosion, after when us the standard to comedy and threshold value are carried to rise ceaselessly, the comedy that prospective high-quality goods turns is to be in certainly comical fiducial over, having taller pursuit. Below this premise, go looking ” killer ” , we just can understand the backside that audience height polls with the foot, those who accept is more than it is joke, still have the nobody’s resonance. Compare what if be You Xinli likewise,the film produces again ” hello, li Huanying ” , the cause that created box-office miracle 2021 is combine comedy and close feeling, spatio-temporal moving back and forth is empty, affection of mother and daughter is solid; Laughing at a dot is a watch, close affection is in. Buckle general world affection of the mankind closely through camera lens, we the corrupt be angry that ground of this amid acumen sees people heart is medium is crazy wait for blemish. Below comedic wrap up, communicate the true spirit come out. Good comedy lets a person arise after had laughed think. They are realistic the union with romanticism, result from the life prep above lives, they have can person of absorbing, infection / make appealing figure figure, such work just is the art that can be left by the times truly classical, ” this killer is not quite sober ” accomplished. Author: He Tianping (Chinese TV art communicates art of association movie and TV only appoint can deputy secretary-general) editor: Sincere * article collects Wang Li exclusive manuscript, reprint ask give chapter and verse for.

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