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Original title: ” happy eulogy ” the fine that why includes Yi Fan to be able to become Andy only matchs These 3 people are loving Andy, why to wrap Yi Fan to you can become Andy’s fine to match only?

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This also is the big science in a love, lane knew this problem, we are in look for a partner in marriage when also can more fully a bit. He wants in case go after a certain schoolgirl, so get the better of rate is great, he ever was in and had revealed when conflict of Wei Wei happening ” enchanted to her person has a lot of, I also am among them. ” this shows, he is to like Andy really.

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Every time Andy encounters a problem, he is existing like the god, protect her, help her solve a problem, obviously he likes Andy so, obviously the qualifications and record of service with him is completely OK the fragrant heart of capture Andy, why was done however? He understands the risk after He Andi is together than anybody, he bears not to rise to also cannot bear. To Tan Zongming, only should one pace road goes wrong, all be defeated with respect to meeting overall.

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To he and Andy character, best choice is the same as namely now such, tower above friendship however under love. These experience let Wei Wei become idea careful, labour at scheming.

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When these scheming meet with Andy in first time, with respect to the watch dew came out, the first time when meeting, his specially goes by subway. And put on the about of a pair of poor, after understanding Andy deep when him, begin to launch investigation to Andy. But after everything what know Andy when her, what what he chooses is not to protect Andy, the line that allows Andy ceaselessly to plan according to oneself however goes. He too ego, ignore Andy’s idea right-down.

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The Andy that sees through everything finally chose to leave, not be Andy abandoned Wei Wei, however Wei Wei assumes what do not remove Andy life, assume like he and Tan Zong Ming do not rise, it is protection of Tan Zongming choice only, and Wei Wei tries to change. Although Tan Zongming and strange place love Andy, however compared with Andy, what Tan Zongming loves more is him. Same, compared with true Andy, strange place prefers that Andy that is held to accuse by him. Wrap Yi Fan to love only, it is dinkum and true Andy. What although wrap Yi Fan,do not have Tan Zongming is handsome, also do not have Wei Wei’s wisdom, but the sunshine on his body and hopeful place of additionally two people is done not have.

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To Bao Yifan, like to be chased after, think dry what is done. When he wants to kiss Andy, active begin. And strange point is different, he is met the tells a Shakespeare with Andy story of harangue, do long matting to just begin. Bao Yifan’s practice can be in imperceptible in the psychological defense line that eliminates Andy, connect even maiden first pregnant is success will come when conditions are ripe.

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Love occasionally very wonderful really, you by every means look for, think to also won’t find right person again, discover that the rightest person is beside suddenly however.

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Some people love your original model, dare not accept however true you. Some people try to machine you the look that likes into him, however oversight your feeling. Some people love your first look namely, be willing to accompany you to spend the remainder of one’s life hand in hand. Probably latter ability is the love on real significance.

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