Tue. Aug 9th, 2022
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Original title: Love is strange art drama of another ancient costume will raid, gut whole journey is high-energy scatter candy, main actor face of each first love! A lot of new theatrical work decide archives now, believe everybody is in when doing not have a thing, like to brush drama, some people can see a main actor, some meetings care about subject matter quite, resembling is suspense, sweet bestow favor on, green campus is waited a moment, and ancient costume drama is the kind that we like very much, so will look, love is strange art drama of another ancient costume will raid, gut whole journey is high-energy scatter candy, main actor face of each first love!

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The new theatrical work that this secondary says, that is ” Yu Zhao makes ” , also be an ancient costume sweet bestow favor on drama, many audiences like this kind of theme very much, tell about among them, serve as namely on of celestial being female advocate, want cross the border of demon of block the way, bodyguard of knife of other as well exhibits clear, also act under orders arrest bandits, two people spread out collaboration accordingly, in the process of a crack a criminal case, had feeling slowly, harvested happy story.

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Among them male advocate, make us well-content, that is Guan Hong, regard new F4 as a medium, his progress is very good still, had attended put together of quite a few art, was to act the leading role more a lot of teleplay work, resembling is ” Alice of the 15th day of a month ” , ” the girl of mail ” wait, acting is pretty good still, especially his ancient costume modelling, it is satisfaction letting a person really, growing first love face.

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Additional exterior trim acts female advocate, it is an actor on Zhang Yi, although she goes out earlier, but costar is in major work, person morale is not so high, but her Yan Zhi however perfectly, also join had acted ” case of Chinese quarter explore ” , ” essence of life is absolutely ancient city ” etc, be it is certain to have famous degree, and her stage photo, really very beautiful, make us enchanted.

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And female the person of 2 Wang Yifei is angry, but perfectly, although work is not much, can be completely a few explode money theatrical work, and still be Yang Mi’s subordinate actor, ginseng had acted ” sweet honey ” , ” beautiful Li Huizhen ” , ” 3 unripe sansei ” , ” sword dynasty ” etc, famous degree quite tall, and she has energy very much, had challenged roles of a lot of villain in drama, it is really very let a person expect.

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Besides these main actors, still have the Gu Zicheng, Yang Ze, Ao Ziyi, Han Dong, person such as king art Nuo, all has superhigh Yan Zhi, and in whole department theatrical work, gut whole journey is high-energy scatter candy, also be very sweet work, to this, what view does everybody have? The welcome leaves a message comment.

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