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Original title: ” 30 just ” : Arrive from Yan Zhi acting, tong Yao suits Gu Jia more than Tong Liya ” 30 just ” in the Tong Yao of personate Gu Jia was heated up to discuss again and again recently, push Tong Liya to mouth of wind pointed wave again, because of actor of announce of this drama firm official when, this part is Tong Liya.

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Because the husband of the Gu Jia in drama is off the rails later,be, after Gu Jia chooses to divorce absorption start a career, but of the Chen Saicheng in reality off the rails, what Tong Liya chooses is to excuse. Whole person is set even if turn over, once Tong Liya acted, do not escape this topic;

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This drama just broadcasted now do not have a few collect, enrage by clue ground connection, actor acting is online, win reputably. Nevertheless, what true meeting says like everybody in that way? The fact is may not. Say objectively, this drama if Tong Liya will act, sincerity can not have such effect certainly, after all actor and part supplement each other. Say Tong Yao first. Tong Yao’s acting is firm all the time, a lot of people do not retain her name, but speak of a part, have the feeling of kind of suddenly be enlightened: “Oh, be her. ” the part of her place personate is thorough popular feeling, for instance ” great river great river ” the Song Yunping in, final one cadaver two lives, believe a lot of people return remain fresh in one’s memory, and do it idea is bad smooth.

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Be in ” 30 just ” in this drama, gu Jia’s person is set very assist, business of tall affection of tall record of formal schooling, into can hit together with husband go all out, start a career, the canal got business to rancor small 3; Retreat can be in godchild of husband of penates rice oily salt, photograph, for the child, all matters, relative strength is in person, good impression of photograph place assemble. The person has been set, acting again addition, resemble tap water reputably same in a steady stream is constant. She is handled particularly well in the small expression in drama, believe a lot of people are right she ” save ” the child strikes the table and shout bravo that paragraph. From bearing at the beginning did not break out, feel distressed to what find child hind, arrive again the mother love when pacifying the child is ecru, the boldness that moves when this skill finally, look indeed cool! Inner tube of clear pure appearance is worn a clever interest, increase interest of a bit firm slightly again, suit Gu Jia to be able to take the part that can remove so particularly.

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Again for say Tong Liya. Tong Liya’s appearance is spotless, wenwan is melting, suit ancient costume beauty, for instance at the outset Zhao Feiyan, admired with respect to Jing a lot of people, also suit to perform a green and melting role in contemporary theatrical work, for instance ” Beijing love story ” the Shen Bing in. The appearance because of her is not lovely model, act foolish Bai Tian is quite difficult also, so Jiang Dalin is denounced give no cause for more criticism.

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Tong Liya pushed this ” 30 just ” , performed Jiang Dalin however, and do not say ” 30 just ” may not can have now this heat, jiang Dalin gives her that blacken sb’s name of action, it is accomplished fact however. The person that Gu Jia analysed in front is set, the disposition feature according to Tong Liya and before in light of the standard that receive show, she is to maintain do not remove Gu Jia of this character, that firm that still owes tenacious free-standing backside is powerful.

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