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Original title: A good theatrical work of 9.4 minutes, ” hill sea affection ” why can ending make so many person disappointed? The closest period of time, ” hill sea affection ” should a lot of audiences spent for company leisure time, also became great master of at one’s leisure talk endowment, even a few ” into play too deep ” the friend is the stay of proceedings in be drama more farming hold broke heart, daydreaming in the evening repeatedly is to be in farming of stay of proceedings thinks way, some are flat think this thinks insomnia, small make up here to be opposite each pay say voice ” thank ” . Days is like shuttle, still be enmeshed in in everybody ” hill sea affection ” in gut when, ” hill sea affection ” should say good-bye with everybody immediately.

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A few days ago ” hill sea affection ” grading also came out, interesting is, a few days short, from open branch 9.1 rose 9.4 minutes, very much even audience feels to return Youshangsheng’s space, such one act to teleplay it is very difficult actually, want to know, ” great river great river 2 ” begin to also approach this cent, but there is 9 only nowadays, say so from the back also be a test actually. We know, ” hill sea affection ” with before the place with a little different drama, it is the different level that will behave a story with paragraphic form.

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Actually small make up feel ” hill sea affection ” the newsreel that regards the sort of on-the-spot record as wants a few apter, nevertheless so a good theatrical work of 9.4 minutes, also put in the place that makes a lot of people disappointed actually. Be drama anthology above all, 23 collect, it is very long in individual impression do not have this kind of playlet that makes greatly, of course net drama still has a few, but no matter be a battle array,still be being made won’t be a level, be worth what carry is, ” hill sea affection ” original plan is 16 collect, so the 23 collect nowadays had been an augment edition actually, but a lot of audiences as before dissatisfactory.

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dissatisfactory, because look in a lot of audiences,be, there still are a lot of spaces to be able to have stuff actually among, but ” hill sea affection ” of the choice is bouncing span, the first span arrives 91 years 96 years namely, this is the horse calls water to be the first the head that condole village comes out 5 years, it is these 5 years super actually have a hotspot, the audience is OK and actual witness them how to be below penniless circumstance, live on that desert beach and build him home, but the brushstroke in drama had taken this wonderful part.

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The 2nd span is recently this, actually small make up have a kind of feeling, all gut before resemble is to gave an audience to weave a dream, this also is why to so much audience indulges among them reason, but this span has some of feeling that be out of line, flashy whats changed, get treasure and wheat seeding to be together, opened a company not to say, blessing appears not only come a wife, be about very quickly still to become pa, some make person delay magical nevertheless come. To those audiences that want knock CP, it is undoubtedly to one’s great diappointment.

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Actually everybody has proper psychological preparation, because everybody knows ” hill sea affection ” the tribute drama that is an assault fortified positions that help deficient up, the emotional line with overmuch be mingled with is improper inside, but thinking of to meet is so blur and explain suddenly. For the word that uses an audience, can have this process completely measurable fill, so good theatrical work, since had been patted so finely, why cannot these places come a gently transition?

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So this ending looks too brash in a lot of audiences, imagine very hard, this ” hill sea affection ” if according to the plan before, the word that cuts 16 market can be what appearance, became newsreel really probably. Nevertheless the audience also gave the understanding of very old rate, disappointed, more conception dots are to did not look enough, still cannot accept for a short while, are you then right ” hill sea affection ” Where is the place that what disappointment still has?

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