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Original title: ” green ” actor’s lines fire of Yan Tao! Cause audience resonance, can competent field lives rule text book Yan Tao again battle duty field female strong person, large model back a head bully energy of life is very recently, the theatrical work of city office field that by Wu Jin character, Yan Tao presents as leading role to act the leading role, the Lin Rui of abundant peach personate not only person beauty returns 3 view, afterwards ” chicken feather flies on a day ” hind, the figure of another strong president.

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And be in ” green ” in this drama, of abundant peach personate is SW Hua Dong sells a chief inspector, duty field female elite, vogue is spell able, work with the power of a thunderbolt and the speed of lightning, beautiful capable female, have wind of duty field elite very much model. This drama was told about 90 hind Zhang Xiaoyu of duty field new personality, the appreciate that because of international SW of famous cosmetic company sells chief inspector Lin Rui and gain working opportunity, go all out in work struggle, implement the old practice of professional ideal and self-worth finally.

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Dan Yantao this one part, drew not little controversy: Middleaged and fat, bully gas, flavour, acerbity without the woman wait! But actually, in actual life, superior bad discard is a brutal competition originally! ” green ” , in the company that has energy very much, duty field staff lives law, through selling case, reflect part character trait. Cause audience resonance, become duty field to live rule text book!

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” Qing Qing ” , just pull open order order, an actor’s lines with respect to fire Yan Tao regards a sale as chief inspector, side of appearance bully gas leaks, spell able valiant, work efficient. Actor’s lines also loves by the audience, caused the resonance of a lot of people, take the place of to feel very strong. Her work style and principle of choose and employ persons, look be like cruelty, but very actual however!

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“Want to stay to rely on actual strength even! ” be in this everything relies on actual strength, rely on the times that outstanding achievement talks, no matter any industries are,this lives law, the person that did not create profit value is in this to do not have vivosphere socially really. ” green ” Lin Rui (Yan Tao) duty field ana: Respect of choose and employ persons, be short of rather not excessive, bad with clumsy, I won’t want! Face two applicant go taking an issue, lin Rui of sale chief inspector speaks lightly went out: “Selling industry record of formal schooling is less important, want to stay to still must rely on actual strength! Want to stay to still must rely on actual strength!!

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One occasion tries, look be like is the two argue between the individual, but the story that is 3 people actually, still include the make a decision reducing attack of chief inspector Lin Rui. Face clever and bright, the sea with beautiful appearance puts in Lin Xiao ‘s charge to deep and clear, with the Zhang Xiaoyu that has spirit of working in earnest, although two people have an advantage each, dan Zailin farsighted (Yan Tao is acted the role of) in the eye, everything talks by outstanding achievement.

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them two people stay try out a month, both neither judge people with their appearance, do not serve as with record of formal schooling again measure a level, favore again to subordinate severity, see a person have his level completely, the accomplishment of duty field handler is very tall. Lin Rui 3 view, she says most be fed up with wine to drive with the affair. ” green ” the Lin Rui of Yan Tao personate not only the person is beautiful, return 3 view, encounter the incident that trace remaining part, sober analysis, have duty field very much wind of female strong person model, yan Tao performs this role lived, have appeal too!

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” green ” the Lin Rui of Yan Tao personate, open duty field to go regular: Each gift in the life, rear sign became good if price says duty field is a kind of tactics, that can win out have two kinds only: The first kind, consolidate step by step, it is with the target oriented, talk a hero with success or failure; The 2nd kind, the heart is powerful, with changeless should 10 thousand change.

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” green ” the Lin Rui of Yan Tao personate is a such parts, in her eye, the relation between person and person, in the final analysis is profit impact. Each look be like ” gift ” rear, already sign became good price. She uses this just about, in the go smoothly everywhere on bazaar.

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To us, also have enlightenment quite, want on-the-job field to be mixed since rumour water, besides affection business, more returning is to rely on actual strength, rely on outstanding achievement conversation, any outside aureola, it is an a brick picked up to knock on the door and thrown away when it has served its purpose-a stepping-stone to success that enters office, but not be to help however straw. Reality is brutal, have what years static good, before somebody is replacing you to load, just go! Mostly on-the-job field confuses the person that has gotten, it is affection business + intelligence quotient double win.

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Life fantasticality, on one second is happy unceasingly thing, below one second may make a person distress unceasingly. Can recognize each ” gift ” and ” accident ” the cost of backside, we should learn and face just about probably.

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We ought not to improperly belittle oneself, also ought not to be opposite oneself small successful be pleased with oneself, the somebody outside the person, universal one day. Be in this socially, can let oneself stand firm truly, besides modesty discretion can be an upright person namely, can come thing. And the Lin Rui of abundant peach personate, with respect to the level duty field female elite explanation arrived proper!

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