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Original title: Cai Wenjing gives new theatrical work again, new Year most go out first female star, make the great minds mature slowly of person accident player Be in ” under sunshine ” before broadcasting, do not know Cai Wenjing, because of her really name is very common, because she always performs minor role, become so ” under sunshine ” after broadcasting, think this is a new personality actor, check data discovery to the family already was passed and stand as a result year.

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” under sunshine ” because of subject matter reason, hardship leaves sow, and be cut so that be in a complete mess, nevertheless Cai Wenjing and Peng Guanying’s CP still earn sufficient eyeball, the beauty of male Shuai Nv, and the figure relationship in drama is very infrequent, turn over the conjugate of a movement in martial arts that the Stockholm asks for integratedly, very fresh.

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” under sunshine ” make theatrical work of a dark horse, broadcast nevertheless rate is a bit slow, sow from last year still do not have the end this year, also be condole sufficient the appetite of the audience, it is teacher stalking or branch in everybody when experience is anxious, the 2nd drama of Cai Wenjing leaves sowed, this drama is ” urgent public relations ” .

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Huang Xiaoming and Cai Wenjing group CP, tan Zhuodou became greenery, this drama can announce Cai Wenjing to go up a success, go up in astral drama female advocate, and still be partner Huang Xiaoming this shadow emperor, huang Xiaoming reduces weight successful, not fat, the body changes to make in Cai gentle and quiet drama rancor, all sorts of poisonous tongues.

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From the point of the expression of these two drama, cai gentle and quiet acting is OK still, after all the part disposition in these two drama differs completely, can controlling also is not easy. Nevertheless Cai Wenjing is not Xiaonian after all light, feel for years climb boil dozen, also consider experience not little.

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Still guessing Cai Wenjing in everybody can red when, cai Wenjing gives new theatrical work again, this drama cries ” the group of red battle of the setting sun of master Lu Xiaoyu ” . Lu Zhengyu is made up oneself guide oneself act oneself, the head that do not have li is comedic, the appearance of an actor that Cai Wenjing is inside is some cannot bear really orthoptic, this dignified still teacher stalking or branch?

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This net drama also should be goods in stock, one sows grading to have 4.7 minutes only, make the label of sodden drama directly, content really lack be apt to but old, can say only regrettablly Cai Wenjing, how to receive this kind of theatrical work, can imagine the resource when taking sport has much difference.

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Reckon herself also did not think of nevertheless, this drama can be put in this moment, have the ill will of loiter heat. Do not cross an after all, just left this year year, cai Wenjing has trilogy to leave at the same time sow, this pay is what at present movie and TV encircles is exclusive.

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Say exactly by this trilogy, this year most go out first female star is Cai Wenjing, enter program of put together art compared with elder sisters living energy of life much stronger. More or less is this fact still some accidents nevertheless, after all Cai Wenjing’s age is being put over, this age goes out suddenly, still make the great minds mature slowly of person accident player really.

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At present quantity of vermicelli made from bean starch just is broken through 5 million, this figure is a bit little still to female star, breakthrough 10 million even if stride a gleam of truly, believe this number can arrive very quickly.

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See the introduction before Cai Wenjing, have masterpiece drama edition very simply only ” hasty that year ” . Now the masterpiece nowadays is much, ” under sunshine ” and ” urgent public relations ” it is takes so that move work.

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Respecting Cai is gentle and quiet, public praise is really actually pretty good still, the drama grading that she participates in is pretty good still, see the play with her highest grading first, ” the undesirable person that draws all corners of the country ” , zheng Yecheng, Li Chun, Cai Wenjing acts the leading role, grading 8.2 minutes, although Cai Wenjing’s the appearance of an actor has bit of hot eye, but or very show a figure, this style is impossible to arrived adieu later, red after all who still takes this kind of theatrical work. Compare with Zheng Yecheng, Li Chun nevertheless, cai Wenjing is the last become famous.

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It is next ” hasty that year ” , grading 8.1 minutes, poplar and Bai Jingting are early became famous, cai Wenjing serves as female 2, not quite marked, actually Cai Wenjing’s Yan Zhi also can be hit very much at that time.

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It is next 3 the department is small make, ” Xi breaths out quartet the 5th season ” , ” the boy friend of my girlfriend 2 ” , ” marriage gauze is illuminated ” , among them two drama are with Lu Zhengyu partner, it is comedic, look Cai Wenjing Lu Zhengyu is old partner, not red when also can perform theatrical work of net of this kind of small investment only.

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The appearance of an actor in drama is very beautiful still nevertheless, especially marriage gauze modelling. Note seeing play feels quite strange, hold out beautiful girl obviously, how does age go toward humorous star road gently? Can find no way out still is really when doing not have resource.

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And this also more highlight Cai Wenjing to go up suddenly accident, too abrupt really, old record record is anonymous, how abrupt resource is good, yan Zhiken is to be inferior to young moment surely, be because acting erupts, ?

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Because,be without giving thought to nevertheless what reason, great minds mature slowly always gives person encourage the sense of annals, hope Cai Wenjing is multiplied sign is red go down, bring good work, it is Plmm after all, acting is pretty good also.

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