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Original title: Does the heat that resemble battle have many tall? New theatrical work is in Thailand is record-breaking, thematic song collects a quantity to also be defeated nowadays 1 million Believe to mention Xiao Zhan nowadays this name; Believe the domestic very few somebody nowadays can not know; Because he had occupied top of 3 years by force to shed sheet of a list of names posted up continuously;

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From at the outset ” Chen Qing makes ” personate Wei Moxian explodes after fire; Person energy of life of Xiao Zhan had not glided almost; A top that became country all the time sheds actor; Want to have the work that Xiao Zhan exists only; Basically be each explode so paragraph; For instance before ” fight Luo Daliu ” .

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This work is in on after the line; Because demon revised too much the plot of a play; And specially good effect also is not very outstanding; Made the criticize work of origianl work party for a time;

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But the person because of Xiao Zhan is angry; The grading of this drama also was to appear ” Z word ” ; Will always tell also is public praise drag go back; And enrage too tall reason because of the person; CCTV returns the star on anthology of tierce general drama; Enough sees Xiao Zhan’s person is angrily is to have many outstanding.

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And the Xiao Zhan nowadays; Heat also is not just in home; He also began to move toward international in; Before one ” fight Luo Daliu ” this work is shown in Thailand later; It is to having very high temperature likewise; And immediate break the record of Thailand teleplay; Make Xiao Zhan formal also become famous in Thailand;

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Its theme song nowadays collect an amount; Already successful also breakthrough 1 million; Looking to come out to be like battle to be known as top class discharge is true truly; Look together with respect to He Lefeng below about Xiaozhan a few topics nowadays.

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1.” fight Luo Daliu ” Thailand leaves sow this work to be in home broadcasted last year; And broadcast a quantity finally also near one billion seven hundred and five million and thirty-two thousand seven hundred and four; Became left last year year an ancient costume makes fun of greatly; And explode in home after fire; This work is successful also this year leave in Thailand sowed;

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Its leave the first day sowed viewing rate to be achieved 1.99; Before exceeding work of all Chinese drama anthology that broadcast in Thailand; And contracted directly the of before 4 position of Thailand heat a list of names posted up.

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Believe a lot of people think; Xiao Zhan just is having very tall name in home before; Reckon everybody did not think of; Even if is to go in abroad; Xiao Zhan’s fame is exceedingly tall as before;

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And the thematic song of this work ” plan Ma Zheng’s teenager ” ; Nowadays above platform collected a quantity to had been broken through 1 million; It is to be like what battle undertakes to sing likewise; Enough sees even if is the region that Xiao Zhan still was in very much Hei Gong nowadays; Also having extremely tall person energy of life as before.

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Want to having the correlation of a bit with Xiao Zhan only; So person energy of life of whole also can have very tall promotion; But nowadays Thailand ” fight Luo Daliu ” explode fire; Cannot saying really is the problem that one everybody enrages Xiao Zhan; There also won’t be the vermicelli made from bean starch of very much Xiao Zhan in Thailand after all;

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And let exclusively ” fight Luo Daliu ” temperature is so high; That is this drama got foreign audience approbate; Although the public praise in home is not outstanding; But after all each area is having different point of view.

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This so Xiao Zhan is mixed ” fight Luo Daliu ” also be a success; Want to know to be able to get admissive homebred teleplay in abroad; It is exceedingly little really; Of course even if is not ” fight Luo Daliu ” ; Be like the work of anthology of other theatrical work that battle acts the leading role however; The likelihood also can have this this kind success;

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Resemble battle after all this actor; If cast those black makings not to talk; Still be very pretty good actually; Sing strength and acting to still calculate saying past besides the appearance.

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Review way of Xiao Zhan that gives actually; Can seeing Xiao Zhan very easily is after all how one step by step have one’s moment those who rise; This is not recumbent luck; However he is having this kind of actual strength truly;

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Although say ” bright red lean a lot ” ; But the strong way that having not to want to admit defeat is likewise on Xiao Zhan’s body; And below Le Feng takes everybody to understand; Resemble battle at the outset this God actor; It is after all how be to become what the top flows step by step.

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2.How does Xiao Zhan become top shedding step by step? Want to believe to be familiar with Xiao Zhan’s friend more very much; Should know Xiao Zhan is not the road that is on an actor originally; It is however after college graduate; The design that offers in teacher of a medium held the position of a stylist in atelier; Although inchoate he also likes to sing very much; But the idea that did not enter recreational group at the outset;

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And when encircling become attached to with recreation truly; It is to be in 15 years; Xiao Zhan carries the connection kind that weighs a teacher that celebrates industrial and commercial university to give at that time; Attended a nurturance kind put together art ” combustion teenager ” .

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Resemble battle at that time already 24 years old; Itself serves as a God; Piece path age is a little old also; But he still is depended on sing well result; Went all the way 16 strong in; Depend on this program to going out yes so;

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Group of X nine youth was joined later; Amid was held the position of advocate sing hand; Into formal for singer of a God go out; There is a group to be together in musical domain later undertake ceaselessly developing.

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Battle is resembled later also gradually ginseng perform the work of movie and TV of a few; For instance ” fight broken canopy ” , ” oh! My imperial Majesty ” etc; Just these work also were not taken to Xiao Zhan too tall famous degree;

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Because the Xiao Zhan at that time is above the age,do not have an advantage; Other those more young and handsome God; Also dropped fame extruding of Xiao Zhan a lot of; Nevertheless Xiao Zhan also does not have the road of the development that abandons his at that time.

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Be in so 18 years he was received ” Chen Qing makes ” this drama anthology; Although resemble battle at that time already 27 years old; But it is as before on the appearance very give prize; And before this this kind of delay changes the drama volume of the type appear in domestic work rarely;

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such ” Chen Qing makes ” after broadcasting; Became great master very seek a work that hold in both hands; Because be done not have among them as one used to do men and women advocate set; Two very handsome male advocate invite an audience people feel very novel.

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And this ” Chen Qing makes ” it is above gut and specially good effect; What also make is very outstanding; With respect to Xiao Zhan and such king two people pass one gain this delay changes what drama work succeeds to become famous; Although become famous the age is older; But person energy of life of Xiao Zhan is however direct and when the river rises the boat goes up too;

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Contribute among them of course the biggest; Still be a lot of female vermicelli made from bean starch that see a face; Xiao Zhan begins to attend the put together of a few ceaselessly later art; Those who let oneself is famous degree won remarkable promotion.

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Resemble battle of course explode red; It is to let a lot of people feel the eye is red likewise; So very fast ” 227 incident ” subsequently and come; The cause course of this incident and result; Le Feng also no longer here does go to live in the household of one’s in-laws on getting married to appeal to more;

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Just be in this after incident; A lot of black makings also came out more on the body that resemble battle; And a lot of black very also begin for black and black; This issue is told at that time to Xiao Zhan is blow likewise.

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But gas does not have his person to slide because of this however; Black after all pink is pink likewise; No matter be them,undertake boycotting Xiao Zhan; The flow that takes is to be on Xiao Zhan’s body; Was like battle to begin the journey of his Heigong so;

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Be in of course ” 227 incident ” later; Xiao Zhan or shadow numerous and good work gives authority; For instance ” the most beautiful retrograde motion person ” , ” fantastic city ” etc; These outstanding work are further confirm Xiao Zhan’s actual strength; So actually a lot of when; The advantage that everybody has not seen those are potential on the body that resemble battle just.

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3.Is be like battle to become a top to flow accident really? Very may much person can say; Xiao Zhan was not taken the advantage of namely at the outset ” Chen Qing makes ” this drama anthology ability fire rises; If at the outset Weimo admires this part to change other actresses; The anything that does not have Xiao Zhan namely then;


So is the fact such really? Be afraid true may not; Le Feng Ceng Ting passes a word; Everything of worldly existence has cause and effect actually; This word also is very good expression; Xiao Zhancheng flows for top of the amusement inside nowadays; Not be accident.


A when resemble battle this year ” ace army ” had met with everybody; In this work; Although have problem of a few gut; Let what work of drama of this army brigade had theatrical work of a few God model;


But the acting of the amid that resemble battle; It is likewise very outstanding; This Xiao Zhan brought brand-new figure for everybody; Every time is like the new work of battle; Basically be to bring everybody brand-new figure; Will break through oneself with these parts.


Say even if is he became a top to flow now so; But Xiao Zhan is ceaseless still however in the acting actual strength that promoting oneself; He did not forget himself from beginning to end is an actor; And before ” the dream that is like a dream ” of the living theatre piece act; Xiao Zhan also is 5 outstanding patients were brought for everybody on arena;


Although resemble battle nowadays already 31 years old; But the development way that he did not come to is very long still; So he also is the goes promoting his actual strength with continuous need; Only such ability won’t be washed out by the times place nowadays.


4.Terminal and divide in final tail end; Actually Le Feng wants to say; Xiao Zhan this ceaseless actress that is played to walk by a lot of people; Him breakthrough can go ceaselessly on the job in oneself;


And those for black and black person; Also should think over; Whether do you understand Xiao Zhan really this actor; There also is mistake it seems that on his body; The vermicelli made from bean starch that just won’t guide oneself just; So everybody still faces up to him a little.


Nowadays ” fight Luo Daliu ” in Thailand explode fire; Proved Xiao Zhan with respect to enough of this actor outstanding; He goes up personally and have handsome face only not just; Still a lot of deserve the place that is paid close attention to; Above development road of future; Xiao Zhan perhaps can bring more surprises;


And everybody is inferior to be being waited for with respect to in advance at present ” jade bone Yao ” , ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” these waiting for sow drama; Believe to carry these drama market; The home can change the view to Xiao Zhan.


Good, the introduction that sheds Xiao Zhan about domestic top today had ended to here; If everybody has what viewpoint and view; The welcome undertakes leaving a message interacting beneath; Do not forget motion picture of attention Le Feng finally.

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