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Original title: Outback edition ” wash bad luck newly to record ” switch on the mobile phone, ouyang Zhenhua is returned to, in those days scene already no longer Outback edition ” wash bad luck newly to record ” switch on the mobile phone, ouyang Zhenhua is returned to, in those days scene already no longer recently, outback shadow edition ” wash bad luck newly to record ” switched on the mobile phone, caused not minor sensation. Respecting ” the collection that wash bad luck ” , everybody can happen to coincide the ground remembers Ouyang Zhenhua.

20220312210419 622d0ad352108

1999, ” the collection that wash bad luck ” horizontal sky is born, the actor such as Ouyang Zhenhua, Xuan Xuan, Chen Miaoying, Lin Wenlong, take the place of this drama the Song Dynasty monograph of kind of the Song Dynasty of division of medical jurisprudence name ” the collect that wash bad luck is recorded ” the teleplay that adapt and becomes is deduced very wonderfully. This is told about draw up the fatso the Song Dynasty of Jing life monumental work mothers on history of legal medical expert, it is a posthumous child that suffers discrimination actually, think originally want lifetime of sound the night watches, was changed by a homicide case however destiny, break strange record repeatedly, become the person of deferent through the ages.

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After this drama broadcasts, caused very big echo immediately, be in then 2003, ” the collection that wash bad luck 2 ” take advantage of an opportunity is rolled out, be in the 2nd, song Ci is painful after losing a wife and daughter, innocent be entered by drag in in fierce case, begin to break strange record repeatedly again then. In this drama, ouyang Zhenhua is returned to once more, and affection deduces the bend of actor of one numerous actual strength such as name of She Shiman, Ou Jingtang, Cai Zijian, Teng Li, consequence is same not small, after at least more than 10 years, many audiences remember profundity as before. And the Song Ci that Ouyang Zhenhua acts the leading role, also became the classical part in audience heart.

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Nowadays, distance ” the collection that wash bad luck ” had gone 18 years, shadow edition ” wash bad luck newly to record ” carried program once more, must let break up in market of drama of deep feeling movie and TV take become the order of the day while, also should say voice to this drama ” must not destroy classical ” .

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Nevertheless, everybody need not worry apparently so much, because be in shadow edition, ouyang Zhenhua is returned to once more. This drama general with ” life of all alone of the Dragon King ” secret case is nodded to be cut, and the associate that Song Ci will guide him seeks the truth together, do away with feudal superstition.

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Look from stage photo, although was returned to,Ouyang Zhenhua regards the soul as the character, but look from stage photo, already not answer in those days about, also appear old voice.

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Actually pardonable also, ouyang Zhenhua nowadays already 60 years old, aging is very natural business. Of Yang Zhenhua is in Europe act art in career, had gone out a lot of explode money theatrical work, ” the drunk branch that make gold ” ” law card pioneer ” ” elder sister of Tuo gun division ” etc, and he also is TVB gave a name close inspect blessing general, according to today’s word for, also be the actor that shadow emperor looks scale of the Supreme Being.

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So, most propbably ” wash bad luck newly to record ” in, also meet for certain does big shop sign gather? The result is widely divergent however. ” wash bad luck newly to record ” You Yingmei medium, big Tang Xinghe manufactures, the director is Ruan Jianheng, also be big Tang Xinghe’s subordinate autograph is directed about, hold had guided ” heavy fishing ” and ” I, art person ” . It is it doesn’t matter nevertheless famous spent work.

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And the cast of this drama is very general also, shao Yun, Lv Yu, Zhao Yibei, Chang Haibo waits for an actor, besides Zhao Yibei it is fast male one’s previous experience, still have luminosity exposing to the sun quite in those days, and Chang Haibo once went out had acted to explode money theatrical work ” whose youth is not confused ” Mr. Hao inside, let a person have bit of impression besides, this drama is the new personality of all of one suit almost. Tell the truth, such battle array still makes a person a bit disappointed.

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Many netizens say frankly in succession: Not quite value. Actually, also not be to say new personality is bad, or acting is sodden. However once the Ouyang Zhenhua with infinite scene, if developing inside, also should meet Shi Man resembling a surname, Gu Tianle such big Ga is same, the theatrical work that take should be it is numerous nebular collect, did not sow first big play of fire, at least is not to resemble now, besides Ouyang Zhenhua, an actor that has temperature is done not have, support this theatrical work completely by Ouyang Zhenhua.

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Must plaint, ouyang Zhenhua scene no longer. Of course, of this drama switch on the mobile phone or caused very great attention, a lot of audiences still are expecting what this film can meet with everybody at an early date, strong feelings also should pursue this film, of course, hope this drama can bring us the surprise. Our wait and see what happens!

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