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Original title: Review ” hill sea drama ” complete works, unexpected gift realizes villain in drama, have and have only After ending as expected drama barren came, receive grade ” green ” cannot mix on character apparently very much ” hill sea affection ” comparative, expect the net is sowed moreover ” the overseas operation of gumshoe ” , because be the work of Mr. Wu Gang, suffer fully so expect, this thinking can receive so that live ” hill sea affection ” , very apparent the viewpoint that this is a mistake. It is successive really ” great river great river 2 ” and ” hill sea affection ” reason, still chat again ” hill sea affection ” .

20220312210517 622d0b0d76738

Can special to ending somebody, also somebody raised doubt, after all the drama of a 9.4 grading, everybody also is to expect to this ending with long, it is the anticipation in achieving a heart probably. But also the echo of from beginning to end that somebody feels very good, but no matter be how, drama has been sowed. Stop the thought understanding to this drama when, unexpected gift realizes a problem, review ” hill sea affection ” complete works, seem to do not have the hellion of villain in drama.

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To this problem, is those who be sure meeting somebody refutes dawdle of qualitative difficulty path? Plant to holding this for the person of the viewpoint, feel some are narrow on understanding, because stand in the part of the person that stops dawdle, they go out through receiving dawdle resell, itself is to earn price difference, fighting after show share, the person that stops dawdle has calculated brushstroke Zhang, sell namely at most go out 1 7, stop 8 hair actually reasonable also, feeling is ill will is bought.

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Because return the labour cost that has oneself, return the fee that useful car place uses, earn a bit even next, also do not have too much earn really, because this is approach really,the professor just is the person that ill will buys, later airborne after was being solved, freight cost falls, very apparent the person that stops dawdle also wants to see such case. The traveling trader that accepts dawdle so does not calculate actually on hellion, most namely position is different.

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Return somebody to be able to oppugn that nephew of irrigation works director for certain, actually to this problem be to be able to get solution, treasure wins the bid to get blessing to violate next compasses be accepted to investigate by suspend sb from his duties, but Zhang Shucheng does not have an irrigation works director however to the thing of nephew of irrigation works chairman how, it is to receive a project likewise, actually irrigation works director was not violated compasses, so Zhang Shucheng can be used only delay time limit for a project to administer him.

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But want to say drama is medium actually or have bad person, and have and have only, it is a truck driver that gets treasure to send a colliery to go, very so apparent that treasure does not know he is to be cheated, and the driver also was to receive the advantage of colliery boss to just be met for certain so do. Ability is clear after treasure went, the person that seek wants without him at all over there, and also do not have particularly much Ningxia person, because the accident lost life,within an inch of is returned when digging coal.

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Should saying bad is train driver worst, so colliery boss also should be hellion, this is about to prove go looking, when getting treasure to be in a hospital, if colliery boss is hellion, also won’t give treasure a large sum of money, because the circumstance at that time is apparent, get Bao Mingming to the opportunity hides, it is oneself foolish the station just brings about over get hurt, so completely OK evade skimp chooses fund, it is probably it is OK to do not give.

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It is so want to calculate, the boss of the colliery also is half hellion only. The most comical viewpoint is to think Liu Jiajiang also is hellion, the much that most propbably agrees with is a woman. Although ball is salty pig hand, but after all before it is to send love letter, it is all sorts of good close, it is the signal that Zhang Yijuan gave Liu Jiajiang the mistake apparently very, he ability will be so bold.

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