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Original title: Richard is expected ” different star battlefield ” outside pass, ” the path of water ” strengthen cohesive affinity even ” different star battlefield ” it is Dishini’s relatively successful science fiction movie, this work did not derive series and continuation, some filmgoer people feel Dishini was wasted ” different star battlefield ” the person is angry. Richard shows film review person: “I am expected ” different star battlefield ” outside pass, if Dishini can film of this work outside pass, I believe ” different star big fight ” derive kind of work to have very high value, this kind of value is in ” graceful Da Luo’s person ” and ” bizarre doctor ” over. ” Richard emphasizes, pass outside with continuation the work of drama of movie and TV that is two kinds of different ideas, he thinks ” different star battlefield ” the probability of occurrence continuation is not very tall, but this set is complete outside latent capacity films, pass, this is the business that film review person expects. ” Afanda: The path of water ” it is filmgoer people raise one’s head and look with the work that expect, richard also evaluated this set: ” the path of water ” strengthen cohesive affinity even.

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As a result of ” Afanda ” the miracle that had created box-office field, the public praise of this work is quite outstanding also. It is when change of pattern of 21 centuries moviedom is very sharp, zhanmusi Kameilong is in the work ten years ago, still can become the surveyor’s pole of many old hot series. ” the hero is not had return ” bright red big violet when, many film review people version of Holand younger brother ” spider a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” with ” Afanda ” put together discuss. Now Lifusi hold guide ” batty a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” the advantage is had in box-office respect, have some of person or take Kameilong’s work say a thing. Then, pressure came ” Afanda ” on the 2nd body of series, namely ” the path of water ” pressure is very great, if this continuation is in,box-office respect appears coast, richard fears Kameilong drops likely also next altar. As a result of ” the path of water ” had entered propagandist technological process, this work strengthens cohesive affinity, it is one of this kind that have redeeming in later period probably.

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Look purely from the angle of creativity, richard admits, a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch people the meeting is right ” different star battlefield ” feel wearily, after all this is the work 10 years ago, everybody treats science fiction at that time piece requirement and manner, with differ completely now. This is ” strategic defense initiative ” derive series to compare hot, positive attacks in viewing rate respect one of reasons of the street. This shows, if ” different star battlefield ” update positive once more, the effect of generation won’t be compared ” strategic defense initiative ” better, so Richard expects this work outside pass, is not continuation. In astral battle kind among work, dishini likes outside letting part of a few distinctive film, pass, for example ” Ou Biwang ” and ” Asuoka ” , is not pure be passed before creation or hind pass, these two derive kind of work, having did not sow first igneous trend, so ” different star battlefield ” the leading role that outside having what part has an opportunity to become outside what part has an opportunity to become, conducts?

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Richard undertook an analysis to this — as a result of ” different star battlefield ” it is a basis sci-fi ” Martian princess ” the film of creation, pass outside even of comply with novel write a law. According to Dishini creation derives the rule of kind of work, leading role won’t appear hold the position of drama anthology or the film, suo Lisi of ยท of princess heart beautiful and ” mutation is preterhuman ” John Carter is eliminated outer, after all this is this male feminine lead. It is from these parts in light of follow-up fervent degree, the heroic person that Dishinitong often can select a few people to wait among them films outside pass, will explore with this ” different star battlefield ” positive replaces the power that go down. And Wanner likes to film the anthology of single person drama of hero of part of villain in drama, two movies industry is outer pass cut a point some are different, the mode of apparent Dishini is more successful, from ” graceful Da Luo’s person ” suffer numerous group to be able to see.

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Say so, richard is expected ” different star battlefield ” outside pass. Some filmgoer people can say, dishini is not the clique is pulled unconscious, serve as flourishingly up movie industry, dishini is in rarely respect of a few classical series ” rest on one’s laurels ” . It is ” spider a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” can relapse this kind ” gnaw old ” series, free power the working group also undertook an innovation in creation respect, people is willing to be called the work of version of Holand younger brother more ” small bug ” , it is the trilogy because of this version and original six to one. Watch a clique to pull instead after cheating the IP that sold much ministry set, they can be in only ” interstellar get lost ” above repeatedly rest on one’s laurels. Fox also should take 20 centuries at long last ” Afanda ” capital, the senior filmgoer that this allows this series people loosened at a heat, this continuation is in at long last when after lying between 13 years by filmgoer people long to come out.

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Manage however the place that Cha Deye has him to worry: ” the path of water ” too as long as the time that lies between when first series, the market that Ka Meilong faces and at the outset different, does this work need to make in propagandist respect what kind of adjust? Although still calculate before show,Richard represents this set low-key, however because time be apart is too long, this had lacked cohesive affinity it seems that. This kind of cohesive affinity is not body now ” the path of water ” among the part, however this series and time of first work be apart are too long, some join ministry branch is more inattentive. Ka Meilong also can provide the market nowadays to undertake creating more, of this and original ” Afanda ” the likelihood has different place, enhance unitive strength, can solve these problems probably. So Richard emphasizes, ” the path of water ” strengthen cohesive affinity even.

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