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Original title: ” hill sea affection ” sodden end? Gut lets me brashly split, blessing does not deserve to talk about love? Sowing in heat ” hill sea affection ” had broadcasted the 19th collect, fabaceous valve gives a mark 9.4 high component is very tall simply year is homebred the ceiling of drama, at present still 4 collect receive big final result, the development of gut also nears end. But see now, the audience is a little malcontent however. Be oppugned to want sodden remaining part even.

20220312210637 622d0b5d7f7a6

As a teleplay that is subject matter with taking off deficient assault fortified positions, core content is to make economy of production, hurried for certain. And final final result, also be everybody of course went up to auspicious day too, life level raised in the course that plans development, benefit descendants.

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Sow be assisted now from Fujian, the old head of a county that helps deficient had gotten offline, the approach professor that Huang Jiao acts also kills blueness ahead of schedule, this a few collect should not have the conflict with big what again finally, had filled the hole before only, give every part a good final result.

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But this sows 19 collect, the audience gets treasure to Ma Defu, horse this is not very satisfactory however to emotional line of brother. It is the Ma Defu in drama above all, in numerous main actor this part has a place really beyond the mark and miserable. There is what feeling line almost in whole department theatrical work, the feeling of he and spray is connected transfer to was not strangled to be in the cradle early.

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The Ma Defu in drama and Li Shui spend a pair be green plum a bamboo stick used as a toy horse. Young when, blessing asks spray ” be afraid that you follow me to have a rough time in the future ” , and spray replies however ” follow you to be overcome suffering ” . Final spray still had a rough time, she also fails to follow Ma Defu all the time.

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The father that Li Shui spends because a few betrothal gift sell others home to do son’s wife Li Shui flower. Li Shui flower wants to run, ma Defu won’t bar of course.

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On the train, ma Defu overtook the child of desert and spray, but barring spray leaves however.

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Spray thinks blessing is to chase after his, marry others. But get blessing to take out the money in the pocket however, let spray go a bit further, again a bit further. He says ” your female baby is outer first, you had taken care of yourself, had protected oneself. Had protected oneself..

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Gut arrives here, the audience still feels two people are possible. But did not think of spray puts no less than his dad, still came back, and promise dad before the area that gets happiness ” I am married ” , it is stunned in the eyes that gets happiness, also have unwilling.

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Spray was married go out, the man that blessing gets to just hear of spray after a few years ” incomplete ” , his expression also rises gravely immediately.

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Very fast, spray is procrastinating always rich took 7 night 7 days with the child, come to emigrant new residential quarter, across of this two people line of sight, li Shui flower is laughing, ma Defu is bashful arrive tricky. But because always concern richly, two people just are holding the friend’s dividing line, and right now Li Shui is beautiful, really always rich regarded as the man on him heart pointed tip.

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Come to emigrant new residential quarter, ma Defu is assisting spray all the time, a person should take care of spray already man, child, want to raise the home again. What is more,the rather that all the time since, ma Defu is sentient to spray. The spray that is this moment only is opposite early this paragraph of feeling does not have a hope, she thinks the man that follows her gets along well only, be in so and the calm also must be completely in the process that blessing gets along, unlike gets blessing heart within to read aloud a bit from beginning to end to her want.

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Be in and alien alludes spray when, blessing never grudges is complimentary, saying her is ” the spray of our village is very clever, study is more not bad than me ” .

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Of course all these is gotten by the little brother treasure looks in the eye, he knows his elder brother is reading aloud Li Shui to spend from beginning to end. When two people produce contradiction, he also moved spray elder sister, get happiness questioningly ” why dare you marry her at the outset then ” .

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When getting treasure and spray to work together, also had alluded spray, say to if she is married,give at the outset Oh blessing, they are families.

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But regrettablly is, marry in the woman of that time went out the heart also was installed, always be opposite before rich deformity what is more,the rather that spray is very good all the time, the child of two people is to let spray give up do not leave more. Be in newest sowed drama concentration, got blessing to also put down this paragraph of feeling with spray eventually, go up line a wife that cherishs pregnant.

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Get blessing and tall green gorge of two people get along extract is not much, but interactive Gao Tian. Sit on board when, tall green gorge felt distressed to be mauled get happiness, enquire him all the time ” do not ache ” , blessing does not respond to, talk to the child in abdomen of tall green gorge instead, alleviated the depressive atmosphere between two people. In another setting, get blessing to rise to wash the dress to daughter-in-law in the morning greatly, and tall green gorge also naturally begin carries a tag for him, of two people although,get along insipid, but love is thick.

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This daughter-in-law that appears suddenly in drama, also be the intense woman that has interest greatly. Somebody comes picky, blessing wants to let tall green gorge come home hide an at leisure, there still is the child in abdomen after all also not the respect is scared, but tall green gorge does not go not only, still saying for fun ” you are a cadre I am not, I am your daughter-in-law, block the door up to scold my man, still must not my answer back ” .

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Tall green gorge stays on this small town for the husband, also can reflect a two people to understand each other, the good marriage of mutual company. Nevertheless, although the love that gets happiness is perfect, but a lot of audiences feel regretful however. Resemble ” great river great river ” medium Song Yunhui still divorced with the kitten finally same, even if knows two people are impossible to be together, but audience people still be the heart has unwilling, for fear that got blessing to become the 2nd Song Yunhui.

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The line on the wife that gets happiness also is brasher, on one second gets happiness still attending a meeting, he went to below one second in the father-in-law’s home, holding out abdominous high-definition glow to go up line. The emotional line here comes too suddenly, see a new wife stands in Oh beside blessing, the author rectifies an individual to wanted to split. Also have netizen speak bluntly ” do we get blessing to do not deserve to talk about love? ” . So brash gut rather let a lot of drama confuse feel disappointed, no wonder can be oppugned to want sodden remaining part.

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But although the word is such, so old, get blessing to be worth to have happy marriage, just then the individual is not spray, always let regret a bit in popular feeling. Can say only, regrettablly ” hill sea affection ” not be drama of feeling of a talk, it is theatrical work of a life, and the life is not the film, some regrets are the result that be destined.

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Fortunately, although get happiness,the feeling here does not make everybody satisfactory, but get treasure and wheat seeding from drama a pair be Yue of two hearts photograph at the beginning, and bilateral parents is support to their feeling, compared with get blessing and spray, two people are really quite lucky.

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It is two people have respective life contrail only, small depart is sure. Treasure wants to go Xinjiang has a rough time, wheat seeding also wants to go accordingly, but the feeling of two people is not you,Nong Wonong’s a very short time gets along, get treasure to feel distressed wheat seeding, drop her so a person went.

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Later, wheat seeding should go out Wu labour, the feeling of two people also destroys that window paper without disclose. But often wheat seeding come back, can enquire the case that gets treasure first. When knowing so that treasure does not have to be in the home, her heart also is true bad to suffer.

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Actually wheat seeding is in all the time protecting treasure, when getting treasure to be taught a lesson by father, she a young woman also should be blocked be in before treasure, saying everything is rise because of oneself. When seeing so that treasure gets hurt, it is to complain in her mouth, but said however ” the letter that you give me, fire fighting when be being burned, I did not see! ” , proved to remembering with concern to get treasure all the time actually in him heart.

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Although the feeling of two people is returned as before now,be hazy, but two people are destined want. Altogether, ” hill sea affection ” the feeling that has a men and women hardly appears, exclusive candy is wheat seeding is mixed the love between treasure. As to the distress that getting blessing to be able to say only is a times, was being missed is to miss really. Can rot as to last ending time end, small protect or hold a hope to noonday sunshine, regard dig or dig out with a finger or sth pointed as detail so moral play staff, believe final final result also can give an audience people explain well. We expect together.

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