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Original title: TVB digs horn again by adversary, auspicious son carries grove, one person cent acts the role of Wu Qili two horn Since inferior inspect after was being done not have, TVB did not have adversary, a consequence that causes greatly alone is quality drop, once department of TVB drama ministry is classical, can give 9 every year later classical pretty good, say competition is very main still so.

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Nearly two years TVB encountered adversary again eventually, it is new the ViuTV that rise abruptly, from ” hypothesis sex is innocent ” arrive ” groan bridge ” , arrive again ” warm male father ” , frequency of high component drama goes out, and still dig came of a few TVB after inspecting, mix inspect the Supreme Being, for instance Zhang Keyi is mixed Lin Baoyi.

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Face these, TVB also begins to strike back, leave afresh pat once classical series drama, for instance ” law card pioneer ” and ” the person that the disciple goes ” , still invite the actor on north to answer mew, for instance Lin Feng, although the effect is general, but have a few effect, and also went out ” Hong Kong love story ” such high component drama. Two stages compete each other is benign loop as expected.

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Nevertheless the development of two stages still has distinction, viuTV is strong rise abruptly, and TVB is to rebound, but at present TVB still is belonged to gigantic without bully existence, viuTV should rise abruptly most those who be short of is star of big shop sign, can pass the TVB that dig horn only so.

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Recently, viuTV broadcasted new theatrical work, ” peace and tranquility tattooes the skin inn ” . Look from cast, TVB digs horn again by adversary, dig this although not be,inspect the Supreme Being, but the old show bone that also is TVB, he is Huang Debin, although carry theatrical work is not much, but his role is very important, his a lot of parts think particularly ” happy eulogy ” the Jin Dong in, warm male delegate, be in charge of dispelling doubts to leading role, accordingly very suffer an audience to love.

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Besides Huang Debin still a few fame compare great actor, wu Qili also is old show bone, because become dragon,nevertheless her fame more is. The Eight Diagrams in the past did not say, nowadays she can regain the right path starts a career, also calculate search was opposite direction.

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Be two leading role next, female advocate it is Zhou Xiuna, more active recently, ” battle poison ” cooperate with Huang Zongze, Wu Zhuoxi, ” extraordinary 3 a person adept in martial arts and given to chivalrous conduct ” counteract Zhang Zhilin, Huang Zongze to cooperate, apparent her rise impetus is very fierce.

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Male advocate call Lin Dexin, name is not big, but he is old the name of pa is big, the star of appropriate appropriate 2 generation, he is old pa is grove auspicious, many theatrical work also had been taken before, but did not enter a too big reason, carry this, very big hope becames famous, because the subject matter of this drama is very peculiar.

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” peace and tranquility tattooes the skin inn ” it is drama of a strange unreal, gross 15 collect, absolutely dapper. The subject matter of this drama was full of clever different incident, a bit ” golden night edifice ” meaning, not be to pass through nevertheless spatio-temporal so simple.

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Will see the background of whole department theatrical work first, the story happens in street of peace and tranquility, here is region of be nobody’s business, have the meaning of the stockaded village that order a city, here has here regulation, nobody dare be destroyed, the police also dare be not entered easily arrest a person, the order inside basically relies on a gang person to maintain, among them old calls a day father, it is the part of personate of yellow heart Bin.

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Still have next various mixed person, they are street of peace and tranquility opens the door of inn, each have each capacity, fokelore is some of firm person, nevertheless this is fabulous, do not have actually so exaggerative.

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Camera lens turns, male advocate appear, he is a cook, not only direct seeding, outside returning someone else of street of peace and tranquility to send, sell, he still has a little sister, outside sending through him, sell, pull gave the someone else in street of peace and tranquility. This is the big setting of the story, next the peace and tranquility of street of peace and tranquility was broken.

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The day father of personate of yellow heart Bin agreed with the application of a wife that calls Nana, agree with her to come market of peace and tranquility opens store, this woman is female advocate Zhou Xiuna. Someone else does not agree, but nobody dare oppugn day of father, because do not have sky beyond shop, be forced to let Nana clear the drug-store that deposits everybody thing.

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However the first day when Nana comes, market of peace and tranquility appeared homicide case, a male cadaver goes out to be here now, the person suspicion here and Nana are concerned, certainly the person outside does nevertheless day father says. Graceful graceful tattoo the skin what leave inn, she promises day of father to come here, it is to revenge, and day father wants to dissolve all these, this is the masterstroke task of this drama, won’t let an audience look easily clear.

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Begin one part next the rhythm of a story, the leading role of the first story is the Bai Mei of Wu Qili personate, the 2nd collect basically says her source, one person cent acts the role of Wu Qili two horn, it is twin sister, she says with day father in those days is to avoid a little sister to chase after kill, because of the sister two grab a man.

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This day of little sister comes to street of peace and tranquility, the elder sister is found finally below Nana help, original elder sister has covet disease, kill little sister male friend dead inadvertently, live in covet all the time next, the sister plays finally in day father help past grudge of two be dispelled.

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This one collect actually very general, the story is simple, no more than is told so that compare strange unreal just. Arrived the 3rd collect just erupts, this one collect is high-energy, clever different incident happened, this day an a blind person will look for Nana to tattoo the skin, relate the story that he becomes blind to him.

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So he is a famous cameraman, because offended wealthy person, the career was destroyed, but he had distinctive function however, eyesight drops, but can take the spirit however, become incorporeal cameraman, old man of a sunglasses tells him, pat enough 12 souls help their wish that finish, can restore vision.

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When taking the last spirit, this girl is the people, it is the soul of plant person, can calculate 0.7 souls only, he must make a choice, if before photograph burn-up, can help the girl regain consciousness come over, but he is blind, otherwise the girl will be dead.

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This story design is very interesting, too novel, depend on the 3rd collect, the fraction of this drama is small not, and be worth an audience to be chased after.

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