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Original title: Zhao Ying child ” big bright elegance and talent ” wait for trilogy to be seleted Jin Ying affix one’s seal of energy of life of person of award world fairy

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Bottom head was sowed last year defend at Hunan inspect, of bully screen entire network ” big bright elegance and talent ” , zhao Ying child of personate is ups and downs after the An Guifei of palace, having field of peerlessly beautiful appearance, strong gas, the Zhao Ying of old and well-known family of drama of Yu Jing of one’s previous experience child, also having inherent showily temperament. Other in drama female role model denounces by the netizen by modelling division hole below the circumstance, zhao Ying child ancient costume the appearance of an actor however one branch alone beautiful, the renown head of the most beautiful high-ranked imperial concubine got a netizen approbate.

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” remand the world gives you ” it is Zhao Ying child drama of fashionable dress city, the Cen Wei of her personate as spell able and attractive magazine chief editor, it is walking fashionable Icon simply, the duty field that many modelling made a netizen is worn take a guideline, she with masterly acting fictile part was full of independent female oomph.

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No matter be ancient costume, fashionable dress, or most the outfit of the Republic of China of test temperament, zhao Ying child can relaxed Hold lives, celestial being energy of life is full. Face the beauty that has Yan Youyou actual strength so, on boast 9 fact are belonged to common.

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Recently, zhao Ying child still have theatrical work of a the Republic of China ” fine time good situation knows geometry ” kill blueness before long, the appearance of an actor of the Republic of China is added again Jing colourful audience.

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The film ” broken army ” also exposure Zhao Ying child stage photo, shi Huan of her personate Nie one horn. Not long ago, her newest odd Qu Xiaotian song ” that moment ” also let a netizen join the song sheet that is worth N to all over annulus of odd Qu Xun.

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3 dwell develop song of movie and TV, let a person more value Zhao Ying child astral road, expect its are big female advocate ancient costume big play ” Chang’an Nuo ” broadcast at an early date.

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