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Original title: ” rustic love ” expose to the sun new melon, little light of Wang Xiaoli Liu is absent, zhao Mingyuan performs Liu Neng again As ” rustic love 13 ” propagandist stock is given off ceaselessly, the atmosphere that ivory hill spends the New Year is more and more grumous, do not know namely whether met with the audience that day in off year.

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Of course, leave a message according to what the actor before this gives a netizen at lunar celestial being in light of, ” rustic love 14 ” also will at broadcasting during the Spring Festival, should be to receive grade ” rustic love 13 ” , at the appointed time the ivory hill of 80 collect makes fun of greatly, that is photograph instantly meal. What make a person anxious nevertheless is, because of the reason of some female star, ” Liu Laogen 4 ” should be faced with possibly on content adjust, her show share estimates so that cutout decreases, if be affected accordingly forest if updating, so everybody expected in vain namely, after all before this 2 people gues-star ” Liu Laogen 4 ” stunt is too sufficient. And, if ” Liu Laogen 4 ” if undertaking on content cutout is decreased, so affect it extremely likely go up line time, resemble last year in that way with ” rustic love ” the issue that makes ring, estimation won’t happen.

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To ” rustic love 13 ” , the forerunner that gives off from the government piece in light of, ni Dagong performs adversary to make fun of with Zhao Benshan it seems that, the play of big fight Xie Ankun piles up the Su Dajiang that the audience expects to disappear instead. And although Zhao Mingyuan replaced Liu Neng of Wang Xiaoli personate, no matter,can be from group photo of a photograph of whole family, or from forerunner piece in light of, or is gone to by arrangement photograph brim, or gives a back only, look false Liu Neng still was go up not mesa. On January 24, the netizen explodes makings say, by Zhao Benshan supervise the manufacture of, ” rustic love ” deductive of sound of the old cast is complete drama of broadcast of net head ministry ” hill searchs the ivory of rustic love to be written down in person ” , calm archives left on January 26 sow, this new melon but big sweet, be in ” rustic love 13 ” before was not being sowed, also be come a warm-up.

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Broadcast drama ” hill searchs the ivory of rustic love to be written down in person ” story clue is very simple, ivory hill came to the boss of money wants investment again, xie Ankun, Zhaosi and Liu Neng began fight, and another masterstroke that Zhao of young Cai Jun has wood of king of ability big fight to give birth to contention to love a hereat thing really, this ivory hill but lively.

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” hill searchs the ivory of rustic love to be written down in person ” in the dub battle array of broadcast drama, zhao Benshan as before personate king person with power, close Yang Xiaoyan of graceful graceful personate, tangjian army personate thanks An Kun, wood of king of cropland child personate is unripe, daughter-in-law of Liu Neng of Sun Lirong personate, zhao Haiyan thanks An Kun daughter-in-law, daughter-in-law of Zhao Si of Xiao Suqing personate, these people are ” rustic love ” the old cast in. But notable is, although there still are Liuneng and Zhao Si in this broadcast drama two parts, however the actor was changed however, wang Xiaoli and Liu Xiaoguang are absent, zhao Mingyuan again personate Liu Neng, zhao Si’s part changed Wang Zengliang.

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Regard the brunt of ivory hill F4 as the member, the show share that Liu Neng and Zhao Silian close antagonism to thank An Kun, from beginning to end the audience loves to look most, be in so ” rustic love 13 ” in after Wang Xiaoli is replaced by prentice Zhao Mingyuan, ability can cause audience dissatisfaction, after all plum ghost is not Li Kui. And arrived ” hill searchs the ivory of rustic love to be written down in person ” in broadcast drama, liuneng and Zhaosi were replaced to change at the same time, although Zhao Mingyuan and Wang Zengliang are imitated in sound,go up very distinct, but the old theatrical work that sought more than 10 years to those is confused people for, very easy still resolution comes out.

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Will look from this, although this broadcast drama came major the old cast, zhao Benshan also personally dub, but of Liuneng and Zhao Si’s actor change, became pen of one defeat utterly however, also make the combat between ivory hill F4 a lot of less taste. Of course, listen to beamed audience to those loving for, ” hill searchs the ivory of rustic love to be written down in person ” still be a good surprise, the adversary that just resembles king person with power and Yang Xiaoyan makes fun of, thank the combat picture between An Kun, Liuneng and Zhao Sizhi, needed a head to fill.

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According to rule of in former years, be apart from ” rustic love 13 ” on the time of the line is closer and closer, countryside loved to come is year, two are added sufficient have 80 market, at the appointed time this comedy big food that ate more than 10 years, affirmative meeting brings more laughter to the audience.

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