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Original title: Once because of ” ugly female inapproachable ” let her have one’s moment, did not appear 3 years in recreational group, already left actually This theatrical work that discusses today is in some earlier of year of dispute Chang Huo, also be kill inside idol play gave a way. Why to want so say? The reason is female inside the drama before advocate it is very good-looking commonly, it is male commonly advocate liked to go up female advocate, with happy ending comes finally terminal. But what tell today is not this kind of drama, however female advocate the road of counterattack. Inside female advocate it is very ugly at the beginning, pass oneself talent and effort, one pace was become male advocate the goddess inside the heart. So this drama is sowed with respect to capture the heart of a lot of audiences, this drama is ” ugly female inapproachable ” .

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Walk out of 3 people that come from this drama, their ending is different. The first when should say above all leading role that is this drama, li Xin you can say for this drama is to do not have a bit figure. To allow a part more leading role of press close to, she eats herself fat several jins, wore a tooth to cover, the dress also is wrapped thickly. The figure before screen is not had flatly namely really surprise to have bit of ugly woman student even, of course this also is for the comparative effect that later period becomes good-looking to do.

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If you stay in this drama merely to her impression that is off base, actually she still goes out inside treasure lotus lamp performed among them goddess in the moon. She performs you do not imagine these two figures certainly, because a beauty is like a beauty, another is not had flatly strange. Be this kind of contrast a lot of talents say she can shape image very much, but after taking a few sport, she takes sport no longer.

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The 2nd what we should say is Chen Jiaming this part, in drama of his personate is a sissy stylist, this part is You Wangkai goes out act. He also is the best-selling actor that takes in this drama, take this theatrical work a lot of people are orchid to his impression those who point to is sissy, he tried a lot of a tough guy to change image figure, of course he challenges a success. A lot of people do not associate to still had acted to him at all with his present figure sissy, this also is very normal, the part that when because almost all star is in,going out, acts is not very ideal.

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The 3rd should say is Wang Jiexi, what she acts in this drama is a costar. Although the camera lens inside is not much, but also be to give a person to leave very good impression. Subsequently she is received took a lot of sport, because she herself also is professional show one’s previous experience, so she performs a lot of roles rising also is very outstanding. Her career just is stabilized come down, attentive netizen can discover to there has been her form on screen.

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Because,this also is some earlier year she was sufferred from by fish cancer can no more take sport, left the world finally. On this world little a good actor, wish she passes happily in another world anyhow.

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