Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: 14 days had built a village! Aperture sheng new theatrical work again copy ” parental love ” , to beg true and build a village Recently, the new theatrical work that Kong Sheng directs ” hill sea affection ” sowing in heat, the marshal that numerous acting sends in drama, one when won an audience again applauds sound, we also were to witness Zhang Jia beneficial, Huang Xuan, Guo Jingfei, Yan Ni to wait actual strength a moment to send the actor’s acting again, must say this theatrical work start shooting the first artillery piece of classic 2021 theatrical work, the ability that at the same time we saw Kong Sheng is directed again and the eye that pick part

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This drama suffers everybody to love fully, the acting besides the actor is preeminent outside, still have the intention of detail, play staff this for true and reductive gut, it is to preparing early days to cost heavy gold to build a true setting more, and those who make all of us open-eyed is to use 14 days to be built had a village, it is marvelous really

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According to the actor Zhao Qian is violet explode makings, in He Lan the foot of a hill falls, 14 days built village of beach of a gold, and return a basis the need in gut, built more than a village, not contemporaneous building construction catered to the need of gut completely, it is marvelous really, pardonable we look so true

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And noonday sunshine is like this ” frantic activity ” not be first time any more actually, in those days ” parental love ” the play staff also is such, in those days good to pat this drama, the play staff also is flounder at each district, the one place that is in Shandong eventually is built on island had a fishing village, namely that fishing village that the Jiang Defu in drama lives on island, the major show share in drama films here, true built setting also is former juice raw ingredient ground is reductive in those days true setting, ability can let us feel times sense is real

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Regretful nevertheless is here is filming after finishing, had been demolished in those days, and nowadays ” hill sea affection ” in they continue continue to use ” parental love ” in those days practice, to take sport flat build a village, and here also is to filming after finishing, also had been demolished clean

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Pardonable everybody group of appellation noonday sun is ” conscience group ” , each their high quality teleplay, do each detail sufficient, need not city of machine-made movie and TV films, more need not the cut plan of later period and green act, it is true build setting, plus the actor true, natural masterly acting, just made the good theatrical work of a ministry, not be

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