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Original title: ” hill sea affection ” ” relation door ” go up line, lay a high school perform Cheng Taimei, became a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting? You Huangxuan presents as leading role to act the leading role, zhang Jia beneficial, Yan Ni, Huang Jiao, Yao Chen, Tao Gong, Wang Kai is special piece those who act ” hill sea affection ” , like this teleplay really too, the heat that changes affusion to be perfunctory than those demon sows drama good-looking and too much. Although be the drama that help deficient up, but gut is compact exciting, complete an acting is masterly, take change very much time feels, former voice is listening to the dialect of actors very kind also, take the person into gut at a draught.

20220312211033 622d0c49ba359

Gut is about to near end, but some of part still is done not have so that appear, for example the Pan secretary of Wang Kai personate, when be about to receive an official, come on the stage only time of a few minutes, but the expectation that enough satisfied an audience, accurate take those who held a secretary of county Party committee model! When attending a meeting, cast the ground is phonic, reduce attack decisive, the official jargon inside apparent system is contained on the body. Especially mood movement manner, the leader of appropriate appropriate!

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The appeared to turn round Fujian to be pressed down rather immediately confused situation of Pan secretary. The little sister horse that Ma Defu has not appeared all the time gets a flower, it is I am in all the time the part that remember with concern, her two elder brothers are entered came out but she still follows parental nest to be in poor place, I think she may do not have gut line originally, did not think of to draw near ending gave me ” of so big fright of a ” . Right, of this actor come on the stage not only add minute of ” without ” giving theatrical work, persuade to retreat however. Above all, the action of this part says for, the horse must spend this part, it is tool person attribute completely.

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In change village on this thing, soon the horse called water and Ma Defu and villager to be immersed in deadlock, instead is little girl Ma Dehua broke deadlock in the what one says during a conversation in broadcast, this is her the action in this play. Look be like helped an elder brother get happiness very busy, spoke to broadcast emerge the aspirations of person of the generation below fontal village, arouse with different thinking common people moves a village. But I feel she arouses without the success whole village, the contradiction that she just gets on older generation and youth idea placed mesa. The old person knew the youth’s think of a way, run so for you go we stay, but children abandons an old person impossibly also.

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Plum the elderly gentleman acknowledges a mistake far from, it is to raise that requirement, old guy people do not go, so called acknowledging a mistake is to be in what will get happiness army ~ this also is the state that they want to pacify children to express, the meaning is, the youth can be moved, but the children that serves as them throws a respectful form of address for an old person how possibly in him village to go on the town ~ the method that so this is an elderly gentleman, look be like apologetic concede, it is actually in the general.

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So the horse must spend the action of this part to appear a little redundant, dispensable. Next, this actress that acts a part says for. Because be daughter Zou Yuanqing of Yan Ni, be called by the netizen so ” concerns a ” . The daughter that acting sends, this wanting should how many can inheritance some maternal gene, never think appearance is genetic, but acting does not have inheritance. The flower comes on the stage look I am well to give play, lay high school acted small too the feeling of younger sister

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It is the appearance of an actor too violate and! Right, seeing a horse must spend the first reaction is God package too heavy also. Appear antipathetic, no matter be the clothing shoes of clean spotless, delicate still makeup look is blown play the cheek that can defeat, appear so abrupt. Even if go,should know local born and bred woman Fujian works to also get highland of a few months red ability retire, the nods Qiu Xiangli with Tang Baihu Qiuxiang with your female fair and clear baby is same.

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Face also too violate and, say oneself learn to begin to overflow the place of the day to walk along a few kilometers to go to school everyday in Huang Sha as a child go up high school, a bit conviction is done not have. The pupil face on class of Mr. Ning Zhenbai does not have Fujian she is fair and clear pull really, the netizen speaks resemble be out of shape write down change emerge the child in the city of fontal village. 2 it is acting awkwardness. Did not explain this part good, the act unlike that the chopstick swings on dining table is to be an elder brother to vent one’s anger, resembling is draw well life, with respect to the tiger spurt goes using horn propaganda to the enemy at the front line, get angry completely too suddenly without high school forcibly, rural breath a bit disappears, instead resembles small too younger sister.

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Although the set of this part is some,be proud and tiger, but she was not sure good to must spend the feeling of the sort of strong interest, the feeling has the sort of bit of without rhyme or reason strong the appearance that come forward, act too forceful. Others is face of grey head earth, look completely completely for nothing with respect to her the age that was not born in image height.

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Mo Xiaobei and she attended that actor of goose factory to ask perch. Do not say other, mo Xiaobei is entered in the generation inside drama sense is strong too much. Can you feel the horse must spend this part be an a faulty stroke in calligraphy or painting?

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