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Original title: Sanded carve drama, gut hits play to kiss play acting modelling is conduct propaganda even, can accomplish unexpectedly all-around unusual Was our homebred drama saved quickly really? You forever unthinkable arrive, our homebred drama can be in unexpectedly gut, make play, kiss play, acting, model, it is even can accomplish on conduct propaganda all-around unusual,

20220312211110 622d0c6eaec73

Not be comedic piece can be being accomplished is comedic very piece, light is its groovy dot, enough you drink one crock, you have not enough time to spit groove it, can keep laughing only! Look above all, the most unusual 2021 gut, it is each frame is in really do laugh and unusual in, female advocate be tired on building top, hellion pushed her gently, stand the position still has a paragraph of space from the brim, she unexpectedly cartwheel touched the ground like porcelain to break up,

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How, drop a building to play bit of trick even? Won’t nod acrobatics to do not deserve to become female advocate? Do those who laugh is, do you feel female advocate so was dropped? Next camera lens of NO NO NO, female advocate magical kind the ground uses 4 finger, hang oneself easy to doly in wall brim,

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Made the motion of pull-up easily, this physical strength also is it is quite good to comparative! Small make up believe even, your reoccupy orders in every case force, oneself can be mounted!

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So inferior gut, but cannot do not have hero! See this time only, our female advocate loosen the hand intentionally unexpectedly,

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She drops, she drops really, and shape of our male definite idea flies personally and come, jump next very quickly,

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Will female advocate catching, came to next 180 degrees rotate, be opposite then female advocate say, “Need not fear, close a key point “

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Hear this word, small make up think immediately this male advocate very fierce, he should can fly, otherwise how so ” self-confident ” , the result finishs one second, two people fall again, male advocate be pressed below, vomitted blood directly,

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This ending my arris is to did not think of! It is to should fall anyway on the ground, male advocate a few meanings is you let a family close a key point? Shut do not shut an eye to affect a result? Still have, 5 buildings are you to drop a year? And more those who let me did not think of is, do you think this was over? Gut of below one second again unusual, male advocate like mutating like tic unexpectedly revived again,

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Good lord, so he still has this ability, look small make up him what think at the beginning very ” fierce ” , it is true ” fierce ” ah! This is to let really small make up big horizon, want to was less than homebred drama to have so great progress actually, weak point gut of a few minutes, contain built crime piece, movement piece, love piece, funeral S piece, comedic piece, science fiction piece so much type, more stronger than 6, this instant illumed small the light of the hope that writes pair of homebred play ah! “Rise abruptly ” this still is not thing! Most the most unusual is, pat so completely mashed, unexpectedly still powdery pink washs the ground.

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Will see what rate again dozen of play can be unusual, classical sodden drama ” Jun Jiuling ” believe a lot of people had been witnessed, although if toad chaos skips,he is moved, if black bear leaves a floor,fly,

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It is to stand even flabby, but he ” sodden ” the position is flabby still, because of the more unusual competitor that make show ” madam of bead of a dry measure used in former times ” can allow do not get him to wanton,

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This is small make up had seen most of deceive audience make show, see only male advocate swing gently give a yataghan,

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Next 360 degrees of loops rotate, the part that spends, all be die, and this sword follows can know way like, thorn is over small on the board that firm quietly horizontal stroke inserts by after ,

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This villain in drama also does not know is to many is afraid of male advocate, run to turn round to be being stared at at the same time at the same time male advocate chase after, overlook the sword in front completely,

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such, the neck straps the past from the sword directly, small make up want excuse me, is this sword is there is many sharp? The neck straps the past a bit obstruction is done not have, as cutting bean curd, there still is a character inside anyhow! Unusual excellent really. Although you are patted, is black unreal drama, but so unusual black unreal also is to make me big open horizon really, however, this still is not the bottom line of homebred drama, another competitor ” encounter dragon ” , what hitting play to go up is unusual degree also is a go even farther than! Small making up is to never had seen really, when fighting, the person can be moved also do not move, connecting eyeball is dormant,

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Stand over, make show so act, took! Still have the look that the Dragon King takes off, just patted sit the feeling that elevator rises continuously! More never mention it still the carp hits those who hold out type to fly to shoot the enemy,

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And ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” the shadow in is mobile,

20220312211113 622d0c71d2c7f

Alas, this dozen of play looks smally to make up is to catch really urgent, calculated, change a taste, go looking sweet the kiss play that bestows favor on drama is adjusted adjust the mood! Small making up is too innocent really, one switch makes fun of to the kiss, unusual degree more very ah!

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Is won’t kissing normally? The movement of so tall difficulty, how be thought of by you excuse me? Belle of otherwise hotspot handsome young man is raised raise a key point! Be impossible to defend effectively really, belle of handsome young man did not regard as, those who see is the most unusual however modelling, not be others, just about in front those who mention ” encounter dragon ” delegation,

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2 degrees ” win a prize in a lottery ” , ” encounter dragon ” also be to who do not have, formidable a the Dragon King, play in the sea every day, have withered hair unexpectedly,

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Anyhow is male advocate ah, it is so difficult that is good with the dot wig covered? You are looked at look at this a white, hair qualitative damage is serious, sere, short-tempered, bifurcate is all then all ready! Male main actor is other when drama, also be one handsome young man,

20220312211114 622d0c727f590

How to arrive this play staff, become this virtue, the hair of withered impetuous is qualitative, cheap fabrics, still have face of paralysis of a piece of face, add the eyeball that decides case,

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Resemble extremely the dummy model in bazaar, is the modelling that you feel the most unusual ” encounter dragon ” ? NO NO NO, ” madam of bead of a dry measure used in former times ” Chen Weiting expresses to refuse to obey, should come out to have a competition have a competition, you see him wear a mask to return Bai Yi to wave those who wave,

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The figure is tall all show handsome, see he takes next his masks slowly, small make up resemble Guo Xiang same, expecting Yang Guo to pick the shape of next masks,

20220312211114 622d0c72d8883

That must be a piece of how handsome face, after but the mask is picked,coming down,

20220312211115 622d0c730074e

Small be made up muddled, with respect to this… you or Dai Hui go to otherwise! I did not want to look! This ” Mai Jiaxiu ” with ” Mai Jiaxiu ” differ also too far!

20220312211115 622d0c731e952

Still have beard of these two beards and tendon of this a suit child the flesh,

20220312211115 622d0c735be40

Do not have what temptation at all but character!

20220312211115 622d0c739b668

The great power power that unusual is us looks at this figure to return girl charming be ashamed unexpectedly,

20220312211115 622d0c73b3474

At the moment I want to say to Yang Mi only: “Don’t you have a thing? Not outfit flower is crazy! ” Chen Weiting is publicized obviously in the modelling in play when very good-looking,


Is how the first collect is put this appearance? Too plunge into a heart. Modelling has been so ugly, redeem trivially, wanting to admire acting originally, which know one hole to still compare one pit depth, hole hole is different! They press a root to do not have acting, act the most unusually that is Zhou Ye and Wang Hedi certainly, speak of Zhou Ye,


She does not have a masterpiece, but the red carpet of where has her 95 floret, should not start to talk only conversation, she is forever goddess,


But should talk only, she follows all over skip enlighten like, dark in play the person that love had wife, sad mound ground cries greatly, rip a heart to crack lung


Which know to look up to look, a tear is done not have,


Don’t this do wail namely? Fine long hair is impassible, be without acting, be without tear, the artillery fire that faces battlefield to go up is plangent, she can be frightened skip enlighten,


See her that happy look, be drunk really! Other person acting is poor, that is facial features chaos flies only, but Zhou Ye is different, she can accomplish systemic chaos to fly. Will look again act in a play the Wang Hedi that acts to resemble a piece of PPT,


” encounter dragon ” it is respecting really which have it, appear, becoming you is to bumped into muzzle to go up, iteration occurrence, you often have with respect to true dispute ” actual strength ” , thank you to let my experience arrive, how can perform whole department play by a pair of expression, you are fierce!


No matter be happy, angry still, still be others beats him, still be he beats others, it is an expression, admire! Touch when hairpiece model went up to skip enlighten nova, both of you lean after I see play of movie and TV ” maintain ” rose, acting really is absolutely, young actor is too bad, wanting to say to see old actor wash wash an eye, I thought more again, this the not most unusual conduct propaganda came, ” graph Lan Duo ” on placard, suo Nuo of Su Fei Ma is big a form is placed in that,


How must also be female 2, the result is one makes sauce, acted one minute not to arrive to get box meal,


The station on this placard placing palpability is ” stunt ” ! Absolutely cannot think of, the homebred drama 2021 rotted pace of this cultivate land, a new nowadays year already open arrives in March, still be impossible take skill, maintain those who have site, good, still hope homebred this year drama is OK further upward, strive for sodden give bit of new height, invite an audience people happy ah happy ah!

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