Thu. Aug 18th, 2022
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Original title: Is camera lens of a lot of large scale in the film looks from artistic angle must? This must part for, it is very necessary really in light of some angle from art, of course, also have a few motion pictures, itself advocate hitting is those, also rely on those things absorbing, without what other significant thing needs to tell about. As a result of system of examine and verify different, in our home, the camera lens of certain large measure, be unlikely to appear in the version that shows finally commonly, nevertheless we can talk about this problem from a few work of abroad.

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For example film of our most familiar a foreign country ” declaimer ” , what this film tells about is a teenager of 15 years old and a story between mature woman of 36 years old, there is come across between them, have leave, also have have a reunion, still have finally with tragic wind up, the boy that can say this film is a lot of people is imagined and imagine undone couple. Is this an excellent movie? Absolutely yes, but is film scale large? This also is affirmative. But do you feel those camera lens are redundant? Look in me, this is the local place with wonderful film absolutely. And this paragraph forgets year of beauty that love, it is to let you be in when seeing those pictures, without the low custom sense of a bit, contrary, you can experience the sort of sacred fire. In the meantime, it also installed a sharp contrast for the change later. What you love is the love on the individual’s then beautiful appearance and body or spirit, ” declaimer ” those who say is affection of such sense of reality, in front of teenager and mature woman get along, not be youth and the couple that imagine happiness? Come after that like that, grow when the teenager, the wife often goes, the woman still has love, but teenager, he has love, but this love is love no longer, it is responsibility is mixed right once do not abandon, so the large scale camera lens before, be to have absolutely among this film special those who be necessary, no matter be,come on the change from artistic angle or gut say.

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The ending of film is a complete tragedy however, with in front good one act act will form sharp contrast, this also is the necessity that those camera lens exist, let film more the mood is full. If you want to rise to artistic level for, this film can see, these camera lens are must. But some film, I open no less than piece say, it advocate those who hit is those things, concern without one wool money with art, it is so nonexistent also the issue that need not need surely. So, can explain from this, camera lens of a lot of large scale in the film looks from artistic angle is must, also can use a bit more implicative means expression of course, but rich sense can differ a few a little bit a little!

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