Mon. Aug 15th, 2022
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Original title: Response of Xuwei continent dispatch marries: Marrying with my wife is this all one’s life has done the rightest thing

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12 days of evening, xu Weizhou marries to announce suddenly be related apologizes to vermicelli made from bean starch, at the same time the response says: “Wife marries even if with me my this all one’s life has done the rightest thing! ” Xu Weizhou is textual: Still think all pair of vermicelli made from bean starch people apologize saying voice, marrying is a life important matter, before deciding, I also do not have a law to patting chest to announce, let you feel astonish and worried. Want to come originally handsome swing card not to turn round, the result still wants to say two (can calculate did not go up heat up search, did not think temporarily [laugh at Cry] ) . Above all, thank all support and the person that care me, I am a faulty Everyman, but thank you what I had walked along for company to just went out is confused, perhaps grow gradually, again or now, although still a lot of promote a space, but also enter the right path, successive. We look at each other to grow slowly. I also entered the new level of life nowadays, I encountered that goodness, lovely, understanding girl, she is willing to accompany my lifetime, I also want to give her all happiness on this world. So I think those who say is, whether others shows sympathy and bless without giving thought to, my metropolis honor permits no turning back goes forth, the thing that there are a lot of faults on this world cannot be done, but right thing is done with respect to this, and I feel and my wife marries even if my this all one’s life has done the rightest thing! Of course I can endeavor to had completed each my work as always, arrive from before such all the time now. Thank everybody’s blessing finally, also understand all departure (the entirely of name-calling is disregarded, heart lira is black) . Of the boy from the bottom of one’s heart that was brought up say to you, thank.

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