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Original title: Zhang Yi is sought is my father, also be my surveyor’s pole

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Go into battle ” father female soldiers ” , the motion picture that reflecting in heat ” sharp-shooter ” it is to direct Zhang Yi to seek, Zhang Mo is combined first hold guide made work. Up to now, film booking office is broken through 550 million, fabaceous valve gives a mark 7.7 minutes, public praise is gotten run Spring Festival archives. Before, zhang Yi seeks the director ever introduced film to make the with daughter Zhang Mo division of labor in the process: “The director that reads aloud in abroad because of the daughter is professional, english is better than me also, be in charge of filming U.S. Army one party, choosing play discussion from the actor is in charge of by her. Two ‘ battlefield ‘ switch on the mobile phone at the same time, stop at the same time machine, collateral all the time film. ” father daughter is combined hold the inheritance that guiding is film creation concept, also be the inheritance of sharp-shooter revolution spirit, director Zhang Mo introduces in a world of ice and snow ” fight together ” have feeling greatly: “When filming, I am in boreal hilltop, he is in south hilltop, look to film severally in the evening everyday material, discuss jointly, the strategy according to each other and move a line to undertake filming adjustment, push on sand table perform a war to make fun of how to undertake, a lot of moment are very tacit. ” recently, ” sharp-shooter ” director Zhang Mo accepts Chengdu business to declare – special interview of red star journalist. The generation that talks actor of behind the curtain to say Sichuan enters sense is a few stronger reporter: You are this play of what kind of good luck bring into contact with, what is there to experience after reading a script? Zhang Mo: The earliest it is big Zhang Dao (Zhang Yi is sought) tell me he wants to take this subject matter, that moment play has not shaped, it is one is compared illegible, not be particularly detailed cent field. Original I see the play likes the set inside particularly, feel this play is one kind is opposite definitely form, without the person once so had patted and can enemy my both sides is described so meticulously, be interested particularly so. The phase of the play also is we and Mr. Chen Yu (” sharp-shooter ” playwrite) one at first discusses, next Mr. Chen stalks of grain the ground adapts, final ability was formed now such effect. Reporter: The film ” sharp-shooter ” those who tell about is plain army the story of face of the aid that fight the United States, what a lot of actors say is Sichuan word, what knowledge do you have to this paragraph of history? Zhang Mo: The generation that says Sichuan word is entered sense is a few stronger. Zhang Yu’s mother is Sichuan person, zhang Yu says when the performance local dialect also has charm particularly. The Liu Wenwu of chapter eaves personate says the setting of Sichuan word, it is the child that he took a flock of Sichuan native place from home town. What everybody says on main body is Sichuan word. I did a lot of homeworks and preparative work in this respect. Because of this subject matter I need to take the part of enemy, so I here besides should understand battle of court of the aid that fight the United States beyond, understand what install equipment, history and them about enemy in great quantities to fight even means. Reporter: Piece although this medium war is small, but person of sense of reality, how filming be to go to those who balance authenticity and artistic quality in the process? Zhang Mo: Actually true be to be able to compare good land to show artistic quality. Allow the thing that people feels true more, the mood that can let a person more is fuller. E.g. the death in a person in the war, especially sharp-shooter is for certain be hit by hostile snipe gun, if hostile play the hair that do not have empty, and it is the ace with very strong capability, so the affirmation after the soldier gets shot can sacrifice very quickly. Quickly sacrifice won’t have too much apply colours to a drawing, won’t particularly great spectacle and slow-motion shot model him, toppling instead is flat, very merciless. This kind of feeling has artistic value more. Also let you associate to the thing beyond a lot of pictures because of this meeting, include era to enter mood and sense of reality. So I feel authenticity and artistic quality are supplementing each other in this film. Talk ” father female archives ” father affects very serious journalist to mine: You from seek in Zhang Yi at first work beside the director, had done editing and rearrangement, assistant director, combine a director with father first, have different place this? Zhang Mo: This different place, it is to served as the director’s identity to be in charge of this project, when this movies ends special do not abandon. I arrive from other type of works and big Zhang Dao films together as the director this film, be my individual grow, also be a kind of inheritance at the same time. But when the film always has an end, this is an experience that I can cherish forever. Reporter: ” sharp-shooter ” it is movies of grade of a Spring Festival, also be ” father female archives ” the film, “Father female archives ” in at present film market does not see more, the person that seeks director collaboration to pass with Zhang Yi always says to there is exhaustless energy on his body, what did you acquire from father body? Zhang Mo: The effect that my father gives me is very main, he can remind me film wants to hold to major to spend momently with the standard. I was acquired on his body too much, do not have method to quantify. He is me bring passerby, also be my adviser, it is my surveyor’s pole more. Reporter: Are you in charge of filming the greatest place is in partial difficulty where? Zhang Mo: The place with the greatest difficulty is how can mix the hostile forces that pats in the film before is different. Because this film is,one kind is opposite definitely form, adversary (pat) the victory that very powerful ability highlights my army. What how let an audience remember them is fierce, let an audience feel adversary is very clever, we basically have the design of two respects. One is the design of way, still have a design that is a character. Set out from the character’s angle, I and these actors are not ripe, with them need establishs the procedure of a familiar understanding. The character is portrayed better after I hope to be able to discuss with the actor, spent many time and them to communicate so. When shaping because of the play, these actors had been in equipment pitch on. But the part that did not decide their meeting personate is what kind of at that time or we are met finally the part with what kind of make choice of. It is through mixing they are over a little, debug the part in the play to after the actor’s character has certain knowledge, going again, this spent rife time actually, the likelihood also is the place with the greatest difficulty. Because you want to disentomb,the actor’s glitter is nodded, and the part that fits him. The effect of the generation after the character in the film is modelled now even if be being communicated with the actor. Back-to-back move is detail, include the with the individual detail on the technology. Chewing gum is chewed in the film for instance, this is to accord with a historical fact and historical data consults, have two meanings actually, an equipment that is expressional U.S. Army is very extravagant, in us equipment is extremely pallet, millet imposes the condition of musket, the U.S. Army is returned actually very high has chewing gum, coffee this kind of furniture. Another meaning chews chewing gum namely is reflected in that play that is shooting fat mound. Become the soldier of my army by one gun one gun cruel when, enemy still is in like chewing bubble of chewing gum froth to resemble watching the scene of bustle, had minded did not blame. This reflected warlike cruelty actually. Still include additionally, the U.S. Army also can have thought change. Discover Liu Wenwu when them (the crack shot of personate of eaves of the chapter in film) very fierce, their soldier is many a gone when, the U.S. Army also can fear, the meeting is anxious, want to withdraw even. This also is special the place that reflects human nature. U.S. Army soldier knows my army serves as adversary for not to be trifled with, even they win impossibly. This is whole film I feel the most beautiful idea and kongfu when. The 2nd great difficulty is shooting angle, because be in entrenchment, the gun of sharp-shooter rancors to go up to face and eye, pat the face that is less than a person at all, such meetings visit the appearance that is less than an actor. But we must let enemy have certainly differentiate degree, look for all sorts of angle to film so, let an actor become body twist all sorts of poses that are not nature, we also keep trying to seek point of view. In the meantime, want to allow an action scene looks not onefold below onefold setting, this also is another difficulty. Talk to want to try the film reporter of different type in the future: Your director a maiden work ” 28 years old minor ” ever won award of Changchun film festival is optimal a maiden work, how do you understand director color? Zhang Mo: I feel to direct a style to be opposite for me, it is to want to serve for the story certainly. ” 28 years old minor ” with warlike subject matter, it is two different stories completely. Set, setting and figure are completely different also. It is when you in specific set, find oneself best expression way, to me, this is a style actually. is not to say I must take what kind of style, let an actor draw close to this style next, I do not feel to should do this as the director. Of course I or a young director, have two work only at present, what the style that individual author elaborates perhaps can appear in the following film is more. I feel this also remains to develop. Reporter: Did the study that major builds before you experience pair of director career nowadays what to kind of effect have? Zhang Mo: I feel art is interlinked. No matter be brushwork, building,still be video, it is the combinative put oneself in another’s position that expresses character and space, time and picture actually. To me, learning a building to be engaged in movie industry again is particularly helpful. And this experience that I feel to learn, it is manner of a life. The study that builds a department in Colombian university is very difficult, I everyday work from dawn to night, go attending class in the morning, write line of business in the evening, be in the school, dormitory basically namely or the library 2.1 line. This process education goes me to work must accomplish best, accomplish the style of acme and manner, also reflected on film come out, and I am special enjoy this process. Learning to build film so is the applicable to both or all on artistic level not only, the transition on the manner also is very natural. Reporter: Regard young woman as the director, you what program does the profession henceforth have to oneself? Can you pat more a few be similar to ” sharp-shooter ” the film of such historical subject matter? Zhang Mo: I want to take the motion picture of such historical subject matter more of course. Because I feel historical subject matter is special,can dig greatly human nature and find the resonance with the audience. I still can take the motion picture of warlike subject matter after, but the motion picture that I also think to try other and different type. I felt to try only, even if trial and error, you also know you like what to perhaps suit. Because big Zhang Dao is my surveyor’s pole, so I hope to be able to resemble him same, be in forever keep challenging strange thing to innovate next, this is my desire and ideal. Chengdu business signs up for – the graph occupies Yu Xuejiao of Zhang Shihao of red star journalist’s trainee piece square

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